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I perfectly understand what to repeat represented on this photo at me very few chances, but at least to learn to go, cease to consider descent to one flight of stairs, an independent climbing and vylezanie from a bath the big feat

Good afternoon, - the Power !
Good afternoon, Alena!
Perhaps, that we namesakes, will play for me a happy role.
in last number of your magazine article about the Center nejroreabilitatsii Shklovsky is printed. This article has very strongly interested me, though I and did not get fighting wound, but from - for neurologic diseases have very quickly passed a way from the master of sports to the invalid of the first group, forgot to go and even to write. Therefore the huge request, prompt, as with this centre to communicate how there to call, how to register in their program of rehabilitation, to learn their forecasts and cost of their services. I perfectly understand what to repeat represented on this photo at me very few chances, but at least to learn to go, cease to consider descent to one flight of stairs, an independent climbing and vylezanie from a bath the big feat...
thankful in advance.
Dmitry Antonov

From edition:
To the Center nejroreabilitatsii and pathologies of speech for course passage there can arrive any military man who has got wound. For this purpose the direction of the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Internal Affairs is necessary. However as the head of the centre professor Victor Shklovsky has explained, many parents of wounded men call in the centre and ask to accept their son without a direction of the Minister of Defence. Sometimes the centre agrees on it, but each such case is considered in an individual order.
for soldiers and officers treatment free. For civil nonresident patients treatment paid, for Muscovites - free.
centre phone: 915 - 15 - 85.

In #24 weekly journals from 20. 06. 2000 in a heading the Anti-advertising L.Kadika and B.Klina`s article " has been published; Are undressed in the latest fashion . As given article affirms that owners so-called virtual stock exchange Stock Generation brothers Sergey and Vyacheslav Mavrodi, which " are; raise money from trustful investors . Further authors of article inform that the destiny of money is precisely known: they will disappear together with enterprising brothers . Thus g - yes Kadik and the Wedge assert that this information is received by them from any extremely zakonspirirovannogo a source in the Russian law enforcement bodies which asked not to name its surname. At the same time law enforcement officers have refused to confirm this information.
Vyacheslav Panteleevich Mavrodi is my principal on the basis of the current legislation, and at me with it the termless contract on legal aid rendering is concluded. In this connection I on behalf of my principal declare that V.P.Mavrodi has no the slightest relation to so-called to virtual stock exchange Stock Generation . From its part, I am ready to give any explanatories concerning criminal case concerning V.P.Mavrodi which will not contradict interests of my principal.
Winds Stanislav Vladimirovich, a member of Bar of Moscow

Dear sirs!
There is one very interesting question about our competition to foreign firms. As it is known, at export our enterprises compensate the VAT from the budget. But the VAT is compensated from the added cost only at last stage: even if you sell the goods abroad on one million dollars, and have added to it only two bolts by 100 roubles compensation from the budget receive only for the sum of the VAT from these hundred roubles. Compensation of the VAT from the added cost of suppliers neither to them, nor us does not occur, therefore to all of them is equal to whom to sell the goods - to the exporter or neeksporteru. All in manufacture depends on energy and raw materials. We syreviki too export the raw materials, energy and receive thus VAT compensation at export. Look, we are at a great disadvantage before foreigners: they receive our oil (for an example) on 20 % (VAT) more cheaply, than we can buy it in home market. We - that the VAT, buying own oil, to the state we pay completely! The European firms have no tax obstacles from the state at raw materials import, that is it reaches them in pure, uncharged surtaxes a kind. But those of 20 % of the VAT compensated by our our budget syrevikam is a grant to the foreign manufacturer at our expense. Whether it is time to us to begin actions on the termination of the given discrimination of the home producer? I invite to discussion.
the given text is sent last week to 40 our regional enterprises. Are silent, as guerrillas, seemingly, they yet do not send for the Soviet fears concerning KGB or still something (as our management, for example). It would be desirable them to ask, and to live absolutely not terribly? And that after all it will come to no good?! I consider that for crimes inactivity it is necessary to punish not less, than for crimes action. It not people, and simply human shlam, and it is necessary to get rid of it. At a tacit consent of this garbage any crimes are committed. After reorganisation to ask such urodtsev: And what you did during reorganisation? Did nothing? Could help the industry, yes has not helped? Well, then forward - on a tree felling! yes, the rights there was Minin, extinguishing such misters of type it`s not my business, I know nothing . When he has thrown a call to raise money for home guard arms (the people, concordant to die for the Native land, were quickly) rich men have clamped the money. Then it has collected a band and has started to go on their houses and to grasp their wives and daughters then has exposed them on sale. Money was there and then. About such original way of rescue of the Native land historian Gumilev writes. Such inutile ljudishki understand only fear. Therefore I very much wanted, that if law changes under the VAT will be accepted, those enterprises, whose heads have not rendered support to initiative group, have been disconnected for any term from these privileges. The public ballast needs to be punished rouble and a stick!