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Borja from mind

Boris Berezovsky has again stumped all public, progressive and not so. All last week commentators guessed that such Berezovsky`s walkout in protest from the Duma. Naturally reasons of a demarche stated to it - disagreement with Putin`s reforms, political problems in Karachaevo-Circassia and desire to get rid of parliamentary immunity to join other oligarchs, - were considered as an occasion, instead of the reason. A main point which excited all: what next ingenious combination was conceived by Berezovsky? The answer is simple: it not the combination, is a way of life.

the Majority of commentators tend to that over Boris Berezovsky at acceptance of its scandalous decision cynical calculation supervised. The basic versions two.
the first. Berezovsky has counted that by the end of autumn - to the beginning of winter in Russia the natural way will generate powerful enough opposition to Putin. The governors dissatisfied with a reorganisation of a control system by the country will enter into it, a part of deputies which will have time to acquire by then a political fat and to feel the independence, the oligarchs frightened of too sharp rates of introduction law dictatorships and liberally adjusted citizens who are afraid for a freedom of speech and the persons. Berezovsky, understanding that sooner or later Putin undertakes and it, has decided to use a situation and to try this opposition if not to head then to take in its creation feasible part. And then Berezovsky can be engaged in again favourite business - to mediate between the power and new opposition. With all that it implies dividends. In this scheme, truth, not so keeps within refusal of the mandate - it it would be possible to do all, remaining the deputy.
the Version the second. Berezovsky has seen rare possibility to be washed from the negative image got by it for years of Yeltsin board. It separates from the Kremlin, turning to the fighter for human rights that should estimate in the West. Vladimir Gusinsky`s example has shown that most the advantage-ground in opposition with the Kremlin is a role of the media magnate any pressure on which can be regarded as an attack on a freedom of speech. Therefore there was an idea to unite all under control to Berezovsky of mass-media in uniform holding. Refusal of the deputy mandate here - the message to the world that Berezovsky feels pure enough before the law. It is necessary to tell that for calculation this too dangerous action.
there is also one more version - Berezovsky is recalled by Putin on creation of constructive opposition to a counterbalance not constructive. But seriously it is impossible to concern it. People, it is not enough - malski understanding the Russian policy, will confirm that in any way it is impossible to name a puppet of the Kremlin of Berezovsky.
First two versions can concern the validity to some extent. But both of them are secondary. At the heart of Berezovsky`s Antiputin demarche as it is represented, motives not accounting, but psychological lie.

Boris Berezovsky became the most demonic character of the Russian policy not at once. Till 1994 it was known the wide public exclusively as the general director of LogoVAZ. One of arising oligarchs, no more that. Certainly, Berezovsky already then solved the affairs by political methods, but did it kuluarno. If it and it was shone in a press, only in connection with automobile affairs.
but summer of 1994 on Berezovsky attempt has been made. Event has received a powerful resonance in a press and on television. Yury Luzhkov then even has declared war to terrorism in Moscow, referring on an egregious example with Berezovsky . Oligarchs almost gathered for the first time and discussed what to do with zakazuhoj .
it is probable, then Berezovsky has felt what to play the big games it is possible, not only being in a shade that contrary to known advertising image is all. Then Berezovsky`s big campaign in a policy has begun. In the beginning 1995 - go he creates ORT, in 1996 - the m will organise the letter of thirteen in 1997 - the m becomes zamsekretarja SB, in 1998 - m - ispolsekom the CIS, in 1999 - m - the deputy of the State Duma. He participates practically in all dismantlings the Yeltsin period - that is at war with Korzhakov against Gusinsky, with Gusinsky against Potanin and Chubays, with all oligarchs for Yeltsin, almost alone against communists. He does not leave a mobile phone. Sometimes in public he even talked simultaneously on two, but to anybody and in a head did not come to suggest to cross to it a tube. All understood that Berezovsky in all conversations - the most important detail without which will grow together nothing.
at first Berezovsky meaningly created to itself image of the person, accepted in the highest authorities, able to solve questions and advising to the power as it to arrive otherwise. Then image began to create him.
it is impossible to be long at the power and not to believe that itself it is quite capable to distinguish a correct way from the wrong. Radenie for destinies of the native land - a piece infectious. Any who anyhow participated in the decision-making, changing shape of the country is convinced of it.

the most terrible for the person who has felt taste of the power, - it to appear from it removed. And judging by many signs, recently the Kremlin consistently separated from Berezovsky. In unofficial conversations new Kremlin officials responded about Berezovsky more than indulgently: Yes is not present, we will not touch it. It is not dangerous .
Berezovsky`s Attempts to return former style of dialogue encountered on with moustaches . Young prikremlevskaja oligarchical young growth - Abramovich and Mamut (and not only they) - gradually eclipsed the aura of the oligarch most admitted to the power, would seem for all times won by Berezovsky. And Berezovsky is jealous to contenders on shadow - it is enough to image to remember, how it is artificial it has forgotten on last deputy a press - conferences a surname it, as it... Pavlovsk.
Berezovsky ceased to be necessary, ceased to be the first among oligarchs. Moreover, thanks to Putin Berezovsky Vladimir Gusinsky`s old enemy (let and the first among offended) became the first among oligarchs.
Berezovsky lost the main thing - possibilities really to influence political processes in the country. And it already became for a long time sense of his life (on the eve of presidential election on a newspaper question What plans at you for March, 26th? Berezovsky has answered: I Will enjoy life and to think of the future... For me meditation about the future - rest and pleasure ) .
In any sense Berezovsky is similar to Yeltsin. That too could not live long in inactivity - and blew up a situation. Here then he felt in the plate. In last number the Authorities zamglavy Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov has told that Berezovsky - the person of the conflict . This absolutely exact definition. And Yeltsin was the person of the conflict . Only the first president created the conflict to start someone to smash, and Berezovsky puts in another`s conflict to provide the interests - earlier only enterprise, now also political. Without a problem (all the same - the real or created hands) which needs to be solved, to it it is simply boring.
thus Berezovsky, most likely, so does not estimate the actions. As well as the majority of other politicians, he is assured of sincerity of the thoughts. But an essence all - taki in interest to process.

Berezovsky risks. It becomes under blow, better to say - arises. But risk not that will strike, and very much the other way. For Berezovsky dangerously if the Kremlin does not notice its demarche. It can quite turn to such acting hysterically Victor Anpilov to whom nobody pays attention. After all the side between the clown - pravdoljubtsem and the clown - the clown is thin enough.
at the moment of signing of this number in the press of any reaction from outside kremlevtsev has not followed (probably, it has been connected by that Putin was outside of the country). Uncertainty of a situation only confirms intuitive character of last demarche of Berezovsky. He did not count, he has felt that now it is possible to make such course. That will be further, it is not known. And from it it is even more interesting.