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The best in the world the literature about Vladimir Putin

the Review of the newspaper the Favourite president

In Moscow there was a newspaper hot the Favourite president . This newspaper, according to its publisher and unique author Vladimir Nesterov, leaves the second year. In total it is created eight numbers. Last is completely devoted Vladimir Putin. One of the first readers the Favourite president there was special correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV.

the Newspaper of format 3 consists of four strips with a minimum of an illustrative material and has entirely poetic character. All it about president Putin. In the first lines the author does not leave any doubts in the poetic predilections: In Putin I trust, to Russia I trust, chrez I this world has learnt them, the Christ here inspired me . And further with unknown as itself admits, force develops this thought.
Inauguration solemnly goes, Vladimir Putin behind itself calls all, it the best, most light genius - Vladimir Nesterov rhymes. Its attention was escaped by any a little - malski appreciable event of last time: All of you have told to us in the Message! Vladimir Putin, to you honour and glory! All our power is proud of you!.
the poet sensitively reacts to the acute problems of the power: it is time to Federation Council to listen to council of the President! Vladimir Putin - the national genius, and at it - all powers, the rights, to Putin equals today all planet!
from Vladimir Nesterov, however, has got not to one Putin. we are glad for Kasyanov today. It is confirmed by parliament national, with it the economy confidently grows .
On the fourth strip of the newspaper the poet managed to create absolutely special atmosphere of a word - and here it already becomes not only a monument to mood and an epoch pain, but also the rare poetic genre with that circle, heroes, the poetic space, psychologically sharp and is paradoxical the natural. we admire Vladimir Borisovichem Rushajlo... The procession solemnly goes, Vladimir Borisovich of interview gives: ` our Victory it will be indispensable ` .
Well, and, of course, the life picture would be not full without SHojgu with Rushajlo! Are true to the president and to a victory us conduct .
Vladimir Nesterov shows the special sight at creativity as on kultovo - the ceremonial certificate, giving particular attention musically - impressionistic elements in the verbal art: And I, modern Pushkin, the light genius devote Russia to Putin... Ours svetoch it in sijane all divine fires .
the Aggravated moral scent peculiar to the poet, and an active civic stand do not allow it to observe easy of the most tragical events in country life. act of terrorism us not to frighten, Russia of acts of terrorism is not afraid. Let their own act of terrorism " will dream terrorists;.
For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that the poet, probably, sometimes too far gets both its unruly rhyme, and its absence. Here he writes: the Great happiness to live now in Russia... whether rights the poet in this statement? But it after all how to tell. After all will not seem exaggeration that in these lines expectations of a huge part of our people and the more so are expressed its intelligency which, by words, let us assume, Fazilja Iskandera, and is the people started talking.
by the way, unique unrhymed and not belonging to line Vladimir Nesterov`s feather in the newspaper - Fazilja Iskandera. He in detail analyzes creativity of the poet and notices that many times read Vladimir Nesterov`s verses also that its patriotic talent, and also talented patriotism deserve all attention. Besides translates also the Abkhazian writers .
And what Vladimir Nesterov? I have phoned to the poet in its Moscow apartment. He has agreed to give short, but capacious interview:
- Here two years I extend the newspaper at the International book exhibition on VDNH. I give it not to all people, and the most responsible representatives.
Vladimir Nesterov writes verses since five years. The first poem which began words Apples and pears do not bear kopushi... he has sent in magazine the Murzilka and in some days has received the sympathetic review. However, Volodju has surprised that the magazine has not printed verses. Probably, already then in its children`s head the thought was born that if most to register in the Ministry of Press own edition there it will be possible to print anything you like, and even most to write somebody the sympathetic review. So it, when has a little grown up, and has made. The newspaper the Favourite president it is registered in the Ministry of Press at registration number And - 1235, with the address for letters: Moscow, Anadyrsky journey, d. 41, sq. 66, and it is printed in Mytishchinsky interdistrict printing house in circulation of 2000 copies.
Vladimir Nesterov`s newspaper comes to an end with words: you sense our most important, your rating has forever increased! meanwhile its previous numbers have been devoted president Boris Yeltsin operating to Putin, but remained are not appreciable to a wide range of reading public. Vladimir Nesterov hopes that to this number of the such will not occur, because the poet has dispatched it personally in Kutafju a tower to Putin, and also Kurenkovu for Kasyanov. Should receive it, except that, Shojgu, Rushajlo, Gryzlov, Lesin and Mihajlov.
- whether verses about the president are easily written?
- the same as verses Ahmatovoj and Mandelshtama, - has answered the poet. - my scheme completely coincides from them.
- that is?
- on command of the Lord! - Nesterov has confidently finished. - read my verses. I assure you, it is the best in the world the literature about Vladimir Putin!

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