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is appreciated Nothing so expensively, as the power of attorney

Nothing is appreciated so expensively, as the power of attorney

the General power of attorney on the car - a thing convenient. So convenient that use it now practically all: firms make out “ generalki “ on the employees, husbands - on wives (and on the contrary), on friends, and sometimes and absolutely on another`s people (so make out cars many companies not to pay the tax to sale). More shortly, the power of attorney with the sale right is good so that we forget that it - in a literal sense - the power of attorney. And still it is not known, how yours “ trustfulness “ will dispose. And even very close people...

it is equal two years ago my white eight with number ج28 - 64جز has left a place habitual to all my family - namely at us under windows - and has disappeared in turns of the Moscow streets and lanes...
during that moment as a matter of fact stealing I name it could not. I left the husband, which one fine day and “ has taken “ I wash the car. Unfortunately, separation from relatives which are instantly translated by the separation fact in a rank were, often turns around also separation from subjects expensive to heart. Who would tell to me when I bought the car that the general power of attorney on which so my husband tenderly insisted, promises me a great deal of trouble plus, naturally, impossibility this car to receive back.
There was nothing and to think that the gone relative will return the car under own initiative. The only thing that was in my forces is to cancel the power of attorney. That I have there and then made, and have then carried corresponding statements in regional GAI. Certainly, it was necessary also to declare stealing. But I am formal and the one who rulil on my white “ to the eight “ still were considered as close people. And the statement which would begin words: “ My husband, such - that, has hijacked at my the car then - that “ it seemed to me a family shame. At once it was remembered shukshinsky the story “ My son-in-law has hijacked the car of fire wood “.
the Car went some time where - that on a huge city. And then from it began to arrive which - what messages. One fine day absolutely unknown mister by name of Dima has started to call to me. It appears, he has bought I wash the car (I have in vain thought that at my husband), but when has come to strike it off the register in GAI, at it it has turned out nothing. The request at Dimy was simple: tomorrow since morning to come into GAI - he even has gallantly suggested me to bring up (probably, by my car?) - And to strike the car off the register.
- Dima, - I explained to it, - you bought nothing from me, and I from you did not receive money. Accordingly, I will not remove the car from the account.
- silly you the woman, - Dima has sympathised, - really do not understand, what you will not see the car never?
In GAI I just in case descended - to confirm my statement that the power of attorney is void. The statement was tselehonko, and on a table I have found out some forms about removal of the car from the account, filled with another`s hand, but signed by my name.
then from the car again long there were no messages. While once at night I have not woken phone call. The exacting and angry man`s voice has been terribly revolted:
is to you call from Kuntsevsky police station. Long here your car in the middle of street will stand?
Probably, something similar Pushkin tsar Saltan when has unexpectedly found out has tested that the favourite wife, the son and even the daughter-in-law live on the next island, have a good time with all the heart and wait for it on a visit.
- and what, costs for a long time? - Only I from myself also could squeeze out.
- Yes two months. Come, take away.
- right now?
- and that to wait - that?
the First thought was right now, at night, to catch “ a wheelbarrow “ and is faster in police station. Taking itself in hands, has decided to wait till the morning. Morning has passed in consultations of acquaintances: from what this police station would find for the car which at all was not registered in stealing, and by that has been so pleased that at once has rushed to call to me already at night. And without having resolved this riddle, I have moved on Kuntsevsky street.
my white one-year-old “ the eight “ reminded the grammar-school girl scolded by drunk sailors who were coming back from a graduation party. It (the car, it it is natural) stood almost in the middle of the Kuntsevsky street, frozen in in ice and snow (events were developed in February), the left headlight and a wing have been rumpled, glass is beaten out, lanterns also, the door on the right side too is rumpled and not closed.
history which to me was told by the inspector, found out I wash the car and then under number found and me, was long and confused. The ex-husband has sold I wash the car to certain Sashe Saltanovu. (And where Dima, interesting has got to?) But Sasha Saltanov not only that has not managed to strike the car off the register in GAI, but also it has appeared owes to any third person the large sum of money and in any way this money did not give. Then “ number three “ without knowing how to return the money, has solved at it I wash the car to steal. Also has stolen. And in the middle of road has put specially - on the one hand, the car was all time before eyes (windows “ numbers three “ it appears, left on proezzhuju a part), with another - my white lost the way “ vosmerochka “ had quite ownerless appearance and anybody from outside would not think that here squaring of accounts and my car in it - the main argument. There were then two more surnames - Tishchenko and Glazov, but I already have absolutely got confused in the one who at whom has stolen my jalopy. It was clear only that change of owners with advantage to the car has not gone.
