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Zolostbank has restarted magazine De Facto

the Structure close to Zolostbanku (Moscow) has got the rights to the edition of Voronezh business magazine De Facto and has let out the first number. If earlier the publisher of magazine was Open Company PR - the Province now, it agree to the target data - Open Company Region plus . The magazine circulation - 3 thousand copies, the editor-in-chief - Maxim Galperin, the general director in the target data is not specified. Earlier the edition existed since January 2006 till February, 2009 and was the significant participant of the market of business journalism of region, however has stopped to leave in connection with financial difficulties. Igor Romanov, the political strategist and one of information advisers of the mayor of Voronezh Sergey Koliuha was the basic owner of magazine. We will remind that g - n Romanov at magazine closing in 2009 has not paid to its employees the salary for some months. By data , the general debt to edition and other counterparts made an order of 4,5 million roubles, however the part kreditorki is not confirmed documentary that has not allowed the former employees to address with judicial claims to g - well to Romanov.