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Inflatable bear of the Moscow Games

the Olympic Games in capital USSR

Muscovites 20 years ago have opened were happy: in streets temporarily moved gipsies did not stick to them, in thin shops turns have disappeared, but there were Finnish cigarettes, liquors and even a cervelat. In a city it was pure, silent and it is deserted, as though the neutron bomb has already blown up (has appeared and a corresponding joke). Besides, there was one more joke: the Olympic Games named Games of internal troops and militia - it is valid, where look, everywhere you saw people in the form and changed clothes for identical jumpsuits.
For half a year before the USSR has entered the limited contingent into Afghanistan, therefore in Moscow was not not only tramps and suspicious persons, but also a team of the USA. Nobody boycotted the Olympic Games even in thirty sixth when it was spent in fascist Berlin. Moscow it has appeared the first incomplete The Olympic Games. Even the high-ranking Soviet sports head remembers it now so: Yes, probably, it was defective, whether that . However, the president the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch has told recently: I very much would like, that all has repeated again. It is a pity, but it is impossible . That he meant - whether Afgan, whether boycott, - is not clear.
and then even to those who saw the died out Moscow and well to itself represented that the brotherly help of soldiers - internationalists to the Afghani people who was indignant with dispatch of Saharova and expression on the eve of Games of many dissidents in expatriation means, boycott seemed unfair. sportsmen - that at what? - fans were indignant and felt sorry for the Americans deprived of the Olympic Games.
for the sake of justice it is necessary to recognise, as many Americans did not approve the official decision of the National Olympic committee. Some the American sportsmen have addressed in the Soviet organising committee with the request to resolve it participation in Games as to individual sportsmen, and grebchiha Anita Defrantts even was going to bring an action against president Carter, its whose efforts have deprived of the Olympic chances. In a word, as it is frequent then happened, the progressive world community supported the socialism country.
in the Soviet Union preparation for public and sports event has been spent - too on customs of those years - at the state level. On the Olympic Games have worked 60 thousand persons, over organising committee supervised zampredsovmina, the chairman of Gosstroy Gennady Novikov, and in submission it had nearby 50 persons, from them 26 - in the rank of the minister or the deputy minister. And here, when all was already ready, constructions, hotels and other beauty are almost completed and even are checked up by whom it is necessary - boycott. It would Seem, in capital sotslagerja there should come shock, but it has not occurred. The present vice-president of the Olympic committee of Russia Alexander Kozlovsky, one of heads of organising committee of those Games, tells: Know, we were people, as they say, trained. Similar we waited for something since that moment when to Moscow have given the right to hold competition. I think, if there was no Afghanistan, there would be other pretext. To us all the same would not allow to work easy .
And it is absolutely right: in the USSR then was a lot of such with what the Olympic principles so waited from imperialists podljanki with good reason were not co-ordinated in any way.
the sensation of some ushcherbnosti that there was no America, has come to us much later, - continues to remember Kozlovsky. - Then euphoria was faster: that was possible to us, despite boycott to hold competitions on all to 203 kinds of the program. From that the states entering into the NATO participated in the Moscow Olympic Games, - Great Britain, Germany (truth, not under national, and under the Olympic flag), that is to what ` it was recommended ` (and pressure went both on political, and at an economic level) to refrain from performance in the USSR. From that, eventually, that we have managed to organise all at worthy level .
And here there has come opening, and in the morning on July, 19th over Moscow guns have dispersed clouds. For the first and for the last time: in all other days - till August, 3rd - weather was magnificent. During time opening ceremony of 17 thousand persons in the field Luzniki synchronously drew itself changing pictures. It was the first world record of the Olympic Games. It have followed 36 thousand more which have been established actually on competitions, - more than on all previous Games.
However, today when you ask people that most of all was remembered by it from those days, records and victories remember seldom. Not therefore, perhaps, that from - for absence of Americans Olympic gold in Moscow became less valuable. Simply those Olympic Games were remembered - and here there`s nothing to be done - as the great occasion which has taken place thanks to sports, but included still very many, besides actually sports. Those Finnish liquors and juice Marli in triangular bags. Finnish Malboro Salem and Kent on rouble a pack. And possibility to buy goodness knows where from undertaken chintz in draperies...
all expenses on the Olympic Games have been put in the next five years` plan. On this money have constructed also the Olympic village on Jugo - the West, and a unique complex with the fastest in the world a bicycle track in Krylatsky, and besides unique the then pool Olympic With divided by a soundproof partition pryzhkovoj and swimming baths (thus, it was possible to hold competitions on two disciplines simultaneously). Money at the government as it is accepted today, it was not necessary to beat out, - speaks Kozlovsky. - And here control over preparation for the Olympic Games from the Central Committee and predsovmina Kosygina was. And rigid enough. But, in my opinion, it and is good - did not allow to relax. And for us, people of that generation, this control seemed natural .
Not to those years some other things directly connected with an economic part of the Olympic Games were absolutely natural. We will tell, a word the sponsor for the first time has appeared in a lexicon of officials in 1980. Then, concluding contracts with the western companies about deliveries of products (the same juice or smoked sausage) and the equipment, with it began to replace often the ordinary term the international cooperation . For the first time have heard in the Union and a word McDonald`s : the firm has offered the services for the period of the Olympic Games, but eventually in the government, having conferred, have decided to refuse and provide from them a public catering for tourists and Muscovites own forces.
it is possible, without McDonald`s also would not manage to manage, but tourists to the USSR in 80 - m has arrived not so much, predictably, - boycott has again affected: there were no Americans. The same who has arrived, took away for memory, of course, not the Finnish products, and Russian Bear - here no boycott has worked.
applicants for the right to become a talisman of games was much: the organising committee has rejected also the Fad - Gorbunka, both Parsley, and the Nested doll, and the Cheburashka. Then, when searches of a symbol of the USSR were at a deadlock, has been decided to address for the help to the program In fauna . She also has interviewed among the televiewers the bear became which winner. The decision was successful: Abroad this animal always was considered as a symbol of Russia - along with a balalaika, a samovar, vodka and caviar. Kalashnikov`s automatic machine did not keep within this number...
the bear into tender Mishu was transformed by pupil Kukryniksov artist Victor Chizhikov. torments of creativity with it at me lasted more half a year, - he told. - I tried different variants: the Bear in a cap, the Bear in trousers, the Bear with an olive branch... Has then dawned upon thought: and what if to put on it a belt from five Olympic rings? It has appeared successful . So successful that till now officials from the IOC consider our Bear as the best talisman in the history of the Olympic Games.
... In day of closing of the Moscow games one journalist was on duty on a floor in the main building of the Moscow State University which for Olympic Games carrying out has been converted in hotel. When ceremony resembled by the end, someone has cried: Look, the Bear flies! By huge balloons the six-metre smiling giant flied towards Lenin mountains. The person on duty of that time now cannot understand that has forced it to rush, without paying attention to fences, bushes, hummocks, - there where the Bear should land. And the main thing why together with it to this place hundreds more ran as if gone mad people... He and is proud today that was one of the first who has seen a Bear lying on the earth.
the bear was well nadut and really tender by sight.


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