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Court of the Central area of Volgograd at session on Wednesday declared a break in consideration of criminal case concerning the former chairman of the Volgograd country council of trade unions Vyacheslav Kobozeva. C the petition for legal investigation adjournment the protection party in connection with the introduction into process of the new lawyer has addressed. During process the defendant has declared replacement of one of three lawyers and attraction to Yury Vagin`s process. for realisation of high-grade protection time for acquaintance with the criminal case materials which volume makes more than 70 volumes is required to it, - one of defenders Andrey Alyoshin has told. Is in interests of justice and it is not directed on a litigation tightening . Judge Dmitry Altukhov has satisfied the petition. Yesterday the court has started to read to the bill of particulars which makes more than 180 sheets. As it was informed earlier, to Vyacheslav Kobozevu 10 episodes of criminal activity under six articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation - the item are made 159 ch. 4 ( the Swindle made in especially large size ), ch. 3 items 204 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Commercial payoff ), ch. 4 items 160 ( Assignment and waste ), p.1 item 222 ( Illegal storage of ammunition ), p.1 item 327 ( Forging of documents ) . It is suspected of illegal alienation of property oblsovprofa for the purpose of benefit reception. Under the version of the investigation the damage caused by actions of the leader of trade unions, has made more than 200 million roubles. In particular, as a result of its actions trade unions have lost the property rights to pool Spartak an ice skating rink of a building of the Palace of sports in Volgograd, repair boxing and a car wash which have carried over the various Open Companies as which founders have acted close and native the trade-union leader. Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region has filed criminal charges on October, 9th, 2009 concerning Vyacheslav Kobozeva on p.1 item 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Abusing powers ) . On October, 19th he has been detained, and on October, 20th - is arrested. In the middle of January, 2010 in connection with deterioration of health the suspect has been set free on a subscription about nevyezde; since March, 16th the chairman volgogradkogo country council of trade unions has been released from a post at own will. The fault he did not recognise. Date of following judicial session is not appointed yet.