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The budget - 95

the Budget - 95: and if in air will hang or on an edge will rise?

So, on January, 25th the budget is accepted in the second reading. Or it is not accepted? No, more likely, it is accepted. But...

But - one after another
for 1995 in the second reading deputies of the State Duma have reached consideration of the federal budget only after the first break: hour two has left on utrjasanie agendas, but members of parliament have entered into a budgetary phase of session already enough warmed up that has informed a certain additional passion of discussion though the relation of various fractions to an offered variant of the budget and according to voting was known in advance.
It was clear that for This budget on the whole will vote (for the most different reasons demanding separate studying behind frameworks of the given material) the Choice of Russia PRES, LDPR and Women of Russia . Unequivocal against it was expected from fractions the APPLE and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. It was slightly more difficult to predict a position of deputies from DPR, NRP and, certainly, the deputies who are not entering into fractions. But here that was absolutely obvious to the majority of observers so it that is real (taking into account the developed and already settled approximate parity pro and contra on ideological motives) the destiny of the budget depended on how will vote pragmatic, standing feet on the earth deputies from Country party of Russia. And from this party good to the presented budget it was not necessary to wait for anything.

Easy movement of a hand trousers...
Though the government would make like everything to entice landowners on the party.
even in the course of work parlamentsko - the governmental conciliatory commission on the budget the governmental part of this commission was ready to keep in 1995 spetsnalog on support of the major branches... at a rate of 2 % (in 1994 there were 3 %) from which the considerable part intended agrarian and industrial complex. It has not turned out - other deputies (especially industrialists) have opposed that: is more useless supposedly at the expense of one branches to feed others.
and at the session on January, 25th the deputy minister of the finance Vladimir Petrov concerning agriculture financing has told literally the following: we have commissions of premieres - the minister into this account. And we now a case in point on finishing of financing of agriculture to level of 1994 (one more requirement of landowners-).
Here pertinently to explain that the second reading of the federal budget assumes the statement or negation by deputies of three figures - sizes of incomes of the budget, size of expenses of the budget and the sizes of its deficiency. Any postatejnyh breakdowns the second reading, according to regulations, does not suppose. And for landowners of an exception it has not been made.
as a result - a budget failure in the second reading: deputies from APR almost unanimously (more than thirty persons) vote against budget acceptances, and for acceptance did not suffice two tens voices. It would Seem, all. But during this moment...
(Spravochno. Even at the very beginning of this enchanting session the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (we will remind, this fraction was categorically against the presented budget) Vladimir Semago has suggested to assign to the chairman of the State Duma Ivan Rybkin of power on State Duma representation in the Security council sitting during same time. G - n Rybkin presiding at plenary session of the State Duma has not left a place...)
And so, during this moment the speaker says the following: Allow to vote that offer which here sounded (was business-) and was to you rozdano on hands in the form of the federal law, point the second: to lower (our italics-) the special value-added tax with 3 to 1,5 %... Colleagues, we vote 1,5 percent .

... Trousers turn...
And colleagues vote for spetsnalog against which objected so persistently some months. So, if landowners have received at last required, it is possible to return and to budget revoting. The speaker: whether It is possible to put on voting taking into account the given approved amendment the project of the federal budget in the second reading? It is put on voting, I ask to vote...
but again the fiasco, again for acceptance of the budget does not suffice voices: Probably, precipitancy of succession of events has not allowed a part of deputies to orient in conditions.
and the chairman of the State Duma at once - 13 minutes prior to put time - declares a break.
it is possible to guess only as, for what consultations deputies used this strategic two-hour pause. The government used a break hastily to consider that means 1,5 - percentage spetsnalog for the budget. Therefore at once after renewal of session from the governmental box deputy Anatoly Chubays declared to members of parliament that these of 1,5 % give in addition in the budget income nearby 5,7 trln rbl. Which it is quite possible to direct, for example, on financing of agrarian and industrial complex, social sphere and etc. After that performances the next revoting of the budget (as someone from deputies, " has told; next vbrasyvanie ) In the second reading by business became faster the technical.
at 16 o`clock 09 minutes the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the third time for one day voted the federal budget of 1995. And at last has accepted it as this time fraction APR has expressed the will differently: 46 deputies for and only 3 - against .
In computer listing of results of this voting its theme appears so: F. Z about the budget in 2 - m reading with the amendment dep. Chubays . F. Z - matter of course - the federal law, and the amendment dep. Chubays - 5,7 trln the rbl. And here arises a problem.
in the project of the budgetary law, rozdannom to deputies it is primary, three key figures of the budget look as follows: expenses - 242 997,3 mlrd rbl.; incomes - 169 813,6 mlrd rbl.; the limiting size of deficiency - 73 183,7 mlrd rbl., or 30,1 % of expenses. And here to sound distribution found in the course of intense parliamentary work 5,7 trln rbl. On three sizes mentioned above anybody why - that has not guessed.
that is 5,7 trillion unequivocally pljusujutsja to almost 170 trillion income of the budget. And further there is a situation at which all spectrum of possibilities on use of money from spetsnaloga appears is limited: on the one hand - prisovokupleniem to 243 trillion account part of the budget (completely), with another - so integrated direction on a budgeted deficit covering. In the latter case chances of landowners and others on what reception there was financings at the expense of desired spetsnaloga seem quite illusive.
but also it not all.

... Turn to elegant shorts
At once after acceptance of the budget the State Duma has suddenly returned to consideration in the third (definitive) reading of the law on increase of the minimum salary - to 54 100 roubles a month. suddenly as for the majority of detached onlookers the thought on such increase of the salary at svezheprinjatom the budget calculated proceeding from the minimum size in 34 400 rbl., was a little wildish.
having confirmed in the second reading three basic budgetary indicators, the State Duma has established system of co-ordinates in which and it is necessary to turn to budgetary process all 1995. That is, it is possible to take means for increase in the minimum salary in this case only from a profitable part of the accepted budget. And according to the Ministry of Finance, stated in the morning all the same on January, 25th, the increase in the minimum salary to 54 100 rbl. will lead to that for all other needs from budget incomes there will be approximately 9 %...
Now the law passed by the State Duma on the minimum salary will go on the statement to federation Council. It is not excluded that the upper chamber of parliament representing mainly regions, this law will not confirm - on local budgets loading can appear even more than on the budget federal.

Andrey Galiev