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From the middle of January observers mark a dynamical rise in price of juice. It is connected by that from - for a small harvest (first of all a citrus) the world prices for fruit have increased. Jump has occurred in the end of the year, and it has immediately affected the Russian market, after all 95 % of all juice on sale here are prepared from foreign raw materials.
in spite of the fact that the dollar prices for audio - and video equipment already long time remain without changes, in the near future it is possible to expect their decrease in retail sector. The last holidays have strongly undermined population financial resources so, trading houses will start to experience complexities with realisation. It is possible to expect that through four - six weeks after falling of retail prices will start to decrease and wholesale.
group of the consumer market (bodies. (095 158 - 69 - 04)

Table 2
the Goods most attractive to wholesale trade

Table 1
the Goods most attractive to retail trade

Table 3
Factors of appeal of commodity groups

Tables 1 and 2 are based on the analysis of a range of wholesale prices of consumer goods and dynamics of profitability of trade by the goods of various groups. The liquidity factor represents the relation of a variation of the prices to the floor price of the given goods fixed by registrars in commercial trade of Moscow. The above the factor, the the market is less sated by the given goods. The threshold which has developed by this time of liquidity in wholesale - 0,05. Lower values (and in general decrease in this indicator) signal about deterioration of a conjuncture as a result of sharp falling of demand or steady overstocking of the market. Analyzing tables, it is necessary to mean that in some cases (especially it concerns alcohol) real liquidity of the goods can be above - our statistics does not consider illicit import of the goods of this group. The factor at level 0,2 and above means that prospects are favorable for wholesale dealers. The appeal factor is a complex indicator and speaks about ability of trade flexibly to react to jumps of the prices of the wholesale market. The above the factor, the is more during the considered moment at retail trade a stock of profitability for smoothing of price jumps of the wholesale market and maintenance to wholesalers of an uninterrupted turn. The goods in tables 1 and 2 are located on groups as reduction of appeal to retail trade.
table 3 provides guidance on factors of appeal to wholesale and retail sellers of commodity groups as a whole.
by preparation of tables the prices of 487 Moscow trading houses and three melkooptovyh the markets have been analysed.