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Why Moscow rich, and Grozny poor

At 16 - summer Aslan is not present parents. His mother has died even before war, and the father has disappeared in December. Aslan does not believe that his father could leave with insurgents: Most likely, it have simply stolen - it would take me with itself(himself) if has left itself .

In Urus - Martane where Aslan to relatives was brought by the sister, such boys was much. And all of them dreamt to do some fighting in groups heroes Gelaeva, Basayev, Ahmadova...
Once Aslan`s two friends have left in the night from insurgents who came to be reserved home by provisions and to see the native. Friends called Aslan with themselves. It very much would like to leave, but sister Ajshat, probably, felt something and did not let the brother stray one step from itself. Aslan says that, probably, was afraid, because If strongly would want, of course, would leave. But now he does not regret that remained at home. He heard, how mother of one of its friends killed under Alhan - Kaloj shouted. It has presented that on a place of this woman there could be a his sister.
now Aslan together with the sister has returned to Grozny. Ajshat was arranged to work in regional administration, and Aslan has gone to school. However, at school it is not pleasant to it: uncomfortably in a dilapidated building. But Ajshat says that he should study to find good work. And Aslan agrees.
- and whom you would want to become?
- I do not know, - Aslan thoughtfully answers. - probably, trains would like to drive. It is interesting, many different cities it is possible to see.
there is only one trade which Aslan never will want to seize. He never will want to become the pilot. Till now he shudders from sounds of coming nearer helicopters or sushek .
In Grozny I have got acquainted with Russian family. Went on the central street and, having seen tidy dressed fair-haired parents and two girls, has approached to them. In Grozny, strangely enough, people willingly enter conversations with strangers.
two pretty girls with curiosity examined me, and young mum told what to live hard, and there is no place to leave: neither relatives, nor in Russia at Smirnovyh are not present close friends. 14 - summer Polina Smirnova dreams to become the teacher. polina with parents and the sister lives in Factory area of Grozny. To school of the girl do not go since September, but the neigbour - the teacher sometimes is engaged with them in mathematics. Father Poliny working before war on power station, now earns additionally repair of houses, for it receives small money on which there is a family. Mum Poliny as, however, all mums, dreams that her daughters will enter the institute.
Polina would like to live in a big city, to read books in library, to go to theatres and cinema.
- I want to leave from here because to me has bothered when shoot, - she speaks. - even now at night shoot...
and to my old acquaintance Ibragimu Osmaevu of 14 years. I have got acquainted with it on a post in March. Then it was checked by OMON fighters, searched, examined shoulders - whether there are bruises, as at snipers. Ibragim obediently executed orders of OMON fighters, only eyes with watchfulness gleamed. Since then he did not leave Grozny. At least, so he speaks. The second time of Ibragima I have casually seen in the market in Grozny where it helped mother who fried pies directly in the street.
we have got to talking. Ibragim spent me almost about the Minute. And all time asked, as there live people in Moscow, whether truth that Moscow a hundred times is more than Grozny that people receive there on one thousand dollars, and why Moscow such rich, and Grozny poor.
- probably, Moscow rich because Grozny has destroyed by bombing? - He has asked me suddenly.
- Well why, Moscow and was before rich.
but Ibragim was not appeased:
- And what for then Grozny has destroyed by bombing?
Ibragim too dreams to leave, is far - to Russia but to return back. He wants to become the big person and to prove to the whole world that Chechens not animals .
- And then I will return to the Chechen Republic and I will construct here many houses, and can, the whole city.
Ibragim does not want to tell to me about how he lived in Grozny: Unless it excites someone?
Ibragim well speaks on - russki, and it is known almost by all OMON fighters on posts. He long talks to them, asking on when will earn in Grozny shops and schools.
- Perhaps it also shot at our soldiers, I do not know, - the OMON fighter on a post at the area speaks Minute. - we at first looked narrowly at it, checked. Have then decided, what even if was at war, any more you will not establish, and the guy like quite good, what for to it to spoil life? Has understood for certain that to what. Now it is safe, it is clear.
in Grozny today have earned already practically all schools. In the destroyed premises with gaping holes instead of windows behind the semiescaped school desks children attentively listen to teachers, diligently deduce words and offers. Because believe that all at them will be good.

OLGA ALLENOVA, correspondent ID in the Chechen Republic