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Newspapers of all countries of the world simultaneously have come in large numbers here

From the very beginning of the past week have started talking about the new danger which have hung over mankind. Referring on opinion of experts they informed that the number of new diseases by Alzheimer`s disease grows menacing rates also can reach in the nearest future epidemic scales . The public, clear business, has become agitated, but excitement lasted not for long. By a weekend of article about the future epidemic of Alzheimer`s disease (by the way, diseases not so infectious) have disappeared as suddenly, as well as have appeared. And their place was occupied with stories about phenomenal success of tests of a new vaccine from this horrible disease, which as it is informed, it has appeared absolutely safe for people and even has a little braked development of illness in laboratory rats and squirrels . That about success of tests of a vaccine the same experts who for four days before worried about epidemic reported, the majority of readers, certainly, have not noticed.