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Apartment with a kind on court

Round activity of the Moscow builders becomes ripe the next scandal. Muscovites, last year the bought apartments in the Mitinsky oasis till now cannot drive in them. The houses accepted one year ago are not completed till now.
Where I will live in this year, I do not know, - Irina Pylilkina, the owner of apartment in ` the Mitinsky oasis ` speaks. - I have sold The old apartment, and in new it is simply impossible to live. Builders promised all to finish at first in November, then in February, then in May, then in general in June and till now have made nothing! I bring an action .

Immured in Mitin
In October, 1999 the mistress of broker office Irina for $62,5 thousand has bought in a complex of elite houses the Mitinsky oasis three-room apartment. The apartment promised to be excellent: the house #17 along the street General Beloborodova, as well as other houses in the Mitinsky oasis was under construction under the individual project. By request of the Center of assistance to housing reform building conduct the Moscow system - 44 and the Moscow system - 6 . Believed in registration of transactions the realtor firm " acts; Inkom . In complex operation specially created association of proprietors of habitation " should be engaged; the Mitinsky oasis - 3 . First stage houses should be handed over in 1998, the second - in 1999 - m. builders have handed over the First stage, the second complete till now. All project was carried out under Vladimir Resin`s personal control.
before purchase Irina has gone on building. It seemed to it that the house is almost finished, the porch is not completed only. On the third floor conducted a shaky wooden planked footway. Builders needed to plaster and paint only the house outside. In apartments it was necessary to instal electrical equipment, heating, water, gas to start lifts. To finish all it and to bring to the house road builders have promised by November. Irina bought apartment without furnish, in January was going to begin repair, and in the spring - to move. But make it it could not till now. Heating has been connected only in February. Road have spent only in May, and have started to plaster in June. Instead of switchboards bunches of wires till now stick out of walls. And water pipes in apartments are not present till now. Lifts, certainly, do not work.
nevertheless in the not completed apartment Irina has begun repair. Other exit at it simply does not remain - she has sold the old apartment. Workers the Moscow system - 44 have suggested it to make repair by own strength. But Irina has refused and has employed other workers. However mosstroevtsy all - taki have found a way to earn additionally. After repair in a bedroom and on kitchen Irina began to establish there furniture. To lift it on the sixth floor it was necessary on the building lift. For each lifting builders took from it 100 roubles and for it were rather grateful: as they said, the salary in it did not pay since March.
eventually to Irina has bothered to wait, when the house will complete, and now she prepares documents to bring an action on the Moscow system - 44 . Such, as it, in the Mitinsky oasis it is a lot of. In the house #17 32 apartments are redeemed almost all. Their owners in court did not address yet, but intend to make it. But owners of apartments of the next house #15 were engaged in it: their house is not plastered till now.
at first they tried to complain to the chairman of the board of association of proprietors Konstantin Tsygankov. That, in turn, tried to agree with builders. But, as he tells, on all its questions heads the Moscow system - 44 Valery Sklyar and the Moscow system - 6 Nikolay Abrashin answer that they do not have money. Buyers of apartments in it do not trust, as almost all apartments have been redeemed at them last year.
according to Tsygankov, the head the Moscow system - 6 Nikolay Abrashin admitted to it that has been compelled to hand over the house to report to the Moscow government and not to spoil the plan. New buildings have been put in operation according to the decision of the Moscow government which allows to hand over houses without furnish. In June, 1999 the state commission has signed certificates about acceptance, and prefect Severo - the Western administrative district Victor Kozlov has confirmed them. All these officials absence on walls of one of plaster houses, and in other - an electricity at all has not confused, some water and heating.

the voice of Pharaohs
has addressed for the comment to prefect Severo - the Western district to Victor Kozlovu. That has declared: Last year under the decision about the truncated acceptance we these houses have accepted, hoping that builders will complete them in February. In February they have not completed them, and we have removed them from acceptance. They wanted to hand over in June, but have not handed over. So now while they will not complete them, we do not accept them. And all because the general investor - the Center of assistance to housing reform - has not listed till now all money. Now for the termination of building there is no 60 million roubles .
At the general director of the Center of assistance to Victor Filchenko`s housing reform other opinion: At the very beginning of building we proavansirovali ` the Moscow system - 6 ` approximately on $2 million And they have executed works approximately on $900 thousand As a result it turns out that ` the Moscow system - 6 ` should us, instead of we to it. In houses of the first stage they translate money of buyers of apartments on building of houses of the second turn. Well and the house #17 finances itself ` the Moscow system - 44 `. It both money receives, and building conducts. To this house we have no relation .
However builders with it do not agree. The assistant to the general director the Moscow system - 6 Joseph Trefnjak has told to the correspondent: the House #15 is not finished, because the Center of housing reform has not listed till now to us for performance of works of 38 million roubles. And this week we bring an action against them. Now we already work to ourselves at a loss. By the end of next month we will plaster this house and we will paint. We understand that owners of apartments at anything. But we should build houses of the second turn! We and so have already spoilt the plan .
the assistant to the general director " has most substantially talked to the correspondent; the Moscow system - 44 Zaza Pocholava. He has told:
- Water and light in the house #17 already is. You on building were?
- was.
- and who to you has resolved?
- me permissions are not necessary.
- and I do not believe you that you there were. And in general, I to you am not obliged to answer.

the Guessing on a hand of Moscow
is obvious that someone from the interrogated builders tells a lie. Who exactly, will be found out in court. During process at the Mitinsky oasis obviously, will appear new a victim. It is connected by that realtors actively sell there apartments.
here that the broker of firm " has told; Inkom to which the correspondent was presented by the buyer: the House #17 along the street General Beloborodova is handed already over. The electricity, a waterpipe is. By September it will plaster. Apartments on 118 metres. Go without furnish so to begin repair it is possible right now. Metre - from $450 to $550. Can arrive on Monday. In general, documents are made out long, but if want, we can accelerate registration - for 2 % from cost of your apartment .
has addressed for explanations to employees of other realtor firms. It has appeared that under schemes of share investment (it when sales go at a building stage) are erected all without a house exception in capital - both at private builders, and at the government of Moscow. And almost all builders finance the following object at the expense of buyers of the previous. Thus they at least receive circulating assets and save, for example, on percent on the credit. This scheme has led to bankruptcy already very many building companies. The loudest - bankruptcy JUnisstroja . History the Mitinsky oasis is a prevention to all buyers: if earlier to buy from the government of Moscow it was rather safe, now even the city authorities cannot guarantee that you receive suitable apartment for the money for residing.
has checked up the reporting on the Moscow new buildings for IV quarter of last year this spring of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Also it was found out that from 50 constructed houses only half more or is less ready for operation. Other half has not been completed at all.
such attention of power structures does not promise to buyers of the Moscow apartments anything good. If the state commission not begins to accept not complete objects in operation, builders will cease to receive money for apartments at a building stage, and the remained means will spend not for completion already sold, and on a bookmark of new houses. Without it they cannot, differently the building cycle will stop, and they will go bankrupt.
the exit from this situation, seemingly, can be only one - to buy ready habitation. It is, of course, more expensive. But more cheaply leaves.