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According to financially - to an economic justification to the law of Kalmykia About modification of separate acts of republic Kalmykia monetary indemnification of privileges for payment of 50 % of cost housing - utilities for the rehabilitated victims of political repressions makes 177,9 roubles on one person in a month. Since August, 1st when changes of the legislation regarding a monetization of social benefits subjected to repression will come into force, to veterans of work, workers of back and having many children, the privileges provided for repressirovanyh, 40 318 persons, including 17 255 rehabilitated persons and 23 063 members of their families will use. Taking into account expenses on delivery of monetary indemnifications expenses of the republican budget on maintenance of privileges subjected to repression on payment ZHKU will make 36 million 400,8 thousand roubles. After change of the legislation of the right to privileges at payment ZHKU 49 963 members of families subjected to repression will lose. Let`s remind, on June, 28th deputies of the National Hural (Parliament) of Kalmykia have accepted legislation changes according to which since August, 1st of a privilege to the rehabilitated victims of political repressions will be monetizirovany. Against the bill deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation voted, three more deputies have refrained. Earlier republic public organisations stated indignation of that the law on rehabilitation of the subjected to repression people and the law on recovery of victims of political repressions in Kalmykia are not executed in full.