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In an armchair only girls

Forty years ago the woman has been chosen for the first time by the head of the state. Today it would not surprise anybody - names of Indiry Gandi, Goldy Meir and Korason Akino are known for all. But not they were the first.

the Housewife
1960. Asia. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the first woman - the chief executive not only in Asia, but also all over the world. The prime minister - minister Shri - Lanki in 1960 - 1965, 1970 - 1977 and since 1994 on the present.
Was born in 1916 in a rich Singhalese family, has got house education. Political career of the beginning in September, 1959 when after murder of the husband, the first premieres - the minister of Ceylon Solomona Bandaranaike, has headed the political party created by it. In 1960 has won on parliamentary elections and has held a post of premieres - the minister of Ceylon. Without having own political views, followed views of the late husband - a socialist: has nationalised banks, the industrial enterprises, tea plantations.
Sirimavo Bandaranaike became not only the first woman - the prime minister, but also has created the mechanism of coming to power of widows or daughters of visible politicians to India (Indira Gandi), Pakistan (Benazir Bhutto), Bangladesh (Haleda Zija and Sheikh Hasina Vadzhid) and on Philippines (Korason Akino). In Shri - Lanke this tradition also has proceeded. Present president Shri - Lanki Chandrika Kumaratunge - daughter Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

the Dancer from night club
1974. The South America. Maria Estela Martinez de Peron - the first-ever woman - the president and the woman first in America - the chief executive. The president of Argentina with 1974 - go for 1976. Now lives in Madrid.
Was born in 1931 in Panama in a poor family. In 1955 worked as the dancer in one of night clubs of Panama where has got acquainted with the future husband the general - lieutenant Juan Domingo Peronom. The most known dictator of Argentina, Peron in 1955 was will dethrone and ran to Panama. After returning to Argentina in 1973 Peron has been selected by the president, and Estela has held a post of the vice-president.
in 1974 Juan Peron has died, and according to the constitution Maria Estela Martinez de Peron became the lawful president of the Argentina Republic. The country these two years its personal astrologist Jose Lopez Rega actually operated. On March, 24th, 1976 in the country there was a next military coup d`etat. Some years Estela have spent under arrest, then to it have allowed to leave the country.

the Lady from grocery store
1979. Europe. Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain with 1979 - go for 1990, the first woman - the chief executive in Europe and the first woman who has headed the developed country of the West.
Was born in 1926 in a family of the grocer. By training - the chemist. In nineteen years has decided to become a member of parliament. Its chances were almost zero. Men, descendants of aristocrats or landowners became members of parliament - conservatives (which by tradition the family of Margaret supported) at that time exclusively.
during study in Oxford Margaret became the woman first in the history - the chairman of Conservative association of university. In the same place she has started to learn to speak correctly and well to put on. In 1951 Margaret has married millionaire Dennisa Thatcher and became, from the point of view of party functionaries, the present lady. In 1959 it has been selected by a member of parliament, in 1970 - m became the member of the cabinet, and in 1979 - m - the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain. Now the baroness Thatcher sits at chamber of lords.

the opponent of polygamy
1996. Africa. Rut Perr, the president of Liberia with 1996 - go for 1997. The first woman - the chief executive in Africa and the first black woman - the president in the world.
Was born in 1939 in a family of lawyers, by training - the lawyer. In 1980 became the woman first in Liberia - the senator.
the time president of Liberia Rut Perr became against the will. When civil war has ended, it was required to find the authoritative politician who would suit all candidates for presidents on the future elections. Here also have remembered Rut Perr. It was not necessary to doubt its authority. In the middle of 80 - h when military president Samuel Dow has tried to enter polygamy in the country, Rut Perr has publicly chided it. Dow who have shot not one hundred of political opponents, has refused the intentions.
becoming the president, Rut Perr has refused to move to a presidential palace and continued to live in the bungalow near to capital. In the beginning of 1997 in Liberia the first elections for many years have taken place, and Rut Perr were delegated by the power to the new president.

the lover of marihuana
1993. The North America. Evril Fedra Douglas (Kim) Campbell, the prime minister - the minister of Canada in 1993 - 1994, the first woman who has headed the country in the North America.
Was born in 1947 in a professorial family. Having graduated from the university, has gone to the London school of economy where some years have studied. British Columbia worked as the director of school council, the lawyer, the employee of the government of the Canadian province. In 1988 has taken part in parliamentary elections from progressive - conservative party. Vsekanadsky popularity Campbell was brought by a recognition that in student`s years it smoked marihuana. A phrase: Unlike president Clinton, I was tightened - has got on the front pages of all newspapers of the country. It with ease has passed in parliament and has there and then received a post of the minister of affairs of Indians. A year later it became the Minister of Justice, in three years became the Minister of Defence. When Malruni has unexpectedly resigned, the office was unanimously selected new by the prime minister - minister Kim Campbell, hoping that its personal popularity will help party to be kept in power. But the first woman - the prime minister of Canada became also to the first the prime minister - the minister, whose party on elections has received only two places in parliament.

the Intriguer
1997. Ocenia. Dzhenni Shipli, the prime minister - the minister of New Zealand, the first woman - the chief executive in Ocenia.
Was born in 1952 in a family of sheep breeders. Formation - an average pedagogical. Dzhenni Shipli never hid the dream: to become the minister. For the sake of it she in 1975 has entered the party largest in the country - National. After short work at high school it has entirely passed to party work, becoming the assistant to one of members of parliament. In 1987 itself became the member of parliament. While the party was in opposition, actively supported its leader Jim Bolzhdera, for as has received in 1990 post of the minister of social security specially created for it. The enthusiastic supporter Margaret Thatcher, Shipli has begun to propagandise reduction of social privileges. In newspapers her name appeared daily, mainly in reportings from meetings on which once again burnt its stuffed animal. In November, 1997 Shipli has used absence of premieres - the minister and has organised palace revolution . The colleague who have come back in Vellington Bolzhdera have met the requirement to resign. SHipli there was a prime minister - the minister of New Zealand, and is equal in a year on the next parliamentary elections has conceded to other woman - Helen Elizabeth Clark.