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the Customs undresses customs rules on Quelle
  Customs rules

the Customs undresses on Quelle

It is accepted to think that customs problems us do not concern or more likely it is problems shuttles . However the new rules which have come into force on October, 6th, contain some innovations which can if and not to spoil to us mood from a pleasant trip, to force us to fork up. Even if we go on business and the big cart behind ourselves we do not drag.

the Payment for an exit
we Will begin with the pleasant: new the General rules of moving of the goods physical persons through customs border of the Russian Federation do not change radically a sight of the customs officer at our suitcases. Therefore we should adapt and plan only the luggage on - new. Which - what things to us is authorised to be taken out temporarily from the country, without paying thus any duties (except small custom charges, and that in special cases). It is a question of private use subjects.
It is supposed that, coming back back, we will bring these things with ourselves. Them the time visa comes to an end simultaneously with our trip. And if the customs officer suddenly suspects, what these things can not return? Unfortunately, its suspicions have advantage before our justifications. It has the right to refuse the permission to temporary export if we do not pay the duty.
Though to us will be already all the same - temporary it is export or not: it is necessary to give money for ever. On to rules return of customs payments at export is not provided, even if on the way back we will show this thing. As they say, can complain. In practice customs officers are in the habit to pass personal things duty-free, so at all severity Rules to sew detsadovskie nominal labels it is not meaningful.

White fish with black caviar...
In tourist and in a business trip happens not out of place to grasp any souvenirs. It is necessary to try so to fill this part of luggage that the customs has allowed to take out gifts without payment of duties.
before introduction of new rules we could take out freely the goods (gifts) for the sum to 50 minimum salaries (for today - 1 million and 25 thousand roubles) at the internal Russian prices. This restriction remains, but the new was added: by quantity of some goods. Now, for example, only two banks of red caviar it is possible to take out freely if more - it is necessary to pay. Well, in a gift to foreign friends or partners we will buy 280 more grammes of caviar black, a little traditional Russian vodka, hours - as - nibud remain within the limits of restrictions. However, stop. The customs officer can decide that our souvenirs are intended for commercial activity and then free of charge to take out them it will not be possible.
Rules in this respect are indistinct. The customs inspector defines, for what we take out the goods, relying on a private experience and intuition, estimating our manners, clothes, the trip purpose. If you, going to a business trip, carry with itself traditional souvenirs, them can quite name the commercial cargo intended for extraction of the income. Some customs officers believe that gifts to business partners can bring to us any benefit, and payment of duties demand. Usually ten hours Flight suspicions does not cause, if in luggage of their pieces 15 - in case of examination it is necessary to explain their mission.
if new restrictions to keep within well it does not turn out in any way, for superfluous the goods it is necessary to pay.
the customs duties (export and import) considerably differ on the size: for one goods it is less, for another it is more. For physical persons of a rule others. If the goods are not intended for commerce, and excess of norms small, the uniform rate - 60 percent is applied. Under this rate we will pay for superfluous the goods in cost to 10 250 000 roubles at the internal prices. The goods like caviar on which there are restrictions, for 60 percent it is possible to take out within triple excess, that is 6 more banok.
it is natural to define the sum of our payments, the customs officer should define cost of the goods. It is specially trained this business and has near at hand many different directories. However the check from shop or the firm price-list for your or similar goods can affect its decision.
well, apparently, customs have passed. There were still roubles? On the way back they can be necessary for us.

you do not want to receive on requirement, receive on ability
Since the state cut down to 2000 dollars the sum on which we can duty-free import from - for purchase borders, we as - that have got used to this position. In general if not to think of the big business, on this money it is possible to bring not too a little.
But in plans it is necessary to introduce essential corrective amendments. Because on new to Rules Duty-free import of some popular goods is limited not only cost, but also quantity.
the most important thing, though not the only thing, a condition of duty-free import: the goods should not be intended for industrial or other commercial activity.
mission of contents of our suitcases and bags as before, will define the official of customs body in other words, the customs officer. rules only recommend to it as it is better to make it.
if the customs officer has decided that ten suits for us the big excess to prove the return it is necessary to ourselves. We should convince him that the goods are imported or taken out only for own (family) consumption or using and at all do not become an income source. What can become the certificate in our advantage? Somewhat - documents on family structure, presence of a considerable quantity of dependents.
the Customs officer can take into consideration our family circumstances. But not all. After new rules on customs posts the special explanation has arrived: whom to consider as members of a family and who is not present. Under the recommendation of Customs committee that family who lives together with us will get to their number only and conducts the general economy. Well, gifts to the favourite mother-in-law can manage hardly more expensively, than it was supposed - if she lives separately. However, the fact of joint residing to customs officers is recommended to be checked only in case of import (export) of the goods in quantities, considerably exceeding requirement of one person .

