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Crash Svetlanas

  Crash Svetlanas


you were tortured by tax inspection or racket? - from a TV screen the blond young lady coquettishly was interested, throwing back from a forehead a lock of gold curls. - carry money in concern Svetlana - and any problems . Svetlana there were rights. Its many investors can to be afraid now of tax police or racketeers. Their money have got stuck In most to Svetlana . Today it throughput does not exceed 100 persons in day.

Bednova - that leaves by the light of - that. That such poverty to shine to bugs on laughter...
M.Zoshchenko, Poverty

Svetlana masters law letters
So, it was called Svetlana. To be exact - Svetlana Stanislavovnoj Minaevoj. Together with other heroine - Tatyana (Tatyana Anatolevnoj Pavlovoj) - Svetlana on the eve of Christmas of 1993 has founded the concern with the same name. However, according to the assistant to the financial director of concern Sergey Greshchenkova, naming the newborn, Svetlana Stanislavovna only partly meant an own name. Much more it seduced fertile light which should spill on the future investors of concern.
on December, 16th, 1993 Svetlana has begun the official life. First all was rather modest - ustavnyj the concern fund made 100 thousand roubles, and its activity was limited to search of founders. They, fortunately, have been found, and already on June, 30th, 1994 the concern was re-registered with an authorised capital stock in 45 million Now among the organisations which have paid it ustavnyj fund, Joint-Stock Companies " appeared, in particular; a Comtek Trastinvestbank, Institute TSvetmetobrabotka Joint-Stock Company Siberia (why - that of St.-Petersburg), Innovative bank of economic cooperation. So magnificent bouquet of the organisations has appeared very opportunely while the company in April of current year has made decision to involve population contributions. At least in the advertising leaflet there was a sonorous line: The cumulative capital of the organisations - founders makes more than 15 billion roubles . For the sake of justice we will notice that this solid figure to investors of concern has no relation - responsibility before clients bore only itself Svetlana and in any way its founders.
however, there were problems and become serious - for example, absence of the corresponding licence. In a press - service of the Central Bank of Russia consider that in this case concern activity contradicts the decree of the president About protection of the rights of consumers . Thus in the Central Bank not without malice have noticed that absence of the licence is not an occasion to the termination of payments.
however Svetlana under the statement of its employees, has gracefully bypassed this corner stone, having got of bank support. On October, 7th this year the concern has signed a certain general arrangement on cooperation with Military - Industrial bank (as it was then found out, founded with the assistance of most Svetlanas ) . One more interesting detail: itself VPB has obtained the bank licence literally some days ago and already after document signing - on October, 28th. In addition to all in the arrangement word text it is not told about joint responsibility of concern and bank before clients Svetlanas . In such situation on any indemnification of possible losses from bank to clients Svetlanas it would be better and not to hope. So it also happens - today the bank shows the uttermost indifference to problems Svetlanas .
Meanwhile the idea of concern to involve in service of private persons of bank basically is not deprived sense. However bank guarantees start to work only in the event that the investor signs the tripartite contract: concern - bank - the client. Thus the bank should incur the obligation to serve clients (as authorised on this legal body), and the company - to earn profit and to share it not only with investors, but also with bank (which too risks). In case of unforeseen circumstances responsibility (as well as the profit) shares between the company and bank.

its house - its fortress
Meanwhile an occasion to anxiety at clients Svetlanas has really appeared. Last week at concern office that on Mira prospectus, the announcement notifying investors has been hung out that henceforth their money will stand out only in one branch located on Altufevsky highway. The investors, not too lazy to go to the named address, sad news - " expected; Svetlana served nearby 100 persons in day. Wishing to receive money, certainly, it has appeared much more. Lists of unsatisfied investors increased every day approximately by one and a half thousand.
and in turn there were also those clients Svetlanas which, under its recommendation, the companies " have taken out an insurance policy; STRINF founded, in particular, MPI bank and the joint venture Lexicon (with the authorised capital in 15 million roubles).
However (here after all as it is strange!) Any of clients Svetlanas in the company has not addressed yet. The correspondent has soon found out the reason of so not clear behaviour of investors in the conditions of insurance STRINF . As it has appeared, insurance only that case when the investor, having addressed in concern here admits, was refused in payment of percent and the contribution. Meanwhile officially Svetlana never payments stopped. It has only limited the throughput: instead of its two branches one today works.
however all problem consists what to get to office Svetlanas not so - that is simple. However, one way all - taki is - on an attestation of eyewitnesses, some investors have been admitted in an inner sanctum certain unknown persons well-wishers . Certainly, it is not simple so, and for compensation in 5 % from the contribution sum (cash, certainly). Who was in number well-wishers - Swindlers or employees most Svetlanas - remains a riddle.
meanwhile the fact of penetration in office Svetlanas seemingly, almost guarantees a refund. Remember, in STRINF has not arrived any statement. And the investor who has visited in office on Altufevsky and not received money can bring such statement only.

light in the end of the tunnel: not that will go out, not that will go out
According to the assistant to financial director Sergey Greshchenkova, payment Svetlana has suspended from - that money has been enclosed in the long-term investment projects which are not suffering withdrawals of capitals. The question of the correspondent on what investments allow to earn to 45 % a month (such percent have been promised under rouble contributions), has hung in mid-air. To show the financial reporting in to Svetlana Have refused.
well, we have well, solved, probably, Svetlana has really groped any pot of gold. For example, was engaged in buying up of foreign real estate, which then at the wound prices pereprodaetsja to Russians (experts of concern have confirmed that the part of money goes on real estate purchase in Cyprus, to Spain, Finland, the USA and Italy). However, it is completely not long-term investments. Besides, in the light of last threats of the Central Bank (see a heading Event of week ) To cancel all not registered transactions with foreign real estate (and they were not registered) similar investments look risky enough.
Besides, heads of concern repeatedly declared that Svetlana specialises on trade in consumer goods and foodstuff which are bought, in particular, in Germany and Italy. However also it is completely not long-term investments. And their efficiency hardly even comes nearer to the promised 45 % a month (8638 % annual with the account reinvestirovanija).
However, quite probably that payments to new investors Svetlanas were made on all to the known scheme of a pyramid. But these constructions are in the habit to fall while there is a considerable number wishing to withdraw the money. In to Svetlana today more than it is enough of them. Therefore actions of the investors who have offered of 5 % from the sum for possibility to get into office Svetlanas Seemingly, are not deprived sense.
however, heads of concern do not lose optimism and even plan to register the commercial bank with the same name with the authorised capital in 3 billion roubles. Well, well, quite probably that the Central Bank will meet the organisation serving a great number of investors. We will remember experience the Russian house selenga - today the Central Bank declares readiness to create such bank, even despite lacking in RDS professional bookkeepers. In case of bank registration a theoretical spectrum of operations Svetlanas will extend (for example, at the expense of possible transactions in the interbank market). However hardly someone from bankers actually will want to finance the credits activity of the concern which is not coping with performance of own obligations. And it means that to investors not to avoid new disappointments.

Alexey IVANOV, Svetlana PETROV