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Tarhany will increase by two

Agency on insurance of contributions corrects conditions of improvement of the Penza bank Tarhany . The Board of directors suggests to increase its authorised capital stock not to 3,5 mlrd roubles as it was informed earlier, and only to 1,4 billion But to spend for it ASV plans all the same 2,8 mlrd roubles. Thus issue of actions of bank moves for some months. Experts do not exclude that some hundreds minoritariev, indifferent to destiny Tarhan at a sanitation stage, can raise a claim later to securities of incorporated bank structure Tarhany - the Russian capital .
State corporation Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) intend to introduce corrective amendments in process of improvement of sanified Penza Open Society Provincial bank Tarhany . According to the message of the emitter, the bank board of directors suggests shareholders to cancel the May decision on almost fivefold increase in an authorised capital stock to 3,5 mlrd and about issue 1104040000000000000 (one kvintilliona hundred four kvadrillionov forty trillions) actions. One action Tarhan it was estimated in 1/ 394300000 roubles. Under forecasts of experts, this issue could be spent till the end of summer.

on August, 23rd it is offered to extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to vote for increase in an authorised capital stock to 1,4 mlrd roubles. Now it makes a little more than 700 million roubles. Yesterday in ASV have confirmed that on - former intend to invest in the Penza bank announced 2,8 mlrd roubles and named changes technical and issue of actions - inevitable . Thanks to increase in an authorised capital stock and the issue income received by bank from placing of actions, its capital will increase on 2,8 mlrd rbl. - mark in agency.

now ASV 99,99 % of actions of bank belong. Less than 0,01 % are distributed between more than 500 minority shareholders (fiz - and legal persons). In ASV doubt activity minoritariev from - for the scanty sizes of their packages. According to the senior lawyer of the company Vegas - Leks Maxim Grigoriev, minoritarii which will not accept participation in meeting on August, 23rd or which will vote against such issue, can use the right of priority of the repayment within not less than 45 days from the moment of a direction (delivery) or publication by the emitter of the notice on presence at them such right . Taking into account all corporate procedures, issue can take place not earlier than November, 2010.

ASV 99,99 % of actions of Open Society " belong; the Penza Provincial bank Tarhany . According to help system of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in the first quarter 2010 the bank has received incomes at a rate of 257,89 million roubles, and its expenses have made 235,39 million roubles. Profit after the taxation - almost 22,5 million roubles. Bank Tarhany there is no time second-large in the Penza region, began to experience difficulties with carrying out of payments by autumn of 2008. After several unsuccessful attempts ASV to find the investor Tarhanam it in Russia took for the first time functions on bank improvement on itself.

According to the experts, ASV thus tries to raise reliability of the Penza bank, doing its more attractive to potential buyers. Group economist UK finam Management Alexander Osin does not doubt that more than 2 mlrd roubles will be directed on replenishment of the capital of bank which is an indicator of financial stability .

Alexander Osin also reminds that earlier has been declared possible merge Tarhan and one more sanified ASV an active - bank the Russian capital . And in Agency are ready to discuss the further sale of new bank structure to the investor. However participants of the regional bank market do not exclude that in process can try to participate minoritarii as it was in Ekaterinburg .

we Will remind, since November, 2008 Alpha bank improves the Ekaterinburg bank Northern treasury . Having consolidated 85 %, Alpha bank has directed to other shareholders the voluntary offer on the repayment of actions at the price of 0,000256497 copeck for a paper. However many minoritarii have disagreed, and settlement of relations has moved to a judicial plane. The repayment of actions was necessary for joining Northern treasury : Alpha bank Risked to expand a circle of own shareholders at the expense of converting of their actions in the action of incorporated bank. However in June, 2010 the federal bank has increased the package to 95 % and now can buy up actions under compulsion.

Minoritarii Tarhan without having and 1 %, cannot influence its economic activities and administrative decisions - Maxim Grigoriev marks. at merge to other bank of the action are converted in the action of again created Open Society, and actions of two previous Open Societies are repaid - the Operating partner of the Moscow Bar " tells; Legis Groups Sergey Gorbachev. scrupulous observance it becomes right minoritariev a headache ASV as basic owner Tarhan . If them some hundreds, for example, by reorganisation of bank in the form of joining each of them at infringement by the emitter of imperative requirements of the law or charter positions can declare that that its rights have been essentially restrained, and to challenge such reorganisation in court - the expert argues.

yesterday in ASV have declared that corporate procedures will pass taking into account the rights and interests of minority shareholders .