- so I can take away the car? - I ask, held apart by gratitude, at the inspector whom all it to me tells.
- You see - he speaks to me, - in general - that, I have found this car for myself. It stood absolutely ownerless, and I have untwisted all history. You are not going to sell it? And that at me the car already old.
and at me, by the way, in general any.
- it is good, - I speak, understanding that with militia in any relations, except formal, it is impossible to enter, - I will think on this theme. But to take away - that it I can?
It appears, no. After all documents at me on it are not present. All documents were in a stolen car. Here the inspector has entered - taki into position of the helpless woman! - writes out to me the inquiry on which I can cause transportation. The inquiry, clearly, lime, that my car which ostensibly was in stealing (on stealing as remember is found, I did not submit).
having agreed with transportation, I think: and where, actually, it to carry where to put? After all these children, each of which considers I wash the car of the, are to me. Means, under a window - it is impossible. Here it is impossible to leave too - thought to present the car to the inspector (ridiculously to think that the guard of the law was going to buy it for the real price - in this case it would go on the market) it was not pleasant to me the same as offer of disappeared Dimy to present “ the eight “ to it. And here I remember the acquaintance, the owner of large firm. Its office in one of the former district committees, and nowadays - in municipality. The territory is protected by militia - time, plus at firm the security guards - two.
till now I think - well what for I, having overtaken the car, has left the address of firm to the inspector? Probably, gratitude - the car has found, a lime piece of paper has signed - has moved sensible fears. And then it so supervised over me, the innocent woman that was even as - that ridiculously to try to hide something from it. It as at seventeen-year age to hide from mum that smoked at an entrance with any milksops.
owners of my car appeared, how I and assumed, next day. One has come at once on the house (interesting, by the way, and whence at it the address?) Another has called by phone. I felt the winner and all sent to the inspector. What my surprise was, when I have called the benefactor to tell about the morning visitor and a call, and have heard:
- Yes, I know. But they say that this car belongs to them. They, by the way, and documents on the car have brought.
- and you unless do not know, to whom the car belongs? - I ask and any more I do not feel to the interlocutor still a recent gratitude.
- come, I together will collect all of you. We will talk.
- and about what me with these children to talk? The power of attorney is cancelled. I to anybody from them did not sell the car. I want to receive documents on the car...
- directly then and to give?
to answer I was not in time - a tube on that end have thrown.
I have not gone to police station. The lime piece of paper which has been given out to me by the inspector in the first day of our acquaintance, was unique argument in my dispute, but it expensive cost. Why I have not written to the public prosecutor? Why - that seemed to me that “ our business right “. The inspector will not hijack I wash the car?
and I have solved with this impudent fellow and the extortioner of business not to have, and to correct documents itself. The GAI officer of area where I have hidden the broken treasure, has given out me the inquiry in which motor and body number proved to be true. With this inquiry I could receive in the branch of GAI new documents on the “ the eight “.
In regional branch of GAI me have met as native - all the history with resale of the car at me behind the back was memorable. To me have already filled necessary inquiries. Holding documents in the stretched hand, the worker of GAI mechanically touched any pieces of paper, and suddenly its person was extended.
- and your car is registered in stealing. Here the telegramme.
- and who declared stealing? - I ask was struck dumb.
It was found out, the statement for stealing has sent that police station which has found I wash the car. I call to the inspector, it it is angry says that hears about it for the first time. Thus in stealing the car is registered akkurat since that day as I have rearranged it on territory to friendly me firms.
- yes here I am a mistress of the car, - I spoke in regional GAI, - here my car. Means, no stealing is present.
- Under the law is, - it is sad GAI officers sincerely sympathising me spoke to me. For to cancel the statement for stealing, it appears, I could not. For this purpose to Petrovka there should arrive the representative of that police station which sent the telegramme about stealing. That is it was possible to give to business a paper course, but on it some months have left. Least I would like to see the benefactor. It all - taki has changed me. All of us considering with owners white “ the eights “.
this history Has ended the same as has begun. Night phone call. The security guard from friendly me of firm called. Having apologised for a late call, it has taken an interest, whether safely I transported the car.
- and I anywhere did not transport it.
- as? So it not you came behind car two hours back?
its Following phrase was:
- Now me will dismiss.
it have really dismissed. In spite of the fact that I asked the guy not to expel. After all it - unique from all characters! - did not apply for mine “ a Zhiguli “ and even, attentively having examined the car, promised to me to help with repair.
next day I have written the application for stealing.

Ekaterina DANILOV