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the Credit card: do not confuse the debit to the credit

the Credit card: do not confuse the debit to the credit

At many of us for a long time already is plastic money - cards. At least, names STB - Card, Olbi or Union Card have got wide popularity in both our capitals. However such magic words as American Express, VISA or MasterCard, you see, involve us more. And it is correct, as the international cards bear in themselves much more possibilities, than Russian. And these possibilities that is pleasant, are quite accessible to us - for this purpose it is not so necessary to leave abroad and to open the account in foreign bank. To receive the international cards it is possible here again. And here what to choose? Where it is better to get it? All - taki the choice problem always remains a problem.

the International card - diplomatic passport currencies
All advantages of a credit card (it is not necessary to drag with itself money, it is impossible to steal, it is not necessary to lose on a course at cashing in) are given by any card, including let out by the Russian bank and intended for use in Russia (for example, STB - Card or Union). At international plastic money there is one more important advantage. Clearly (from the name) that its owner can pay by means of such card the purchases worldwide. Convenience consists also that (more than $500) at border crossing are necessary to declare cash currency in the sum (so, in advance to prepare the documents explaining its origin), and the money stored on a card, - is not present. Thus, buying here the international card, you place money for the account in the Russian bank, and spend them is anywhere.

Now the largest credit systems are American Express, VISA, Europay (cards MasterCard and Cirrus/ Maestro), Diners Club and JCB. Thus first three occupy, undoubtedly, in the lead positions. Share American Express in the world market makes about 20 %, Europay - 30 %, and VISA - 50 %. On share Diners Club 1,5 %, and JCB - only 0,5 % are necessary.
First four types of cards practically are equally widespread in all countries. The basic market JCB is Japan, only a small number of owners of these cards is in Europe and the USA, and total number of holders JCB makes 23 million persons. For comparison we will specify that as of January, 1st, 1994 of cards of system Europay (Eurocard/ MasterCard and Cirrus/ Maestro) was about 275,7 million
In Russia structure distributions of forces the international payment systems a bit different. In particular, on share American Express already 47 % of the market here are necessary, VISA occupies 27 %, and Europay - 19 %. In the lead position AmEx in the Russian market in spite of the fact that these cards in Russia practically do not stand out, is connected, obviously, that this more elite card enters in a gentlemen`s set the businessman, namely they most often visit Russia. On share Diners Club it is necessary in Russia of the market of 7 %, and JCB here again occupies less than 1 %.

in the Morning - chairs, in the evening - money. So it is possible, but not always
the Card conceals in itself one more very important advantage. She allows to buy the goods when it is necessary, and to pay purchases later - when on it there will be money. That is the card gives the chance to get the goods on credit. More precisely, such possibility is given directly by credit cards - owners debit are deprived such possibility. Do not hurry up to clutch at the head - now all it becomes clear.
so, exists two basic types of cards - credit and debit. We will begin with the last - so easier for perception. Debit cards operate in the same way, as well as your usual current bank account. That is you place a certain sum in bank, and can spend no more, than have put. Certainly, it is possible to fill up the account (for example, to bring cash or to translate on it the salary), and process proceeds...
business with credit cards differently is. Their owners can make purchases for the sums exceeding the rest of means on the account, - but within a certain limit. This limit depends on card type (mass, silver or gold - the above test the above a limit), and type of a card for which you can apply, - from your incomes and a so-called credit history (the bank inquiry about reliability the client, is more detailed about it see Money N3). If you get a card for the first time it, as a rule, will be mass; subsequently, if you do not break treaty provisions and will prove as the reliable client, the bank can give out you a card and more high-class so - to increase a credit limit.
However, whatever was the limit, process of use of a credit card in all cases is identical. So, let us assume, the bank has defined to you a credit limit in $1000 a month (it does not mean that on your current bank account this sum lies - there can not be at all money, it is equal as at all unessentially that usual flowing - not card - the account was in the same bank). You pay off with a card for the goods or services, and bank watches, that you not had a drop too much that is did not leave for the established limit. Means, if you have chosen all limit, for example, for the three first day of month, on the following 27 can forget about a card - a limit will open again only next month. Anyway within a month you can get on credit the goods for the sum no more than $1000.
In the first the month following for accounting The bank exposes to you the account in which are specified the sum of the purchases made by you (separately on each day and for each operation), the spent credit and the rest from a credit limit (the last only for the inquiry - that sum from a credit limit which you have not spent this month, is not added to a following limit). It is underlined as well payment term - if you have time to pay off with bank before this date (as a rule, it it is 7 days of next month), percent will not be raised from you. Otherwise it is necessary to you, besides the basic amount of debt, to pay to bank (Russian) 20 more - 25 % from above - what to do, for each pleasure, especially for pleasure to live on credit, it is necessary to pay.

