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The slash is put

On new platform Arena Moscow one of the most authoritative in the world of guitarists - founder Guns N`Roses, Velvet Revolver and Slash`s Snakepit Sol Hudson or simply the Slash has acted. In inhuman heat BORIS of DRUMS has tried to estimate a long-awaited Moscow debut of the musician soberly.
the former colleague of the Slash on Guns N`Roses Ex-l Rose in the beginning of summer acted in sport centre Olympic with new partners, but under an old signboard (see from June, 10th). Many remained are dissatisfied - ganzy supposedly in all senses not those. From the Slash which is in world round in support of just left solo disk Slash waited for not which indemnification for arrogance and Eksla Rose`s who was late with a part at two o`clock indiscipline.

musicians of new group of the Slash indeed look guys more friendly and close to the people, and it as - that is more sincere. He has fairly informed audiences that the bass - the guitarist of its group should leave urgently from Moscow home as it needed ophthalmologic operation so on a bass the drummer plays, and on drums - and at all the technician. That fact that at them, firmachej and technicians play as virtuosos, for anybody not a secret and if the Slash has not made this note very few people would find out substitution as names of partners of the guitarist, to tell the truth, are not too important. Unlike its last projects the given structure far not the star. And even vocalist Majlz Kennedy who fairly accepted all put poses and sang all high notes, - the simple handicraftsman whom, on hearings, designated in vocalists reunited Led Zeppelin, yes and did not take. The present charisma allocates only a Slash, and it all characteristic receptions and ikonicheskie poses in the Russian capital, certainly, has shown. And the cylinder was on a place.

the Slash Group has played four songs from an album Slash and on hardly - hardly - from repertoire Slash`s Snakepit and Velvet Revolver. These songs even otdalenno cannot be compared on popularity to numbers from repertoire Guns N`Roses, but the public who has overflowed Arena Moscow, supported the favourite executor throughout all concert. Musicians gave out loud fate close to the people - a sound and Ex-l Rose and its present structure worked in more club style, rather than. It is possible even to tell, the Slash and the company were sorientirovany on bar or pub atmosphere.

the slash has not considered it necessary at least mimoletom to remind that its palette is much wider heavy fate - n - a beater that he in the career could play both with Reem Charles, and with Michael Jackson, and with Rihanna, and, for example, to write down a flamenco for a soundtrack to a film the Clotted blood . To delight of public all plot of evening turned round material Guns N`Roses. As well as the Ex-l Rose, the Slash did not begin to play a superballad Don`t Cry but has executed not sounding on concert Guns N`Roses in Moscow an outstanding song Civil War . As the overture to a hit Sweet Child O`Mine the Slash has played a theme of Nino of the Company from the Godfather - just as at the time of never-ending concert tours of classical structure Guns N`Roses. Majlz Kennedy has designated the ability to sing close how it Rose does Ex-l, but here is how times here true admirers were waited by disappointment. Songs Guns N`Roses with other vocalist is as Queen without Freddi Merkjuri. Like both the same melodies, and people acquaintances on a scene are, and the sound is present - and typical not that.