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School for girls

Half a year back the authorities of Thailand have begun the scale action on change of negative image of the country as centre of the world industry of sexual entertainments. The action is calculated on the most younger generation of the Thai citizens - those who else does not have twelve. The correspondent the Authorities had possibility to see how young tailandtsev accustom to virtue.

Street of red lanterns
the Sensuality ispokon was to a century the integral component of traditional cultures of the East. And it is especially magnificent sexual sphere blossomed in Jugo - East Asia, on a joint of two great civilisations of an antiquity - Chinese and Indian. Pragmatic Europeans, having got on the East, have instantly interpreted this component of traditional culture as sphere of household services.
In the modern world the greatest glory of the centre of sexual entertainments was got by Thailand. It does not mean that in neighbouring countries corresponding services do not appear. But there it is necessary to look for them, and in Thailand it is enough to leave in the evening on street of any resort.
the beginning of wide commercialisation of sphere of sexual services was put by war in Vietnam. Thailand could become a place of productive leisure of the American soldiers: hour of summer from Saigon, the sea - in a pair of clocks of driving from capital. Unlike Laos captured by civil war and Cambodia, absolutely peace country. Plus to that is friendly the USA a mode and any ideological strogostej: communistic, as in China, Islamic, as in Malaysia.
demand gives rise to the offer. In a society there was the whole layer existing exclusively at the expense of sexual service of foreigners, the blessing tourism in Thailand develops roughly and the number of clients year from a year grows.
How many to the people it is occupied in this sphere, anybody precisely does not know. Has put at all that the authorities hold back original scales: they are that, what even the blind will see. Simply considerable number of prostitutes officially are registered on masseurs, waitresses, dancers (by the way, and dancers too) and render sexual services in passing with direct official duties. Having tried to count up density of prostitutes on square metre in Pattani or Phuket, you come to a conclusion: their darkness, both darkness, and darkness.
the true sizes of incomes of prostitution, certainly, carefully disappear, but very approximate calculation allows to define an order of the sums. The price massage under the full program - $35 - 50 depending on seasonal demand and institution level. high a tourist season and, hence, the period of the raised demand - from November till March: these months each prostitute can serve on two - three clients for a night. The rest of the time of year they stand idle weeks and stay in bars in vain expectation of work.
to themselves souteneurs and owners of institutions, too secret how many take away. But even if to assume that to prostitutes generously leave earnings quarter, on the average it turns out in any way more than $300 - 400 in a month. To the Thai measures it is quite good. For example, at the trainer of crocodiles the salary of only $250. Saleswomen or parlourmaids in hotels earn an order of $100 in a month, and at graduates of high schools the initial salary on civil service - about $200. But even to the Thai measures earnings of the prostitute are not that money which allow to raise the social status sharply. And if to add to it professional illnesses and escalating risk to catch AIDS the picture turns out at all sad.
peak of career for the Thai prostitute - to get a job in a brothel where - nibud abroad, is better in Europe. In a local press from time to time there are colourful stories how the certain maiden who has got for work, say, to Switzerland, has managed to send parents so much money that those not only have bought the good new house, but also have given fine formation to younger children. The morals from this are deduced almost on Dostoevsky: endowing itself, the girl rescues from poverty and falling of younger sisters and brothers.

by a red lotus
Tourism by tourism, but with reputation of a world brothel all - taki to live unpleasantly. The local establishment is rather annoyed by image of Thailand as the countries of prostitutes. The reason suffices the authorities not to apply primitive retaliatory measures: in - the first, will not help, in - the second, will even more do much harm to the country - both image will not correct, and tourists will frighten off.
the government has gone some other way: not to punish, and to offer alternative. However, while results far are not obvious. For example, under the aegis of the queen the program on professional conversion training of the former prostitutes is developed. Which - who from girls participates in it (probably, simply having served the term in sex - business), mass-media have widely advertised idea, but to the place of the former prostitutes the new always come.
eventually the Thai authorities have decided to begin struggle on distant approaches and have turned looks on rising generation - on those to whom from six till 12 years. In bowels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the project " has ripened; Young envoys of virtue . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with department of elementary education of the Ministry of Education and national board socially - economic development has chosen 76 schools (on number of provinces). Each school has developed the concrete program. School in Chon Buri, in a half an hour of driving from well-known Pattani where it was possible to visit to the correspondent the Authorities named the program in honour of a sacred flower for Buddhists - the Honourable lotus .
Thai schoolboys from whom should grow envoys of virtue behave, as the most usual children. As sing, as dance, as ours. Zealously participate in all competitions and quizes. For example, a quiz whether you Know Russia? . The tiny girl, which on a question " has won; Who in Russia the most important? loudly also has distinctly answered: Varadimir Putin .
In passing participants of the program type points. The folder with the image of a red or yellow lotus is given to each pupil. Red - for successes in study, sports and creativity, yellow - for good deeds. Any achievement is remunerated - a gift or simply coupon which is pasted in a folder. And are periodically summed up and the best are called.
that at kiddies on mind, and the main thing - that there will be years through five while anybody cannot tell: the program only has begun. But in May of next year it is planned to bring the first results and to expand a circle of participants, in the long term having captured all elementary schools of Thailand (and them about 30 thousand).
the Correspondent the Authorities the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand Shantipoj Putrakul has had a talk about prospects with the director of department of culture. G - zha the director did not begin to hide that as the basic stimulus for program realisation the desire to change developed in the world (and first of all in the West) image of Thailand has served. On a question, what criteria of an estimation of success of the program, she has answered that degree of participation of children in all actions which are bringing up moral qualities of the person will be estimated mainly.
it is necessary when - that to begin - and the earlier, the better - has noticed g - zha Putrakul. It is difficult to disagree With it, but the correspondent the Authorities having remembered the Soviet childhood, has objected the interlocutor: Here and in Russia all raised builders of communism with high moral shape and what left? we have some advantage, - has answered g - zha to Putrakul. - Our program is completely deprived politiko - an ideological component. We bring up good, instead of ideals of communism or other ideological scheme. And if children think is more often of good, to create good, to be kind, maybe, when - nibud, let not at once, but we will manage to break a situation .
Give to them God, certainly. But world experience shows that image change - very long, laborious and very expensive business. And the main thing - the success is never guaranteed in advance. It is difficult to replace image even to one person, and here it is a question of the whole state and about the stereotypes developed not one decade.
to spoil image easily, to restore much more difficultly. Costed, for example, to Moslems in quite safe Egypt to arrange slaughter of foreign tourists in November, 1997 - and consequences of this act of terrorism affect the tourist industry till now.
or to take Colombia, for a long time trying to dispel the image which has developed in the world of the country as centre of manufacture of drugs. It turns out nothing, as the basis - a severe economic reality, again and again reviving narcobusiness, despite all attempts of its eradication is not destroyed.
however what far to go. Vladimir Putin`s last power actions against oligarchs too urged to show that Russia gets rid of the former image of through corrupted country. Only will grow up, perhaps, in Russia incorruptible officials more difficultly, than to close all brothels in Thailand.