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False denominations

When turn pale cheeks of Paskalja
  False denominations

When cheeks of Paskalja

Selling or buying apartment or making other transactions, all of us have got used to deal with cash currency. And it is valid, when you have control over a pack of banknotes, apparently, that here it and has come true and hardly you will deceive. And nevertheless the fifth part from six billions dollars which now turn in Russia, - counterfeit.

Awful mark
a Recently certain Anatoly T. On which informed newspapers, has gone to the nearest change about the underground “ Tagansky “. As on harm, DM in one exchange office have not appeared. Eventually to it there was a person who has offered DM. Home Anatoly has returned with marks and only there has noticed that one of banknotes, advantage in DM20, - false. And the image of this denomination has been put over present DM10. To search menjalu Anatoly did not become and already next day has paid off with a forgery in a commercial booth. Certainly, by a principle nevezuhi has been there and then detained by the OMON fighter supervising dealers. In police station Anatoly has told, how there was a business, and has shown that had no malicious intention. And a banknote has got absolutely unintentionally.
in branch to Anatoly, strangely enough, have believed, have just in case fined and have released wherever one wishes. And business about a forgery have hushed up, fairly having decided that the manufacturer of a fake all the same will not catch.

Mnogotirazhnaja currency
Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs assert that with the false currency made in Russia, meet seldom enough. Explain it to that quality of reproduction by the Russian counterfeiters of currencies of other countries does not maintain any criticism. For example, US dollars in Russia basically in the old manner try to x-copy or deduce on printers. The original is produced with application of several kinds of a letterpress printing on a clap and, besides, is supplied with a protective metal strip.
and employees of Federal Agency of counterspionage consider that basically the counterfeit currency arrives to Russia from for borders. Among large parties of the false US dollars withdrawn by counterspionage, there are banknotes of the Iraq, Polish and Italian origin. According to FSK, in the West and the fake East some years print in the big circulations and in the typographical way.

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Business about one million false US dollars
In 1992 employees MBR of Russia four Italian businessmen and the businessman from Latvia which tried to realise in Moscow false $1μλν have been detained. The consequence has established that fakes have been printed in printing house of the Swiss small town Platti. At first Italians safely sold these dollars in Turkey, and in the summer of 1992 in Monaco they have got acquainted with the Latvian businessman and have decided to utter counterfeit money in Russia. Italians incurred import of money to Russia, and the Latvian should realise them at the rate two false dollars for one present.
when criminals have delivered dollars to Russia, about it employees of the Interpol have learnt and have handed over the information in MBR. As a result participants of operation have been detained and placed in a pre-trial detention centre. Further the consequence has not promoted.
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According to experts of Promradtekhbank, degree of security of banknotes from fakes depends on the whole complex of elements - from application of a special paper before use of the newest fiziko - chemical ways of protection. But to establish authenticity of a banknote, it is absolutely unessential to know these subtleties.
taking in hands an unfamiliar banknote, pay attention to quality of a paper and a paint. The paper applied to manufacturing of money, is calculated on their long use and should not be torn and erased at the first use. Paints not only should correspond strictly to standard drawing, but also should not be smeared in places of transitions or to be too bright. If you potrete a banknote a damp finger, on it do not remain all paints. Advantages of a denomination are specified usually both in figures, and letters, and even if you do not know language on which they are written, track that all mentions of advantage of a denomination were identical on its both parties. You will tell, what these councils are too simple? Actually it not so. More low we will tell to you, as more as possible in detail to analyse a banknote, considering its naked eye or trying to the touch.

the president of a paper will not spoil. If dollar present
the Militia considers that from all foreign currencies US dollars are most popular in counterfeiters. And criminals no means always resort to difficult technological reproduction of dollars. For example, by means of pencils or paints they put on 1 - a dollar banknote the image of $100. As a result osjazatelnye signs of the present banknote are present, but on a portrait instead of Franklin - Washington. On other banknotes: Jefferson ($2), the Lincoln ($5), Hamilton ($10), Jackson ($20), the Grant ($50), the Poppy - Kinley ($500), Frank and Clevelend ($1000). Last denomination is means of payment only in territory of the USA. Experts recommend to check dollars ordinary needles or pins. Spending a needle on frock coats of presidents, it is simple to notice, how the needle starts to jump up slightly on drawing reliefs. It is said that to recreate this effect on fakes it is impossible. One more council - potrite dollars on a paper clean sheet. If on a paper there were colour traces, with you in hands a forgery.

