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Aven and Friedman have got under a cap

Expert in marketing Balalykina

Yesterday a press - the Alpha bank service has extended the statement from which follows that for heads of bank Michael Friedman and Peter Aven establishes external supervision. Any people watch their house and behind bank. The statement has been made in connection with criminal case which has raised OVD Krasnoselsky : employees of security service of bank and FSB have illegally detained the expert in marketing of fund Sobinform Alexander Balalykina who ostensibly participated in shadowing. Scandal left on level of heads of power departments, and the legal investigation was is taken on control by the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

in the Evening on July, 10th were operupolnomochennyj the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Balalykin working in fund of studying of public opinion Sobinform has thrown the colleague who was going to go for a summer residence, to the area of three stations. When I have landed it, I ` the eight ` there and then was blocked by three jeeps - the expert in marketing tells. The strong young men presented by employees of security service of Alpha bank, have pulled out were an opera from the Zhiguli also have pushed in one of jeeps. Off-road cars have approached on the building of Alpha bank located nearby. There two persons have approached to Balalykinu. One of them was presented by the captain of a criminal investigation department Bogdanom Andrejchikom, and another - the colonel of FSB Gennady Arbuzovym. Thus both have shown certificates.
then, according to Balalykina, security officers (the certificate of the employee of Moscow criminal investigation department has appeared the cover document) have forced it to rise in one of rooms on the second floor. Interrogation proceeded some hours. all this time, - the expert in marketing tells, - they tried to find out, for whom I conducted supervision. They spoke to me: you to all of us it tell and write, and we will release you home to the wife and children .
without having waited Balalykina, employees Sobinforma have addressed in 68 - e police station and together with field investigators have gone it to search. As a result someone from them has found the eight the expert in marketing which stood near bank. According to militiamen, security guards did not begin them to explain anything, having caused employees of FSB. Militiamen have assumed that the owner of the car is in bank, and have demanded it to release. But in the answer have heard: It is still necessary to us . Then field investigators have communicated with the management. Where - that upward security officers have called also. It is said that the question on clearing to nobody of the known expert in marketing dared at level of heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB. And about midnight Balalykina nevertheless have transferred to militiamen.
employees OVD Krasnoselsky have filed criminal charges upon illegal imprisonment. Yesterday the State Office of Public Prosecutor which has taken investigation under the control has become interested in Alpha bank in incident.
a press - the secretary of bank Andrey Nasonovsky has put forward absolutely other version of events. As he said, from the beginning of July for Michael Friedman and Peter Aven it was carried out obvious and opened shadowing. Near their house and a bank building constantly there were suspicious cars. In the house where live Friedman and Aven, there is a militia post. Its employees periodically checked documents at noticed in shadowing, but those did not give any intelligible explanations. Were thus represented by employees of the private security enterprises.
in the morning on July, 10th car Balalykina ostensibly stood near the house of heads of bank. The militiaman has approached to it from protection of the house and has checked up documents at the driver. They have appeared as it should be, and the car has left. But all it seemed to employees of security service of bank suspicious and then Friedman and Aven have addressed in FSB with the statement concerning shadowing. According to Nasonovsky, employees of FSB have told: If once again will see these cars and these people, there and then cause us . In the evening of the same day, having noticed car Balalykina near bank, employees SB have caused security officers. Balalykina have asked to pass in a building of bank and to be explained, - continues Nasonovsky. - Employees of FSB talked to it two hours then have caused the militiaman who was on duty in the house of Friedman and Aven. He has identified it .
Yes they in bank nearly have not broken off me, - Balalykin who gave yesterday evidences in the State Office of Public Prosecutor is indignant. - I anybody did not watch, me, probably, with someone have mixed. I will necessarily bring an action against them and I will insist on that process was opened .

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