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the Credit portfolio of the Ulyanovsk branch of the International bank of St.-Petersburg (MBSP) since January, 2010 has grown twice and for July, 1st, 2010 has made 1,5 mlrd roubles. The volume of the means involved into the accounts of the Ulyanovsk branch, has reached 282 million roubles, from them 275 million roubles has been involved from legal bodies. Besides, in the last half a year the bank has given particular attention to work with physical persons - the volume of means on accounts of private clients since January, 2010 has grown in 6,5 times and for July, 1st has made 19 million In MBSP open accounts of the largest enterprises of the region working in various branches of economy, in particular, VPK, retail and wholesale trade, machine-tool construction and manufacture of building materials. The branch in Ulyanovsk became the fourth division opened by bank for the past year. MBSP has begun an exit on the markets of the Volga region in December, 2008 with branch occurrence in Nizhni Novgorod and has continued expansion to region, having opened branches in Samara, Volgograd and Ulyanovsk. Open Society the International bank of St.-Petersburg it is registered on November, 1st, 1989. Net wealth MBSP for April, 1st, 2010 has made 42,179 mlrd roubles, the capital - 5,984 mlrd roubles, pure loan debts - 35,125 mlrd roubles, means of clients - 35,065 mlrd roubles. Net profit of bank following the results of 2009 - 543,911 million roubles, profit to the taxation - 761,724 million roubles.