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The profitableness table

the Table of profitableness of monetary tools
  the profitableness Table

the Table of profitableness of monetary tools

In the table is resulted real profit in annual percent with the account reinvestirovanija the income taking into account payment of taxes - 0,3 % from cost of the sold securities and 12 % from the sum of the income received under not bank contributions, bills and certificates of taxes which could be earned by November, 2nd, having $500 and $5000 (or a rouble equivalent of this sum). For definition of a rouble equivalent of contributions the course of the Incorporated currency house, as as much as possible approached to a dollar exchange rate in bank exchange offices was used: on August, 2nd - 2075πσα/ $, on October, 2nd - 2677 rub/ $ and on November, 2nd - 3111 rub/ $. In the column the income the real sum of the received money is specified.
for example, having put on August, 2nd an equivalent 500$ (1037500πσαλει) for three months on the rouble deposit in KB “ the National credit “ the investor would receive 251300 roubles as a net profit (that makes 96. 92 % annual). Inflation in a current of last three months was up to standard of 261 %. Thus the contribution did not compensate loss from rise in prices.

by table preparation the statistical data under the actions, given by consulting agency " is used; Skejt - the Press “.
* - the income under the three-monthly contribution raschitan under the scheme of difficult percent
** - under Gazprom and Surgutneftegaz actions sharply evolved negative profitableness of investments speaks not so much deterioration of market condition, how many for purely formal reasons - face value changes (its decrease to 10 roubles) in case of actions of Gazprom and release of new issue, from - for which face value of actions in case of Surgutneftegaz papers also is changed.