credit history - the main admission in the world of cards
Credit and debit cards differ not only by use possibilities, but also under the name and appearance. For example, habitual Eurocard/ MasterCard is a credit card, and here card Cirrus/ Maestro the same credit system (Europay) is debit. In the same way simply VISA is a credit card, and VISA Electron - debit.
the western banks rather accurately, proceeding their properties of each card, define conditions of their delivery. For example, for a debit card, as a rule, it is not required entering of the insurance deposit (the sums which is brought into the account and cannot be used until you use a card) - all sum brought into the account (but no more!) Can be spent without the rest, and then you are free to recharge, when it will be necessary for you. On the contrary, credit cards, at least, for the clients who do not have a credit history, stand out under the insurance deposit. Its size depends first of all on card type, from a credit limit, and also from a category of the client.
in the same way while banks Russian arrive also. Behind very rare exception (as such exceptions it is possible to result examples of Tehnobanka, Independent bank of Russia and bank Help giving to the clients CredoCard - VISA with possibility of reception of the credit, and bank the Credit - Moscow extending own credit cards MasterCard) the Russian banks give out international credit cards which credit true are not. More likely, it is cards debit, besides demanding entering of pledge in the form of the insurance deposit. Thus the Russian banks do not let out purely debit international cards. However, in immediate prospects such cards should appear - the Moscow Savings Bank is going to begin release Cirrus/ Maestro, and the Bridge - bank promises to put shortly on the card MostCard (it is intended for use in Russia) logo Cirrus/ Maestro that will give the chance to owners to use this card abroad.

how to receive the international card
Procedure of reception of cards of the international standards in the Russian banks looks as follows. First of all it is necessary for you to fill the standard statement on card reception. If a card credit, it is necessary to specify, you would like to have what monthly limit of the credit.
it is important to remember that legal requirement of the Russian bank which opens any currency account to the private person (including Card the account), is the requirement to show the inquiry from tax inspection that it (inspection) in a course and does not object.
after performance of all formalities and entering of the necessary sums (the deposit, cost of manufacturing of a card, the minimum initial payment on card the account) bank during two - will give out three weeks you a card.

