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Gamblings at the Moscow cinemas

At the Moscow cinema Horizon the premiere of new insurgent John Frankenhajmera " has taken place; Gamblings . This film, can, and is more graceful than the average Hollywood insurgent, but concedes Roninu let out by the director about two years ago.

the Classic shpionsko - a detective genre of Frankenhajmer for the present in shape: being expressed metaphorically, hands a little bit shiver, but all the same it is visible that handwriting beautiful. Frankenhajmer - the main keeper of traditions film noir, black cinema in which is not present good guys . Sometimes, truth, they look like good purely outwardly, as, for example, Rudi, Ben Afleka`s hero. What of comely Afleka the prisoner who has just wound off five years` term for stealing of the car? Well it doesn`t matter, but at it ingenuous enough person to play the person who thoughtlessly followed the tastes of the dark passions and has walked smack in trouble.

Having left on will, Rudi starts to give out itself for the cellmate killed in fight. As - that this by itself has turned out, because at prison gate nobody meets the hero, and for the lost companion there has arrived its acquaintance on correspondence, barbiobraznaja the blonde (Sharliz Terron). Such at them there custom: girls with appearance of photomodels instead of marrying the Arabian sheikhs, for years correspond with prisoners whom they even in eyes never saw.

but it is very soon found out that the blonde podsadnaja, the sister of the gangster (Harry Siniz) which wanted to use in criminal intents of the killed guy working in a casino and familiar with its security system. Half of film of Rudi tries to prove that it not that guy and to be washed off from new acquaintances. It is very approximate abstract of the scenario written by a young script writer by Erenom Kruger ( Shout - 3 ) Which so loves unexpected turns that itself in them gets confused. Therefore characters at it speak much, explaining an event so that the spectator though has understood something.

gamblings is next approximate transfer, it concerns a film only so far as as it is a question of a casino robbery. In the original the picture of Frankenhajmera is called Reindeer Games . Reindeer is the reindeer, one of attributes of Santa - Klausov, in which suits characters of a film dress up to plunder the casino. As business occurs on the Christmas eve they expect to merge with crowd of respectable citizens in red sheepskin coats and white beards.

gamblings zrelishchny, but in more fine sense (a composition of a shot, illumination), instead of in respect of tricks. There is one interesting moment: When the gangster sister fails under ice and cannot chisel through a head a way back in any way, and hero Afleka jumps behind it and rakes ice from within. But except this subglacial swimming, you of anything especial will not wait: such abundance of automobile pursuits, as in Ronine at least modest races on reindeers.


At the Moscow cinemas Horizon and the Arrow .

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