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Business of the French doctors

the French law enforcement bodies have begun a legal investigation about mass killing of patients in private clinic Lja Martiner near Paris. Under the certificate of the former employees, hopelessly sick in clinic did deadly injections.

Scandal which is investigated by the Versailles Office of Public Prosecutor, is developed promptly. Action about " is brought; deliberate murder, violence concerning defenceless people, neokazanii to people down and out, thefts and assignment of another`s property . There are bases to suspect that from 25 to 40 elderly and incurably sick patients were umershchvleny under instructions of the medical personnel by means of injections. Under the French laws evtanazija it is punished by imprisonment. Employees of hospital assert that patients about whom there is a speech, have died a natural death.
right after that as clinic case " has been opened; Lja Martiner the police has withdrawn medical cards of patients for last five years and has sealed up hospital computers. Inspectors have started to interrogate the personnel of clinic and to find out from relatives died, whether warned them about application possibility evtanazii. It is not excluded that business will reach and before exhumation of corpses for is judicial - medical examination.
having learnt about scale of work coming policeman, the director of Agency for hospitalisation of region Or - de - France has made decision temporarily to close clinic Lja Martiner as to support conditions quiet and favorable for patients in investigation it is impossible. It is offered to clinic management to distribute within three days all patients in other medical institutions.

Meanwhile until quite recently the clinic had a faultless reputation. A private shelter for aged Lja Martiner has been organised in 1995 retired voenvrachami for the former military men and members of their families. The clinic simultaneously can accept 120 patients from whom 80 live constantly, and 40 are on long treatment. One and a half years ago in clinic have passed careful checks in connection with management intention to expand staff and to increase number of patients. Any infringements then it was revealed not. From patients and relatives of complaints never arrived. And here suddenly loud scandal and terrible charges...
patients and doctors in shock. Some simply refuse to trust in an event: Those who has closed clinic, it is necessary to judge! Old men who live here months and for years, can simply not take out moving. Here who the present doctors - murderers! the relatives who have gathered in the main hall, tell about how their relatives were happy, having got in Lja Martiner . When I have brought here mother, she was dying, but thanks to fine treatment and leaving has lived three more and a half a year . My husband simply will not be extolled on the personnel and says that for what from here will not leave, let him expel force . The director of clinic too hardly restrains: the Charges shown to us by several former employees, so wild that at first we refused to make comments on them. But, seemingly, some have apprehended them seriously .
we Will look that it for charges.

crime Structure
- At first I wondered, whether I have got for work to sect? To discuss something it was forbidden, it was necessary to submit to the heads. Here the present army usages.
- doctors refused to approach to sick at the night. Once I have entered into a room and have fallen to a body of the patient which floated in a blood pool. Anybody has not thought at all something to make.
- understand, very difficultly precisely to define, where come to an end soothing and anaesthetising and begins evtanazija. For an operating time I had to observe hundreds dying, but such I never saw. About myself I named it a chemical strait jacket. a cocktail which entered to the patient, operated as the general narcosis. I saw, how one patient after an injection died four days.
- first we plainly did not know that this such, and then have gradually understood that a cocktail appoint to people, which not in a clod which at all very much suffer from pains. It was terrible to learn that to someone who the day before went and talked to you, have stuck a cocktail only because it too strongly turned at night.
- at us is that proof that to patients violently entered a mix from morphine, analgetikov and tranquilizers. The mix operated not instantly. Sometimes the agony lasted some days or even week.
- it was necessary to work in this atmosphere of prosecution to understand, it was how much difficult not to submit.
so, the most important charge - evtanazija, and, judging by testimony, compulsory. Some witnesses assert that a deadly cocktail has been almost legalised in clinic. There are also others, less heavy, but not less heinous crimes which, on hearings, occurred in Lja Martiner . It is said that elderly patients regularly beat, and things took away from them. That physicians did not hesitate to take away property of the deads - a cellular telephone, the portable computer, even hours and a wallet. That patients were exposed to sexual violence - both to, and after death. That doctors and nurses suited orgies, copulating in a mortuary and painting dead men of the person a paint and lipstick. At last that places for more favourable clients, for example for those who needed operation killed to release patients. One of the nurses working earlier in clinic, has expressed so: In the beginning employees of clinic differed immorality, greed and full disrespect for patients. And then the clinic has simply turned to a place where absolute harm " reigns;.
basically all witnesses, speaking about evtanazii, named the same name. This name was not published yet, but much about the main suspect is already known. He/she is one of cardiologists; When its watch dropped out for the weekend, its colleagues were ready, having come on Monday, to find out any old man in a condition of irreversible loss of consciousness. So action " was outwardly shown; a cocktail . Every other day - other old man silently died.
with the investigation beginning some imaginations quickly enough managed to be denied. For example, nekrofilii in clinic all - taki was not. Though sexual intercourses in a mortuary took place, but between quite live employees. Other charges look more obosnovanno; indications of all witnesses concerning cases evtanazii practically coincide. But nevertheless the authorities call for care and warn against hasty conclusions. The matter is that all witnesses of charge in this business or have been recently dismissed from clinic, or are in the irreconcilable conflict to the hospital heads.

Even in the spring the part of employees of hospital to which dismissal threatened, has addressed in conflict commission. The commission has twice passed the decision in their advantage which has been twice protested by a clinic management. Then the dissatisfied have decided to address in labour inspection with the story about created disgraces. The inspector has considered necessary to inform the public prosecutor.
It is said that the initiator of squaring of accounts with clinic became former managing physiotherapy exercises office. She has talked nineteen to the dozen in labour inspection, and has then repeated all it (truth, having closed the person) in a telecast. The offended woman, having shown uncommon qualities of the leader, the ten more dissatisfied has inspired to tell about everyones foulness in clinic. To all other last year the employee of hospital who too had a conflict to a management has committed suicide. The brought charges were so monstrous that the public prosecutor has been compelled to open case.
Meanwhile events develop in the image most unpleasant for hospital. The public prosecutor has already bragged that in France there was the the doctor Death is not worse at all than the known British doctor - murderers Harold Shipmana. In January of this year Shipmana have condemned for murder of 15 patients by means of deadly injections, and in France it is a question of the whole 40 murders. Inspectors cannot tell yet anything defined about evtanazii in Lja Martiner but have already found out that the clinic worse than ever coped and has been torn apart by internal conflicts that should affect quality of given medical aid. At last, hospital have already closed, though and it is temporary, so the dismissed can feel otmshchennymi. Now even at the loyal friends of clinic is not present - is not present, yes the doubt creeps in: and that if a deadly cocktail is truth?