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On change to known oligarchs there is a new powerful Russian Open Society. And it not a variant Gazprom . Here people are more serious, considers an observer the Authorities Konstantin Smirnov.

Everything, misters. It 1937 - one of oligarchs when has learnt about the letter of the State Office of Public Prosecutor to Vladimir Potanin, in which to the owner " has silently said; Nornikelja have suggested to pay in addition for its privatisation $140 million Thus a voice at the oligarch like did not shiver. But I think, will soon begin to tremble. He unwillingly admitted that it too has troubles with law enforcement bodies. Landings to three days as Vladimir Gusinsky, my interlocutor yet does not wait, but basically it is already ready to move down if something happens abroad.
in vain he is afraid of night knock. Actually 1937 does not threaten us. To Stalin reprisals were necessary to make a firm personal authority. Money to it, enkavedeshnikam was not necessary. On them it was impossible to get the main thing for what they are created, - the property. And in general, the property at Stalin was concept ephemeral. Today is - tomorrow is not present. By the way, many mass denunciations in 1937 explain desire of well-wishers to take hold of apartments and property of neighbours. And so. In - the first, informers, as a rule, not for long celebrated. The Stalin system was based on constant rotation of shots and property which they owned. In - the second, absolutely unessentially it was necessary to sit down to lose the property. On this theme there is an instructive joke. The well-known polar explorer Ivan Papanin, having returned from joint venture station - 1, has constructed a summer residence in Moscow suburbs. On house warming all mighty of this world, except Stalin has come. Next day Stalin gloomy asks Vyacheslav Molotova: Well and how a summer residence? Shaken by magnificent reception, chairman Sovnarkoma has answered: Huge, Joseph Vissarionovich, the whole kindergarten can be placed! - well here also place, - Stalin has ordered. - and Papaninu we will give one more award .
to the Present authorities are necessary both money, and the property. And big. And to agents of national security too. One general - otstavnik from bodies as - that has told to me a case from present militian practice. The colonel complains to the colleague: Shockingly. To me should appropriate the general, and personnel officers have requested for official registration of papers $32 thousand was cheaper " Earlier;. Not casually mass-media are overflowed by publications about exposures next militian roofs over separate businessmen and banks. But it is all small things. The present System can supervise the present financial streams only.
in due time Alexander Korzhakov has understood it still.
the Founder and the head of the most powerful Russian special service of first half 90 - h - Security services of the president (SBP) - has decided to be engaged years patronirovaniem the most profitable spheres of the Russian business: oil, diamond and financial. With those who disturbed to it in this heavy business, Korzhakov arrived rigidly. Pursued Vladimir Gusinsky`s train, and then stacked the person during snow of its security guards. Wrote letters to Victor Tchernomyrdin in which suggested to occupy originally state position in business of regulation of export of oil. Then, in the end of 1994, oil quotas were the way out. Since January, 1st, 1995 them have cancelled. Cancellation of quotas, and not only on oil, the international financial organisations have lobbied. Korzhakov was against. Tchernomyrdin has begun to hesitate and was ready to win back already back. Personal intervention nowadays the late president of IBRD Lewis Prestona that all - taki has carried out of the Russian government undertaken was required.
however Korzhakov has lost, because, in - the first, did not take in share FSK/ FSB, and in - the second, Yeltsin all - taki did not love gebeshnikov.
Vladimir Putin respects special services. It even has transformed the Security council headed its were zamom in FSB by Sergey Ivanov, into the parallel government independent neither from the White house, nor from presidential administration. Officials even more often carry on the coordination in Security Council projects of decisions. And Putin sometimes blabs out that Security Council, for example, against sharp reduction of the customs duties or too liberal innovations in agriculture. If in purely economic sphere Putin frequently all - taki supports not Ivanov, and Andrey Illarionov in sphere of foreign policy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is already put in rigid dependence on Security Council and in general from special services. It is enough to remind of appointment as Vyacheslav Trubnikova`s Igor Ivanov`s first deputy of former director SVR.
leaning against Putin`s support, the main Russian special service has counted on transformation in some kind of the Russian Open Society. Devoted FSB people in tax police, the State Office of Public Prosecutor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is for this purpose hired. Becoming superbody, FSB can not only execute, but also order music. And in it its difference from other agents of national security.
while colleagues gebistov - public prosecutors, militiamen and tax policemen - obviously repeat slavishly. Behind almost each loud antioligarchical business, whether it be the claim of Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor to Nornikelju or the criminal cases opened against LUKOIL FSNP, it is possible to notice a shade of insolent competitors Vladimir Potanin and Vahid Alakbarov. And here in Gusinsky`s business updated FSB already has shown, on what it is capable (that behind the back of inspectors from the State Office of Public Prosecutor there are people with Lubjanki, nobody hides). All. Gebisty have shown that their rates grow. Now to them it is possible to address on any, most serious business - so one more my familiar oligarch has commented on Gusinsky`s arrest.
in general, FSB is any more the tool in hands of a small group of oligarchs or even the power, this quite independent joint-stock company. All question in the one who will own a controlling stock.

FSB is any more the tool in hands of a small group of oligarchs or even the power, this quite independent joint-stock company