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the Detectors defining false dollars
Detector Cshscan - defines three degrees of protection of money. If the red bulb - a denomination false lights up. The price - $135.
Detector Superscan - at first on the device display is underlined advantage of a denomination. The full sum is then counted up. It is one of the most difficult devices used for definition of authenticity of currency of the USA. If the banknote false - works the alarm system. The device works in two modes. The first: passes through itself a denomination and returns it back. And the second: passes through itself and throws out it on the other hand. The price - $400.
Detector Superscan - 2 - from Superscan it differs that has the big degree of protection (to 12) and also if in it to insert a special paper tape it is possible to receive listing of operative supervision (in memory there is an information on the lighted forgeries). The price - $2000.
Detector JSM (Dbs - 2) - makes calculation of denominations, thus checks 9 degrees of their authenticity. The price - to $1000.
Magner and Technitrol - the counter of denominations, the device defining authenticity of dollars. Defines all 12 degrees of protection of a denomination. The price - $3000
Detector Pen - the detector which reminds an ordinary felt-tip pen. Having spent it on dollar, whether it is possible to learn false currency from you. If after carrying out by a felt-tip pen the strip on a denomination changes colour, means, it counterfeit. If a banknote present the felt-tip pen strip will disappear. The detector price - $10
the Ultra-violet detectors defining authenticity of any currency.
detector PPN - as it is paradoxical, but this Russian device in what does not concede to the western analogues. Three operating modes: two illuminations (from above and from below), ultra-violet beams and magnets for definition of metal systems of protection. The price - 175 thousand rbl.
the Detector “ Selekt “ - as well as previous, one of the best Russian detectors. Works on the basis of ultra-violet radiation. Fastens to a table by means of a clothespin.
shops in which it is possible to buy detectors of currencies
Firm “ Heart “
joint-stock company “ the Prologue “
Shop “ Hermes - M “
Firm “ Aklis “
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Good money - crackling money
According to experts of Promradtekhbank, besides counterfeit US dollars in Russia, more often others comes across false German and Finnish marks, and also the French francs. Therefore with this money it is necessary to be especially attentive.
in Germany now there are in a turn the denominations which have been let out after 1960 (last release - 1991) . Advantage of denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 marks. DM of the sample of 1988 are most vysokozashchishchennoj world currency. Giving the list of protection frames, we would like to pay special attention on banknotes of this series. On the other hand, banknotes in 1000 marks of the old sample occupy with advantage 4 - e a place in the world on frequency of a fake.
the basic protection frames are: watermarks - a vertical thread from an aluminium fibre (continuous on marks of an old series and twisted with the micropress on new); use on new banknotes of the drawing which value is distinguished only at a sight at a gleam - separately on each party is only not clear hyphens; on a colour strip in a corner of new denominations letters DM, visible only under a certain corner are put at a sight sideways, shone in ultra-violet beams, and serial number; the micropress; relefnost drawing.
the French francs are not considered become outdated if they are let out after 1960 (advantage κσοώπ:20, 50, 100, 200, 500 francs). The main feature of the French francs is the thin tissue paper. If you though time had control over these banknotes, you them with what will not confuse. As it is necessary to know and following signs: the portrait on face sheet should coincide completely with a portrait on an underside; on denomination face sheet there is a plastic covering (and only on this party). At compression the characteristic crackling sound is audible. The basic protection frames are: the watermarks completely corresponding to a portrait on a banknote (except for a denomination in 500 francs where a watermark is the image of a posthumous mask of Paskalja, instead of its portrait); the vertical dotted synthetic thread put on banknotes by advantage in 20 francs since 1989.

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the Basic signs of false francs:
- softer, not crackling paper;
- the paper stamping on white edge of a banknote interrupts or it absolutely is not present;
- there are no watermarks;
- on the portrait of Paskalja represented on denominations in 500 francs, there is no flush on cheeks.
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the Finnish marks have the basic circulation in northern areas of our country, but is frequent with them face and in other places, truth, under other name - DM. That to you there was no such incident, advise more close to get acquainted with this currency even if you are not going to get it.
in circulation there are the denominations which have been let out after 1963. Last release concerns 1988. Advantages of denominations: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 marks. Denominations of all advantages have absolutely identical number. Protection basic elements are: presence of silk colour fibres (on banknotes of release of 1986 there are also shone fibres, visible in ultra-violet radiation); a vertical protective thread (it is put since 1976, have no it only banknotes in 1, 5, and 10 marks); watermarks (except banknotes in 1 and 5 marks). Since 1980 of a banknote do relief that drawing was felt to the touch.
in summary it would be desirable to advise: to be completely assured of authenticity of the got currency, do not buy it from casual persons and in casual places. Advantages of exchange offices is their equipment means for check of authenticity of denominations and their accessory to certain bank.