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Murder because of a tin

Murder of the general director of Open Society “ an Uralmash “ Oleg Belonenko has thundered all over the country - it supervised over one of the most known factories of Russia. But it is absolutely not clear, who was disturbed by the hired manager who has deduced the enterprise from serious crisis. Probably, therefore the most different versions of a crime are put forward: from attempt to destabilise conditions in region prior to the beginning of large-scale repartition of the property.

the Loud name
“ an Uralmash “ not simply large enterprise. From Maxim Gorkogo`s easy hand the name was strongly fixed to it “ the father of factories and factories “. Later, following a spirit of the age, have thought up new nicknames - “ a leader of the Soviet industry “ and “ factory of factories “. “ Uralmashem “ named also Ordzhonikidzevsky administrative area of Ekaterinburg where, actually, and the factory is located.
in the beginning 90 - h law enforcement bodies by means of journalists have enclosed in a word “ an Uralmash “ one more, criminal sense. So began to name the most powerful organised criminal group of a city. However, collisions of two “ Uralmashej “ machine-building and mafia, and has not occurred.
most likely, the reason that the factory has been privatised 1993 when uralmashevskoj the grouping had to be at war with two others - central and “ dark blue “ (local criminals). Criminal businessmen were connected to the big economy only after the lapse of several years. We will tell, uralmashevskie gangster structures initiated in 1998 bankruptcy Nizhnetagilsky metkombinata.
the Question on control over Open Society “ an Uralmash “ By then for a long time has been solved without any participation uralmashevskoj groupings. Now 90 % of actions of the enterprise belong to holding Kahi Bendukidze “ Incorporated machine-building factories “. Local criminal structures had to be content with a role of intermediaries in sale of production of the enterprise. For this purpose some firms have been created. Managers of factory say that on - large these firms do not work and realise rather small consignments of goods on mutually advantageous conditions.
Oleg Belonenko has appeared on “ an Uralmash “ two years ago, and in the winter 2000 - go has headed the enterprise. He has lodged in a quarter from well-known uralmashevskogo the market, a den local “ friends “ in half of repaired two-storeyed barrack of construction of the thirtieth years (the former factory hostel). Other half was occupied with usual townspeople who annoyed time and again the director drunk uproars. However, Belonenko never complained. He has refused protection and for the life, probably, was not afraid. About it says at least that fact that Belonenko almost alone made every day walks on a bicycle. Quite often it stopped nearby to a checkpoint “ an Uralmash “ also looked, how there is for work a next change.
every morning, it is equal in seven thirty Belonenko sat down in waiting it at doors grey “ Volga “ also went on service. So was and on Monday on July, 10th. As soon as Belonenko left the house and has gone to the car, from - for a corner two young men have jumped out. They in an emphasis have shot Belonenko and its driver Vladislav Yavorsky from pistols PSM of calibre 5,45. It is remarkable that, according to preliminary data consequences, killers have left a scene of crime in the most simple way. Having shot, they have taken to the heels through bushes, and then have jumped out on road and lodge in the tram which has stopped nearby.
Even for Ekaterinburg where custom-made murders are made almost every week, the  destruction of Belonenko became the present shock. All without an exception recognise that with its arrival the factory has literally risen on feet. It is possible to argue as much as necessary on beneficial influence of crisis on the industry, but a portfolio of orders on current year has been completed on 200 % only thanks to the new director. By the way, on following, 2001 it is generated already today, and its total amount on 40 % is more than present. Among other factory in an active - the won tender for delivery chisel “ to Surgutneftegaz “ contracts with “ Sibneft “ “ Gazprom “ contracts with Iran and China and many other things. In total during board Belonenko volumes of output have increased on 70 % at labour productivity growth in 1,5 times. Creditor debts “ an Uralmash “ has been completely re-structured.
All it has brought to the director popularity in inert, in general - that, to environment uralmashevtsev and caused frank aversion of the former managers of factory. For example, for anybody not a secret that its predecessor on a post of the director Victor Korovin sent on pension, appeared in zavodoupravlenii only in that case when precisely knew: Belonenko on a trip.

