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Three sisters after repair

Within the limits of the Chekhovian festival which is passing with support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the governments of Moscow, on a scene of Theatre of a name of Pushkin have shown “ Three sisters “ Vazhdi Muavada. Russian public has accepted the Canadian Chekhov as native. ALLA SHENDEROVA tells.
Present “ Three sisters “ - the second edition of the performance put by Vazhdi Muavadom nine years ago. Probably that in 2001 a management of Quebec theatre “ Dju Tridan “ ran risks, having entrusted statement to the recent graduate of drama school, moreover the emigrant who has learnt French at conscious age (Muavad was born in Lebanon, ran with parents to Paris, and after has moved to Quebec). However the risk has justified - at mister Muavada almost perfect ear on Chekhov. Its actors do not try to play Russian, only occasionally affording komikovat in this respect, having filled a table with bottles of vodka and competing in speed devastating glasses. Play quite modern people - in performance the fate - music continually starts to roar, Vershinin`s daughter calls him home not the letter as in the original, and calls to someone from spectators and asks to transfer to the father a tube. Thus the inwardness of Chekhovian heroes is transferred precisely.

in scenery of artist Izabel Lariver the drawing room in the house of Prozorovyh reminds a school class in which there is a repair: the grey, grounded walls on which old doctor Chebutykin (Zhil Champagne) practises in the abstract painting, removed to the piano door, the turned benches. Possibly, before departure to Moscow sisters have conceived to make repair in the house. Irina (Annas - Mari Olivier) muffles Olga`s (Liz Kastonge) words about the father which has died one year ago, electroplane squeal, grinding a door lying on goats. Other door is painted diligently with Masha (Mari Zhinjak) that has then become enraged to fling away it with words “ Today I in merlehljundii “.

All three actresses - constant participants of performances of Robera Lepazha. Liz Kastonge we saw last year in performance “ Lipsink “ it is elderly, however, as well as Mari Zhinjak, the participant well-known “ Trilogies of dragons “. Possibly, in this maturity of sisters - one of director`s receptions. However Muavad does not apply at all for laurels Kristofa Martalera, in made a noise “ Three sisters “ which action occurred at a house for aged. Love for heroes of Muavada - last chance to keep ridiculously dissipated youth. Because so sisters feverishly put things in order, having learnt about Vershinin`s arrival (musical Benua Guen is more tremendous enters, moving in beat fate, and in the same rhythm says the first monologue). Because thick four-eyes Andrey (Jean - Zhaki Bute) shouts as killed “ Je vous aime “ squeezing appetizing fat woman Natasha. Because gloomy, similar to Rasputina, deliberately not musical Salty (Rishar Tero) pursues Irina.

the love appears a trap - Natasha entangles Andrey, and at the same time and all house a narrow-mindedness web, Masha with Vershinin should hide from another`s eyes among the newspapers smeared with a paint. And only Irina with Tuzenbahom first have chance to escape from this eternal repair.

having sated performance by modern details, the director it is thin feels psychological underlying reason of each scene. Here, say, at Chekhov Natasha spoils all a holiday, cancelling arrival rjazhenyh. And heroes of performance while Natashas are not present, arrange dances - Masha managed to get a disk with hits 80 - h, music of times of its youth. “ Being delayed “ in dance, everything, even old man Chebutykin, look younger in the face of, but Natasha here is, switches off the tape recorder and indignantly shakes by empty bottles.

and this internally rhythmical, musical performance to the ending moves. Actually, one of its main things udach - how actors precisely transfer a rhythm of Chekhovian lines (here, possibly, it is necessary to thank and translators Annas - Katrin Lebo and Ameli Bro). And as precisely feel the Chekhovian blunderers, aspiring to overtake for leaving time, to catch its rhythm. The most bitter metaphor of performance: Andrey, counter to Chekhov, not able to play a violin, - music is distributed offstage, and the bow only shakes in a hand of the hero helplessly pressing to the tool.

music also rescues three sisters. In the ending, having learnt about  destruction of Tuzenbaha, they droop, having stared at the walls completely covered with a black paint. But here suddenly from a hall starts to sound “ Youkali tango “ Kurta Vail in magnificent execution of the singer Michel Motar. Continuing to sing, it rises on a scene - having listened with delight, sisters begin to bang fists on black walls. Break and leave there, whence in eyes to spectators beats bright light.