where and on what conditions it is possible to receive cards in Moscow
Kredobank gives out to the clients - to private persons depositary (debit) cards of standard VISA of three types - Classic, Gold and Salary. The minimum necessary investments (including the insurance deposit, gathering for delivery and the minimum initial account means) for reception of card Classic make $2500. Thus not reduced rest (deposit) on the account is defined at a rate of $500. For service of a card the bank annually raises $25. Initial investments for reception of card VISA - Gold make $10 000, and an annual payment - $225. Card Salary you can receive, if the enterprise on which you work, will list on it your salary (therefore it and is called). As a payment of Kredobank accepts the sum not below $250, and the annual service charges of a card make $25.
the Bridge - the bank extends among the clients as VISA (Standard and Gold), and MasterCard (the same types). The initial payment on cards VISA - Standard or MasterCard - Standard is defined at a rate of $3 000, and them it is possible to spend all without the rest - the insurance deposit it is not provided (but the credit too is not present, therefore a card all - taki debit). The annual service charges of these types of cards make $50. The minimum initial payment for reception not simple, and gold cards, makes $10 000, and their annual service - $120. Calculations by cards can be made in roubles at a market rate.
Inkombank gives out to the clients settlement (debit) cards VISA, and also cards Salary of the same system. For reception of a settlement card to clients of the bank having the deposit a minimum of 1 million or $1000, it is enough dovnesti $500 (these means can be spent), and $50 are necessary to pay for its service a year. For cards Salary the size of the minimum investments does not make a reservation, and it is served for the same payment.
bank Menatep extends just the same types of cards, as Inkombank. Reception of debit card VISA will manage to the client in $2 000 - this sum is halved between the insurance deposit and account means. $25 will be necessary for paying for card manufacturing; as much there is an annual service. Quotations on manufacturing and service of cards Salary make accordingly the same $25 and $25. The insurance deposit by these cards makes $500; As much at least it is necessary to bring monthly into the account.
bank Capital gives out to private persons debit cards of standard MasterCard - Mass and Gold. Card Mass will manage in $2500 of an initial payment and $25 for annual service. For cards of type Gold the corresponding prices increase to $10 000 and $100.
Bank the Credit - Moscow extends just the same types of cards, however its cards MasterCard - really credit. For reception credit MasterCard type Mass it is necessary to bring as the insurance deposit of $2000, for Gold - $14 000. The monthly limit of the credit is established at level in half from the size of the insurance deposit. The bank does not raise service charges of cards, 3 % from the sum of an initial payment for opening to the client of the demand line of credit however are raised.
bank the Optimum Gives out to the clients debit cards VISA - Gold, the minimum of $2100 is necessary for bringing as an initial payment and $100 more - for annual service.
Elbim - the bank extends debit cards MasterCard of type Standard. For their reception it is necessary to bring originally in bank of $3000 from which $1000 are reserved on the deposit, and $2000 arrive about the order of the owner of a card. Annual service costs $30.
We have presented conditions only those banks which let out own cards of the international standards (that is are full members of one of the international payment systems). Thus distribution of cards of these banks is conducted by many other Moscow banks - on the conditions and on the tariffs. Cards American Express, Diners Club and JCB to the private person to receive in Russia it is almost impossible.

Where it is possible to receive cash on the international cards
As it has already been told, service of owners of cards is carried out today by many big banks. In particular, cash by cards VISA can be received in Inkombanke (1 % from the operation sum), by Kredobanke (4 %, on cards CREDO Card is raised - VISA cash stands out free of charge), the Bridge - bank (1,5 %), bank the Credit - Moscow (4 %), Mytishchinsky commercial bank (5 %), banks the Optimum (3 %), the Russian credit (1,9 %), Capital (4 %), Menatepe (2 %), Tehnobanke (4 %).
Cash on MasterCard gives out Kredobank (4 %), the Bridge - bank (1,5 %), bank the Credit - Moscow (3 %), the Moscow Savings Bank (3 %), Mytishchinsky commercial bank (5 %), banks the Russian credit (4 %), Capital (4 %), Menatep (3 %), Tehnobank (4 %).
Owners Diners Club can receive cash, for example, in Kredobanke (4 %), MDM - bank (4 %), the First Russian bank (4 %), in banks the Russian credit (1,9 %), Capital (4 %), Tehnobanke (4 %).
Cash on JCB is given out only by bank Menatep (and without raising for it any commission), and on American Express - company American Express Russia and Dialogue - bank.
Besides, in Moscow are established two cash dispenseAnd for removal of cash on MasterCard (in an epicure New Arbat and Glavpochtamte in the Tver street), and also a cash dispense for removal of cash by cards American Express in World trade centre. However while the technology of reception of available funds through cash dispenses in Russia is not fulfilled, therefore is frequent these devices happen are disconnected. At using cash dispenses it is important to remember also that the automatic machine for delivery of cash, for example on MasterCard, cannot make these operations by cards VISA, therefore try it it is not necessary to make.
how it is possible to receive the international credit card in foreign banks, we will tell in the following number.

Alexey TITOV