without intermediaries
murder Versions it is put forward much. Naturally, first of all detectives were engaged all in the same uralmashevskoj grouping. Though open conflicts between it and factory was not, there are some moments which are worthy. So, Belonenko has started to struggle with illegal use of a trade mark by the organisations not connected with factory and casting on it a shade. In the spring of this year Supreme patent chamber “ Rospatent “ recognised that the factory posesses an exclusive right to a trade mark “ Uralmash “.
This decision directly infringed on interests socially - the political union “ an Uralmash “ having as consider in law enforcement bodies, the direct relation to the grouping with the same name. But even if loss of the name for OPS could become the big problem, difficultly assume that it has served as a sufficient occasion to murder. As now the union actively participates in political life and separates from a crime. And right after decisions “ Rospatent “ chairman of board of directors OPS “ an Uralmash “ Alexander Habarov has declared that met Kahoj Bendukidze and has in detail discussed a current situation. Like they would find the decision which has arranged both parties. However, which, not clearly till now.
Habarov, probably, had also other bases for hostility to the factory manager. In the spring of this year leader OPS “ an Uralmash “ Participated in by-election in the State Duma and has lost to their head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg Nikolay Ovchinnikovu. The last, among other, Belonenko supported also. But the revenge to the head of factory on such motives looks simply improbable. Whether
there are chances that the crime is connected not with “ Uralmashem “ and with earlier stage of the biography of Belonenko? Before moving to Ekaterinburg it was the assistant to the general director of joint-stock company “ KamAZ “ where has come to work right after institute. Undertaken reforming of marketing system in 1994, Belonenko has entered rigid confrontation with the president of concern of that time Nikolay Behom. Last considered that at that point in time the enterprise could not do without clearings and bill schemes. Belonenko demanded from all buyers ready cash. Besides, he tried to get rid of numerous firms - the intermediaries which part, according to law enforcement bodies, have been connected with local criminal groupings. Confrontation result was that, as Beh, and Belonenko have been compelled to leave from factory which was taken over the control by the authorities of Tatarstan together with the federal government. Whether there were with Belonenko any problems connected with KamAZom, now and finds out a consequence.
Kaha Bendukidze in conversation with the correspondent has declared that on a new place of work of difficulties with intermediaries at Belonenko was not: “ On ` an Uralmash ` there is a debugged system of sale. It is five business - units which unite in the structure sbytovikov and designers. Basically we not against dealers. Simply their destiny - small orders. And those who buys from us production on hundred millions dollars, to us for a long time and well-known. Intermediaries here are not necessary “.
As Belonenko simultaneously held a post of first deputy Bendukidze, blow on it would become sensitive for all holding. From here there is one more possible motive: Struggle for the Nizhniy Novgorod ship-building factory “ Red Sormovo “ which for a long time already and while unsuccessfully conducts Bendukidze. However Bendukidze does not consider the similar version real: “ On ` Red Sormove ` we are resisted not by powers of darkness, and the banal nomenclature. We own today 40 % of shipyard. But the management so has made the charter that, even having bought 66 %, we cannot receive the majority in board of directors “.
Also there is abstract enough assumption that Oleg Belonenko`s murder is made to cause a powerful resonance and to destabilise conditions in region on the threshold of visit to Ekaterinburg Vladimir Putin. Proceeding from such reasons, on a place of the general director “ an Uralmash “ there could be any known person. And it simply was the most convenient target. However, there is a question for whom it is necessary.
And, at last, the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel has declared to the correspondent that murder of Belonenko for certain is the beginning of repartition of the property, and has put it in one number with problems which test now “ Gazprom “ and “ LUKOIL “. Direct proofs at Rossel, of course, are not present. And Belonenko was only the hired manager. However, its murder can be considered and as “ last prevention “ Kahe Bendukidze. But then it another story altogether.

Konstantin SEMIN, TATYANA of Nikolaev