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The wife of the astronaut or female of the humanoid?

at the Moscow cinema Prague the premiere of a fantastic thriller " has taken place; the Wife of the astronaut . For a long time already Johnny Depp did not act in such bad film. One more such premiere in to Prague opened a film the Battle-field - the Earth - and this cinema by right can apply for a rank of the main thing Russian a trash - a cinema.

Depp plays the astronaut who has come back from space to the wife (Sharliz Teron) by the humanoid. Any there they had in an orbit a malfunction, and on the whole two minutes Depp`s hero and its workmate have lost touch with the Earth. In this time, it appears, in them representatives inoplanetnyh civilisations had time to be installed. Though in appearance like also you will not tell, at Depp and on life shape any unearthly: it is enough to it to frown, and at once poveet the inhuman. It nasuplivaniem the actor painted for a dense forest inoplanetnosti in the blonde, also is occupied throughout all film in which to it extremely poor and nonwinning role is taken away. As a matter of fact, a role of the messenger of an interplanetary infection, sexually transmitted.
both spoilt astronauts impregnate the wives, each of which starts to bear twins. Only one wife has time to suspect wrong and commits a suicide, and heroine Teron all remained screen time suffers awful guesses and cannot solve in any way from whom it is pregnant - from the husband or from the humanoid. Therefore the separate fascinating line in a film is devoted gynecologic inspections and a problem of disposal of undesirable babies.
instead would explain is better, whence there were aliens that they want as look and why their cubs do not need to be born. But is not present, founders of a film assume that deal with enough formed public understanding that from distant space of good do not wait. the wife of the astronaut reproduces the model in details developed in such samples of a genre, as Strangers or the Individual where aliens take root into the person by sexual contact. Only the author Wives of the astronaut tries to rest more not on outer effects and display of everyones bogomerzkih creatures, and on human psychology. It turns out at it not too. That it has turned out, it is necessary to be at least the Novel Half-Ansky (whose Child Rozmari critics in comparison with " often mention; the Wife of the astronaut and where heroine Mia Ferrou too has incurred lines - those from whom). Otherwise there is something intermediate: Whether a trivial family drama (you marry the excellent guy, and then he suddenly starts to behave, as the Martian), whether the sterilised science fiction without entertainment details.

In to Prague since July, 18th, in the American house of cinema since July, 27th.

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