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11. 07 - 17. 07 2000

18. 07 - 24. 07 2000

Russia has started in $260 million space
on July, 12th into an orbit the Russian module " has been started; the Star for the International space station. Work on creation of the module in cost of $260 million proceeded 10 years and has been finished only thanks to the help from - for a boundary. German company DASA by request of the European space agency has made the onboard computer in cost DM100 million, and NASA took for $60 million in five years` rent third of volume of the module. Space vehicle start was postponed six times, the delay has in total made 25 months. After joining Stars with already flying modules the Dawn and Unity (it should take place on July, 26th) at station can begin work space crews. American William Sheperd and Russians Yury Gidzenko with Sergey Krikalevym should become the first inhabitants MKS in the end of October.

Gantamirov`s Returning
the Former mayor of Grozny Bislan Gantamirov is appointed by the first deputy of the head of administration of the Chechen Republic. It will supervise republic power structures. On them Moscow intends to shift a problem of suppression of the Chechen resistance. In this connection regular number of the Chechen militia is supposed to be increased from 2 thousand to 8 thousand persons. Gantamirov already occupied a similar post in representation of the federal government in the Chechen Republic. But with the former plenipotentiary Nikolay Koshman it has not worked well together and has been dismissed for proguly . After that Gantamirov was one of applicants for appointment as the head of administration of the Chechen Republic, however the Kremlin has stopped a choice on Ahmad Kadyrov. Occasions to disagreements with Kadyrov at Gantamirov will be at all less, after all both expect to be overcome in the long term for a post of the selected head of the Chechen Republic.

children become bears
Having created the party in power and its youth movement under the general mark Unity Sergey Shojgu has gone further. He has decided to create All-Russia children`s socially - political movements under the name safety School . It is necessary, that young replenishment of the Ministry of Emergency Measures grew. The young generation should have firm skills on rescue of and other people in difficult situations - has explained Shojgu. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures promises not zadurivat to children a head ideology, and simply to teach them to do that well is able: To extinguish fires, to rescue rolling, to assort blockages, to develop camp for refugees. Organisation branches are created already in 18 regions. As movement is named socially - by political, Shojgu, probably, believes, as in a society, and in the politician we still for a long time will have an emergency situation.

from different directions the veto
on July, 19th, on the last before vacation State Duma session, can dare destiny of the law About an order of formation of Council of federation . But there will be it only in the event that deputies of the State Duma will consider results of work of the conciliatory commission unsatisfactory, will bring an attention to the question on overcoming of the veto of Council of federation on the agenda and will type not less than 300 voices. Such variant is probable: the hard line occupied in the commission with messengers of Council of Federation, has caused undisguised irritation in deputies. If the compromise is reached also the commission will bring in the Duma the co-ordinated project, its prospects remain uncertain. Some of the amendments approved by the commission (for example, about the right of governors individually to appoint the representatives in Council of Federation) have already caused serious disagreements between fractions. Besides, even if the Duma will change the law, the Council of Federation at session can reject it on July, 26th again. And then the Duma should gather once again that all - taki to overcome the veto.

the world bank will bring $1 mlrd
this week Russia can obtain the credit from the World bank which mission has arrived to Moscow on July, 17th. Still two weeks ago the president of MB James Vulfenson has familiarised with the program developed in the Center of Gref, and remained it is quite happy. Moreover, he has declared at once that a number of positions of the program can be supported credits, for example: To give not used part of credit SAL - 3 at a rate of $1 mlrd which was allocated with Earlier world bank for structural reorganisation of the Russian economy. By the way, if before World bank could not allocate money without otmashki IMF now this communication became return - the IMF can make the decision on allocation of credits if the governments written down in the program the structural measures co-ordinated with MB for reception of loans are executed.