Kindly complain
Can to happen so that we will settle all arguments, and the customs officer will be relentless: carry supposedly the goods for sale. To our affliction, it has the right to make independently the decision and to detain the goods before duty payment. It is necessary to obey. Thus remains possibility to appeal against against its decision if it seems unfair.
as it to make? Within three months to make the complaint in writing in higher customs body or to the higher official. Within its month should consider. If the decision does not satisfy us, we can address in national court of that city (area) where there is a customs body or the customs officer works.

a moonlight to give more cheaply
So, we managed to prove that our goods for commercial objectives is not intended. Not to pay at all the customs duties, coincidence still some conditions is necessary.
the first: that it followed through border together with us, in accompanied luggage.
the second: cost of the goods should not exceed 2000 US dollars. It is more - only for those who has stayed abroad more than 6 months (5000 dollars). There are still privileges for immigrants and refugees. If any large subject (set, service) appears no more than for 10 percent is more expensive than a limit is to us will forgive also the duty do not take. If with other things being equal the goods follow in not accompanied luggage, it is necessary to fork up on custom charges - 0,1 percent of cost.
the third condition which was an unpleasant innovation Rules : the quantity imported duty-free podaktsiznyh the goods should not exceed some restrictions. Them now will consider by the piece. A leather jacket to itself, a jacket to the wife, one more - a daughter. All. If there is one more daughter - it is necessary to fork up on border. Or to buy to it, for example, a fur coat. Such things it is possible to take free of charge on three pieces of each kind.
and if it is more than such things? Those who plans to receive abroad the big benefit from the goods, were for certain prepared for customs inspection and have studied rates of duties. There are many experts and firms which help them to avoid heavy expenses. From small cunnings it is possible to name, for example, special filling of the customs declaration at which the fourth fur coat for the mother-in-law specify as a coat and etc. But this sort of tricks are calculated on beginners: if you have passed - consider has carried, and here if have stopped for luggage survey - a trick will not work. Usual travellers should count only on the abilities and knowledge of rules.
let`s count. Except three free nine more fur coats we can take, having paid the preferential duty - 60 percent of cost. Under the same rate we will pay off that we carry for the sum over resolved two thousand dollars (but no more than 10 thousand).
it is temporary, till the end of 1994, under the rate of 60 percent all goods on which is not present " will be assessed; piece Restrictions if we carry them in the country by rail or in the car.
if after all it in our suitcases still which - that from noncommercial cargo remains - for these, and also the commercial goods we will pay in accordance with general practice: for leather products, for example, 100 percent of market price.

to understand the customs officer too it is necessary to be able
When the inspector of customs will define, it is necessary to pay customs payments for what goods in accordance with general practice, together with the usual customs declaration it will be necessary to fill the declaration cargo. This position operated and earlier, but with its performance on customs posts there were big problems. The cargo customs declaration - the bulky document with a considerable quantity of special codes to fill it not only it is difficult, but also is expensive. New rules have resolved temporarily, till January, 1st, 1995, instead of the cargo declaration to fill so-called The statement .
In the statement we will specify the name, quantity and cost of the goods, a residence, and also the data of the document proving the identity.
definitively to solve, what customs cost of our things, will be the employee of customs. For this purpose customs posts supply with the European catalogues (in the Sheremetyevo - 2 it QUELLE ). On them the inspector can appoint cost of a leather jacket, for example, in 500 dollars. To throw out easier, than to pay 500 more for import.
successfully to break a customs barrier in both directions, we are compelled to adapt once again. To begin with we will try to exceed not too new norms and to carry only gradually. We will be reserved by inquiries on family structure, checks and price-lists for the bought goods (where it is less than price, than in QUELLE ) . We will try to understand position of the customs officer that it then has entered into ours. Also we will calm down till January, 1995 when will finish action some positions Rules . So, there will be new.