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11. 07 - 17. 07 2000

Slav brothers have sung Russian with Byelorussians
last week IX International festival of arts " has come to the end; the Slavic market in Vitebsk . Vladimir Putin has directed a greeting to participants of festival: On a threshold of a new millenium it is especially important to keep deep spiritual communications of the slavic people . The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and the minister of culture of Russia Michael Shvydkoj have opened the reconstructed house - Ilya Repin manor near Vitebsk. Before a closing ceremony Alla Pugachevoj`s concert has taken place. In musical competition of Russia one award has got only: the first place was divided by Moldavian Nelli Chobanu and Alexander Rahmankova`s Russian. Gran - at festival and the award $10 thousand has received 19 - the summer Toshe Proevski, the popular singer from Macedonia. The second place - the singer from Slovenia Marijan Novina and Vardui Vardanjan from Armenia. The Ukrainian singer Olesya Aznobina became the owner of the third award.
Alexey Pogrebenkov

Artificial political correctness
In the French city of Lyons has opened V International modern art biennial under the name the Sharing ekzotizmov . The curator of an exhibition Jean - Juber Marten accustoms spectators to thought that the modern art is there where as the western snobs have got used to consider, it never was, - in poor developing countries. Really, in art today there are no predominating styles and the aesthetic tendencies, everyone does that wants. Why and not to recognise equality of economically unequal partners at least in the field of art? What it is necessary to the West to share the monopoly to name any object the modern art with those whom basically all the same, how to be called if only money paid? For artists from the exotic countries it is additional chance to survive, and for owners of biennial - fine possibility to appear in an image of true humanists. As ethnically pure places on the earth any more does not remain, the foot of the white person everywhere went. All has soiled and has spoilt, it be wrong! It is time to apologise.
Vladimir Mironenko

On territory of Russia and the adjacent CIS countries original enough action - " has swept with the express train; the Literary express train ` Europe - 2000 ` . The invention blest with UNESCO consists that hundred writers from the different European countries within one and a half months go by train across Europe approximately that route which went at the beginning of the century the North - the South the express train . Each of hundred writers (from which at us Alexey Varlamov, Michael Kuraev and the author of detectives Chingiz Abdullaev are known) was obliged to write not less than ten pages about the impressions of voyage. Texts will be shown in one volume which as organizers believe, will explain to the world poetics of Europe .
Arrival the Express train to Moscow it was accompanied by noisy advertising, but how many - nibud its parking has not left appreciable traces: Whether writers have become silent, suppressed by beauty pervoprestolnoj, whether have absolutely flown into a rage in a way. Now the train is in Warsaw where passengers create, on expression of the Polish curator of a trip, exciting atmosphere of Babel of talents . Writers needed to hold on to Berlin - there and otmuchajutsja, serdeshnye. And the amazed Europe will have a possibility to estimate, whether is valid the Literary express train - the most confused cultural action of the XX-th century, or all - taki happened and pohleshche.
Ivan Rublyov

Malakhov - the king of New York
the Present sensation became for many experts of National hockey league transition of defender Vladimir Malakhov from Nju - Jersey in New York rejndzhers . The matter is that other two clubs - Florida and Dallas - have offered Malakhov contracts with bolshej the salary, but it has rejected them - for league it is a case unknown. I have made decision to remain in New York. I like this city - the hockey player after signing of the four-year contract on which it will receive, not including bonus, on $3,5 million a year has declared next day.
having concluded the contract with rangers Malakhov became not only one of two most highly paid Russian defenders (now only Sergey Zubov from " as much earns; Dallas ) But also the first Russian legionary who protected colours of all of three nju - jorkskih commands. Malakhov began the career in NHL eight years ago in New York ajlenders . Four years later he has left Long - Ajlend - have exchanged it in Montreal kanadiens . On March, 1st this year Vladimir has returned to New York - at Montreal it has bought Nju - Jersey devils which is based in forty minutes of driving from Manhattan. One month ago Nju - Jersey has won Stanley`s Cup. But since a following season rather poor devils could offer Malakhov only $3 million a year. Now it has passed in the third and the most known nju - jorkskuju a command - Rejndzhers which leads the matches on well-known square Medison garden .
Alexey Zhuk

the Most expensive football player in the world
Football players rise in price every year. The new champion on cost prices became 25 - the summer forward of Argentina national team of Ernan Krespo. In the past season it supported Italian Parma also has hammered in 22 goals (the second result in the championship of Italy after Andrey Shevchenko). Roman Latium has paid for transition of Krespo $54,16 million However, pure money Parma has received for the Argentinean not too much - all $17,23 million, but in addition to them the club managed two key halfbacks of Romans - Mattias Almejda and Serzhiu Konsejsau. This additional indemnification has allowed the Argentinean to establish a transfer record.
it is curious that Krespo was not in a transaction course in which it became the central figure. While the contract subscribed, it was in Argentina and with the president Latium Serdzho Kranotti did not communicate at all: For the football player all were solved by its agent. Also knew nothing about a transfer and Serzhiu Konsejsau with Almejdoj. For both it became an unpleasant surprise - halfbacks thought that without their consent will be never sold.
Alexey Dospehov

the Latvian tennis-player Larissa Nejland has been deprived the Penalty for a dope past week $15 134 prize-winning which she has earned one and a half years ago.
In January, 1999 in the open championship of Australia Nejland has handed over the test for a dope. On tournament it acted together with Aranchej Sanchez Vikario and has reached a quarterfinal, for what and the above-named sum has been listed it. However it was soon found out that in blood of Nejland caffeine which is entered by the International Olympic committee in the list the forbidden preparations has been found out.
the Tennis-player has appealed, having declared that it did not accept any stimulating preparations, and caffeine has got has got to its organism with foodstuff. But the International federation of tennis after the appeal has passed all instances, nevertheless has decided to punish the sportswoman.
Alexey Zhuk