Rus News Journal

You in the childhood stole?

according to psychologists, through small larceny there pass almost all children. This statement is how much fair, we have decided to learn from our readers.

Irina Khakamada, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma. I have stolen at the schoolmate a beautiful writing-book and bikovskuju the handle. Parents of the girl often went abroad, and it always had such beautiful things what to resist there were no forces. Larceny has come to light, and it was terribly a shame to me. And my two sons when 4 and 7 years were it, have stolen at us with the husband money. We have found out loss, and children admitted at once that two telescopes have bought. It was necessary to talk seriously.

Evgenie Mihajlov, the governor of the Pskov area. I often enough stole on a trifle. Sometimes got to mother into a purse, but it always had few money, it one brought up me. But more often I with friends climbed behind apples in another`s gardens - we specially went in the nearest villages. It seemed to us that we become real heroes, escaping from furious uncles.

Yury Kobaladze, the operating director of the investment company the Renaissance - the Capital . When I was 10 years old, I have instigated the twelve years girl to steal at parents of 25 roubles. Us did not suffice on a requisite for puppet theatre. And most to get money there was no place. And as the sum was enough decent parents of this girl have noticed at once loss. We even to buy were in time nothing. Certainly, it have punished, and it has given out me. I was bit mother.

Michael Seslavinsky, the first deputy minister of the press and tele-radio broadcasting of Russia. I, of course, stole, but any case I can not remember. Parents did not abuse me, therefore has forgotten all. And the daughter now drags any sweets from kitchen, hides in secluded corners. Directly a hamster any.

Berl Lazar, the main rabbi of Russia (it is selected at congress of the Russian Jewish communities). Once I have found the child the sweets forgotten by someone and have asked the rabbi, whether it is possible to eat them. Having learnt that I have found sweets, he has told: Present, what in them balls with poison, them you will is? and I did not become. And the owner of sweets was.

Cyril Ljats, the chairman of board of directors of the company the Chisel technics . I did not steal, short of that I put money for school breakfasts in a coin box and have bought on them a jacket. Parents especially did not abuse, but to have breakfast at school have forced. And now I the happy father - my children do not steal from me anything. They do not have need to steal - they take everything that is necessary, in opened and is frequent even without demand.

Sergey Zhitenev, the vice-president of National fund of sports. In nine years I tore to pull down at the neighbour the book Children of the captain of the Grant . We lived in a communal flat, and once he has forgotten to lock a door. I stood under a door and suffered, but and have not come. And then it has given her to me. If now I see stealing boy in shop, I do nothing, it all the same either will release, or will beat.

Sergey Belov, the head coach of a basketball team Ural Mountains - Grejt the Olympic champion. was not in time. I very much wanted a basketball ball, and it with a scratch, but have bought. Larceny is not has reached. And not that that money was not, simply there was no place to buy.

Vladimir Semago, the president of the producer company the Kind . to Steal at lotochnitsy pies in our court yard was considered as achievement in sport. And money I never stole. And here the son can sometimes not give delivery, having saved to itself on ice-cream. And once it has gone to the tutor, that has not appeared at home. For a lesson he has not paid money, but also to us them has not given. Such morals at it.

Sergey Baburin, the leader of the Russian public union. Something stole, but that, where and when - I do not remember. Simply it seems to me that 100 % of children necessarily steal something from parents. Children do not have clear split - my, our and another`s. And I have brought up the sons so that they do not have need to steal. At them full permissiveness.

Sergey Aleksashenko, the chairman of the Center of development. We at school small lamps back at cars screwed together. Terribly hazardous business. Pieces have screwed together three, and someone have caught, in militia have resulted. At PTA meeting such to a prosand have arranged that on all life hunting have beaten off.

Igor Irtenyev, the poet. I from a table dragged. In general - that, all children always take something without demand from temptation. It is not criminal, with the years passes.

Vladimir Ryzhkov, the deputy of the State Duma . On kitchen gardens often climbed, especially behind a strawberry Victoria - very large grade. Still dragged peas, cucumbers, apples. Probably, most of all we were involved with sense of danger, an adventure. And for Natashku it is assured that she so will not play pranks.

Elena Tsyplakov, the director, the actress . Same a sin! Even in a boarding school I did not steal. At us then all was identical and in the same quantity. And if who stole, from revenge or from disappointment. And gifts of parents I left houses not to tempt other pupils.

Sergey Yushenkov, the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on safety . I grew in village, and to get into another`s garden was considered as valour. Once I have brought stolen apples home. Since then I can pathologically take something the and very much I respect another`s property.

Simeon Farada, the actor. I stole carrots in state farm. Fields settled down near to Rostokino where I lived. Us caught and drove on re-education in militia. I remember, beautiful full-chested inspektorshi consoled mum that I yet the criminal, and on the account me did not put. And now I the director of welfare fund the Little Red Riding Hood I try to help children who have suffered from a crime.

Boris Postovsky, the Olympic champion on chess. Is not present, we lived in poverty, all in one barrack, and to be tempted to us there was nothing. And here me when I was the child, have robed. Any woman, being called as the relative, has enticed at me a key and has taken away a grandmother`s carpet, our unique value. At me then the hysterics was.

Nikolay Lebedev, the chairman of board of directors financially - industrial group Kronstadt . In six years I have pulled down money from a parental coin box - for the sake of friendship. I very much would like to be on friendly terms with the boy who was more senior me. I have already presented to it all field-glasses, the camera and other to keep up friendship. Parents have learnt all. And I then have understood what to be on friendly terms for money and gifts it is impossible.

Ditmar Shumann, zamrukovoditelja TV channel ZDF (Germany). it was not necessary to Steal. But children`s larceny at us too is, especially in east earths. It first of all is connected with unemployment and a narcotism among teenagers.

Michael Grushevsky, the actor. From a grandmother`s hill I dragged sweets. She hid keys, but I always found them. And every time my larceny found out. And I love till now sweet, and for those pranks of for a long time have forgiven.