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Us, businessmen, it is necessary to put into place

the Power continues to watch development of scandal with the Kremlin accounts in Switzerland. In two last numbers we have published interview of the public prosecutor of Geneva Bernard Bertossa and the inspector of State Office of Public Prosecutor Ruslana Tamaeva. Now we ask to speak to one of the accused. Questions of the correspondent of Elena Samojlovoj are answered with the head of civil engineering firm Merkata trading Victor Stolpovsky.

In the end of 1998 the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor declared that has found in one of account banks upravdelami president Pavel Borodina, its assistants and members of a family of president Yeltsin. Under the version of Swisses, firms Mabetex and Merkata Engaged in reconstruction of the Kremlin and other objects, received podrjady for bribes which were translated to Switzerland for the Kremlin officials and a family of the president. In the European mass-media (in particular, in Italian Corriere della Sera) there were messages that with the help Mabetex and Merkaty members of a family of Yeltsin disposed of considerable financial assets and got real estate abroad.
now the Swiss accounts Merkata trading are arrested. After head Mabetex Bexhet Pakolli which interrogation has been spent in the end of June, the Geneva inspector Daniel Devo intends to interrogate Stolpovsky as suspected of money-laundering. In recent interview the Authorities the public prosecutor of Geneva Bernard Bertossa on a question, how many money has been washed through the companies Mabetex and Merkata has answered: About $65 million, and about $60 million - through ` Merkatu ` . At the same time at the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia to Stolpovsky claims is not present. It passes on the case of corruption in Administrative Department of the President as the witness.

- you risk to be accused by judicial bodies of Geneva in money-laundering. As consider judges, there is a well-founded suspicion that you operated as Tatyana Dyachenko`s figurehead. You can tell, who posesses money for the Swiss accounts which have been frozen?
- what accounts? I can answer only for accounts Merkaty and for itself personally. As to money under contracts, inspector Devo all knows, can ask it. And everything that is on accounts Merkaty and on my personal accounts, including and my salary, - all is my money.
- what relations at you from Dyachenko?
- any.
- you do not know it?
- the Whole world knows Tatyana Dyachenko. My relations on work were only with the Russian state, I mean the firm. And all can see today results. I have achieved financing of works in BKD and Audit Chamber. It already belongs to history, and the history of all will judge - who plundered Russia and who built.
- means, you were not Dyachenko`s figurehead?
- never, by no means.
- as you then explain data what Yeltsin`s daughter had the power of attorney on one of your accounts?
- I do not know also me does not interest at all, on what has Dyachenko`s power of attorney and that it does. I dispose of my money only. I have paid commission fee for financing reception, about which Devo knows since March, and it has objected to nothing to it. Here try to attribute by means of mass-media to me any relations from Dyachenko. Perhaps behind it there is a policy. But it will not be possible to them.
- you repaired two apartments of a family of Yeltsin in Autumn parkway?
- Merkata Never repaired these apartments. I had relations only with the state.
- but as it was informed, $4,6 million for these apartments have appeared on the account on which Dyachenko had a power of attorney.
- I do not know, about what you speak, who paid this money and for what. Me accuse that I have laid out $60 million on bribes. If was so works across the Kremlin how many would cost? The provided cost was $469 million, and we have tendered for $300 million I should ` squeeze out ` subcontractors. Some left them literally crying. I would understand, if have told: work is not finished, money has dispersed. But work has been made at the highest qualitative level and in time. That who worked, have paid.
- who posesses a country house of Ambrozetti in Lugano?
- it mine. In Bern there is a registration in the real estate register, can check up. The country house was bought by me, having paid it is normal, pure money.
- but Tatyana Dyachenko watched its furnish?
- Listen, if I knew Dyachenko, I would be the great person! But I only the builder who concerned with the Russian state. On Ambrozetti Dyachenko`s country house never was.

- your success as businessman was affected by what among your partners there was Oleg Siletsky, the son-in-law upravdelami the Kremlin Pavel Borodina?
- Siletsky never was in my command.
- the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor has informed that prolongs for three months a consequence on firm Mabetex . With you public prosecutors about it spoke?
- meetings were. I worked on Mabetex but all financing has been concentrated at Pakolli, it and distributed money. In 1994 we have left. And I want to specify that Merkata is not branch Mabetex its competitor, it is different things.
- you interrogated on business Mabetex inspector Ruslan Tamaev?
- Is not present.
- As there was your rupture to Pakolli?
- I do not want to speak about it, it would be incorrect... I was in humiliating position when it was necessary to elicit money which has earned.
- you have earned the condition at Pakolli?
- I not the beggar have come to Pakolli. At me was Mercedes apartment, my summer residence - truth, small. I worked in Orenburg on cultivation of fish, processing of milk and on building much. Then, when Pakolli has suggested me to represent Mabetex in Moscow, I have agreed. And for a year the military pilot has accumulated in the plane of more flight hours, than.
- you said that now you rich enough person to afford and the family any luxury...
- I, can, and could allow myself it while my accounts have not frozen.
- all of you time work? You have hobby?
- yes, I like agriculture. Under our control there is one state farm near Moscow. There 1500 cows, factory on fertilizers and one more - on milk processing.
- but same work!
- is not present, these are my roots. My father worked in collective farm, us was seven persons of children. Mother has taught to respect us work and first of all to keep a word.
- your firm has executed many works in Russia?
- yes, 25 projects.
- and you never gave bribes?
- never in life. And know why? Because today all has changed. People live better, earn, have privileges even if it it is not appreciable. Look at the budget of deputies, for example. At them a country house, cars, sanatoria...
- you want to tell, what they do not have need to take bribes?
- they live well and are under rigid control.
- I saw at you in an office Putin`s portrait...
- I voted for it and I am its admirer.
- you do not feel disappointment, how in an era of Putin address with businessmen? Gusinsky`s example does not frighten you?
- you see there are moments when us, businessmen, it is necessary to put into place. We should give the report that there is a state that round us the same people, as well as we. Money as those, are not the main thing.

in last number the Power has wrongly specified that means on business Mabetex it is prolonged for three weeks. Actually - for three months. We apologise readers.