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Each of us since the childhood dreamt of the power, we and now dream to correct the world. But we already have a power not less significant and effective, than state. It is the power of girls (girl power)!

Hello! Four girls write to you. We quite often read your magazine. We know, it is difficult to believe in it, but us with something life of politicians involves, their reflexions, inwardness of those who holds a fragile sphere of the power in the hands... Yes, the power this word, this name also is pleasant to us! Each of us since the childhood dreamt of the power, we and now dream to correct the world. But we already have a power not less significant and effective, than state. It is the power of girls (girl power)!
it seems To us, here to women of the power - that and does not suffice! Why in the politician so there are not enough women? Why the leading part is taken away to men? The stereotype whence undertook: the woman should be at home and knit nosochki to children, and operate the state - business man`s? Why business and penetrative women meet exclamations: It will transform all country into beauty salon! ? Why then men have transformed the country into a concentration camp: people go as adhered on work for pennies, and pensioners sit on shops, wait beggarly pension and remember nice Stalin times ?
We write this letter once again to remind a strong half of mankind that a strong half are just not they, but we are women, girls, girls, ladies.
men, do not assume airs! Remember that all fine: painting, music, poetry - all is devoted women. And this power finer, than that, from - for which you there, on tribunes, quarrel and splash each other water.
in spite of the fact that to us of all for 17 years, we too the future women, mothers, wives and ladies. Not so long ago we have created group. Ourselves write songs (at us already their three), we study in a vocal and a choreography. Clearly, for group the producer is necessary to us... Correctly, besides the man. See? For any undertaking men are necessary. So and without them anywhere. Here such vicious circle turns out. Well for now at us it is a lot of, many ideas and plans for the future among which to show to the world force of girls!
We hope, you will like this letter and you will print it. Do not consider for impudence, but it seems to us, it will be an unusual and interesting variety in your magazine.
Mezhdurechensk the Kemerovo region

the Constitution to the ministry not the decree. According to the federal law About payment of pension to the citizens leaving on a constant residence for limits of the Russian Federation (#5318 - 1 from 2. 07. 93) the pensioners, left to live abroad, continue to receive pension irrespective of what citizens of the state they are. And at will the pension can be translated in a new place of their residence in foreign currency. For this purpose it is necessary to direct to the Ministry of Labour and social development of the Russian Federation the statement for transfer of pension with instructions of the address of the former residing on territories of Russia, an extract from the international passport, the inquiry of consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a permanent address of the pensioner abroad and... To be reserved by patience as from the date of statement receipt in Ministry of Labor before date of a direction it in an inquiry Pension fund on pension business and commissions about payment - pension transfer abroad passes to two - three years. But eventually pension will start to translate regularly and will pay all debts during red tape (if the left lives to this term).
However if citizens of Russia have left on a constant residence abroad, without having had time to issue to itself pension (usually it happens with the elderly parents compelled on family circumstances to leave for 0,5 - 2 years before pension age achievement) they appear deprived of possibility to issue and receive it further.
The matter is that according to item 2 the Order of granting and official registration of papers for pension appointment confirmed Ministry of Labor 13 (14). 08. 92 #1654 - RB/ 1 - 2761 - 18, the statement for pension appointment to idle citizens should move directly in body of social protection of the population in a residence of the applicant. However abroad there are no Russian bodies of social protection, consulate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have no powers to carry out their functions, and in the former place of residence in Russia citizens any more are not registered.
even specially arrived of - for borders to Russia social protection bodies in a place of a former residence and Ministry of Labor refuse to the Russian citizens pension appointment, despite shown the international passport of the Russian Federation, the official document on registration of stay in the given settlement of Russia, the inquiry of consulate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation about a place of their constant residence abroad, the Russian work record card.
Refusal prove the reference to the letter of Ministry of Labor from 13. 08. 96 #40 - 3308 in which it is specified that item 12 the Order of granting and official registration of papers for pension appointment provides that addressing for pension appointment should show the passport proving the identity and a residence. But as the citizens who have earlier left on a constant residence abroad and now of Russia being in territory, on hands have only the international passport of the Russian Federation or the foreign state (in which marks about a residence do not become), and the Russian (internal) passport with a mark of a residence at them is not present, in Russia they can be registered only in a stay place in this connection to these citizens appointment and, accordingly, pension payment is not made.
actually Ministry of Labor has shown to our foreign compatriots and fellow citizens the humiliating ultimatum: Or live abroad and do not apply for pension appointment though you and worked earlier in Russia, or return home, make out to itself constant residing at Russia (as well as where if already there is no living space?) And to you the pension will be appointed. And then, if you have enough forces, health and material possibilities, can leave repeatedly on a constant residence abroad and translate there pension. Well, whether mockery?!
And it despite the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation from 01. 10. 95 About some questions of application of the Constitution courts at justice realisation where, in particular, it is told that the state guarantees equality of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen irrespective of... Residences (item 19, ch. 2 Constitutions of the Russian Federation) .
Russian senior citizens As a result living abroad by whom it is refused appointment of pension from - for absence in the mark passport about constant residing in the location of body of social protection of the population, have appeared in position the worst, than at prisoners to whom under the law the pension is paid.
B.L.Babitsky, the pensioner, the veteran of work, to. So-called