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Spetssvjaz times

As it became known the Authorities this week the government of the Russian Federation together with Federal agency of the governmental communication and the information has spent inventory of special means of the governmental communication which are in using at heads of the Russian mass-media. In the Federal agency for government communication and information list appear 69 independent owners of automatic telephone exchange - 1 and automatic telephone exchange - 2. Except thousand dependent .

Now in Russia four kinds of the governmental communication are used. PS - presidential communication which totals about 100 subscribers. The automatic telephone exchange - 1, intended for large government officials, has about 1000 subscribers in Moscow. Automatic telephone exchange - 2 - usual governmental communication - nearby 7000. PM (VCH) - the governmental long distance communication for dialogue with regions - totals about 5000 subscribers

the Kremlin revolving objects
In Soviet period the revolving object was the special privilege, a symbol of affinity to the power. Access to spetssvjazi achieved, for years climbing up on a career ladder. Calls from above no less than switching-off of devices, were afraid, and if dialled number strictly following the instruction.
revolving objects was two: the first and the second. Division it leaves during memorable times of a cult of personality. Because then mobile communication was replaced with automatic telephone exchanges. Neither the first, nor the second coma has got did not put. And certainly, to call on automatic telephone exchange - 1 or automatic telephone exchange - 2 at first it was necessary to issue the corresponding admission and to familiarise with Instructions for use automatic communication . Rules occupied some pages red (as all the most important then) books from two - and three-value numbers of owners of revolving objects.
till now, by the way, precisely it is not known, this name whence has gone. On one of versions, kremlevki (with this nickname all is just clear) named revolving objects because they had a turning dial. Devices with a disk (inconceivable progress) have replaced phones with the young lady . But many consider that the revolving object could be named so also because the owner of such phone at once after signal receptions started to work much faster and more effectively.

call - close a door!
Red telephone books stood out in the first or special departments. And each of systems of special communication had the telephone directory arranged by a principle of present organizers: with the mechanism for fast replacement of pages. The new page was brought by the employee of the first department who - in the presence of the owner of special phone and special telephone directory - solemnly made leaf replacement.
the devices of special communication allowing, on memoirs of eyewitnesses to carry out fast working contact and to spend confidential working conversation, had one lack. According to to instructions for use automatic communication it, communication, in no event it was impossible to leave without supervision. And as to lift the receiver the device of automatic telephone exchange the owner had the right only, leaving the office let even for some minutes (even in the presence of a reception with secretaries and reviewers), it has been compelled to lock each time a door.
this sacred rule of special communication when - that was followed by all its owners: From members of the Political bureau to all-Union ministers. However already then in the government told stories how one ordinary employee of the ministry who have communicated on automatic telephone exchange with the chairman of the Moscow Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies, has demanded improvement of the living conditions. And all because, leaving, the minister has forgotten to close a door. Others specified that the simple cleaner was this employee, and she has called not in the Moscow Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies, and to Nikita Khruschev, and to it really at once have given apartment.

the governmental payphone
From the beginning 90 - h the relation to the governmental communication has changed. It has ceased to be simply exclusive means dialogue with members of the Central Committee (in the newspaper Truth for example, till now stand the whole seven revolving objects) and has turned to a purchase and sale subject. The Federal agency for government communication and information has developed brisk trade automatic spetssvjazju. For $5 thousand In a month (the size of a monthly fee for using automatic telephone exchange services practically has not changed since then) pleasure to talk to members of the government it became accessible to all interested persons. For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that from special assortment on sale exposed only automatic telephone exchange - 2. However prospect to become the owner of phone second-grade but all - taki the governmental communication has inspired many. In the present list of Federal agency for government communication and information, for example, there are Vladimir Zhechkova and Sergey Lissovsky`s surnames.
however, in 90 - e to the governmental automatic telephone exchange it was possible not only to buy connection, but also to receive from the power as a gift. All is known, for example, that 18 revolving objects placed in offices of heads VGTRK, have appeared there simultaneously with the beginning of execution of decrees of Boris Yeltsin about formation of the All-Russia state broadcasting company. And a revolving object Interfax Has been bought by its management as to private news agency, unlike state, historically it was not necessary to special communication. As to limited liability company the VIP - premier the history of occurrence PM - communications there is covered by a gloom.
it is probable, as a result of the governmental inventory some part of devices governmental spetssvjazi will be comprehended by a fate automobile spetssignalov. Probably even that the part of beige telephone sets with the arms will for ever leave the official offices. However I will notice that the secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU - you will not believe in far times when there were no even mobile phones, - from the first dialled to the general public prosecutor.