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Game with the blockhead in four hands
  the Bridge

Game with the blockhead in four hands

Speak, Charles Marx quite often beat in cards of big friend Fridriha, and unforgettable Vladimir Ilich made the same operation with the associates - Bolsheviks. In preference he played unmistakably and ruthlessly, remembered all courses and cards of opponents. And here in the government of premieres - the minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill even there was a special post - the partner of the prime minister in game in a bridge. We also have decided to begin digression with a bridge on mysterious and attracting territory of card passion.

the Commander-in-chief of allied armies general Eisenhower at night before opening of the second front... Played a bridge with colleagues on generals. A bridge in general favourite pastime of politicians and stars. The aged film lady`s man the Lobster Sharif even has formed own team and annually puts in bridge development nearby 30 - 40 thousand dollars. Besides, its spicy beauty became a bait for set bridzhistok. As to Eisenhower, that, becoming the US president, it together with a presidential armchair has transferred to the successors and passion to a bridge. Present president Bill Clinton - the player not most high-class, but his wife - the person rather respected in bridzhevyh circles.
the quantity bridzhistov all over the world has passed for a mark of two hundred millions. Undoubtedly, such success has won a bridge thanks to the most widespread variant - sports.
experts of this game consider that it, perhaps, is closer to chess, rather than to traditional gamblings. As well as in chess, at contenders initially equal odds - on accidents at delivery of cards practically depends nothing. It confirms that fact that almost all known masters of chess more or are less familiar with a bridge, and some of them, for example Irina Levitina, habitues of the international competitions.
the majority of researchers agree in opinion that this game was born in the end of last century in England. The fact in itself not surprising - Englishmen have proved for a long time as the people before any games the eager.
in 1887 in London game rules in a bridge - whist for the first time have been published. Admirers of whist with delight have apprehended idea of new game, however at once it became obvious that its rules need perfection, and soon certain Osvald Krauford has invented a bridge - auction. After the First World War in card clubs of Paris the bridge - a plafond, and on other party of Atlantic ocean undividedly dominated, in America, the contract - a bridge which first was considered not as the most successful updating of a bridge strenuously accustomed. But...
In 1926 Harold Vanderbild, suffering from idleness during travel by the steam-ship, it is lazy poigryval in fairly podnadoevshy to it a bridge - a plafond. And suddenly, having thrown cards on a table, has begun to write down something. It were new rules which have suddenly dawned it of counting of points for the contract - a bridge. The new variant has pleased to all so that in due course the contract - a bridge has buried all other updatings also began be called simply as a bridge.
the Bridge - unique gambling with official rules which are recognised and are observed all over the world. The copyright to the full code corrected belongs to the American league of a bridge (the text is regularly published by publishing house Crown Publishers New York).
Actually, from the ordinary player the knowledge of rules in perfection - in card clubs the code of laws always near at hand at all is not required. More difficult with etiquette. But - that just also it is necessary to familiarise with it, for in a bridge the etiquette has even bolshee value, is rather than direct laws. The most friendly robber (the simplified, house variant of a bridge) can be spoilt bad manners, even if you, basically, the brought up person.
as rough disrespect for the present attempt to start the conversation, not concerning games, on absolutely extraneous theme will be apprehended. To speak under own initiative here it is absolutely not accepted - it is necessary to answer only questions of opponents. It is extremely tactless to show ozhidane - neterpene to catch a yet not complete bribe even if you are resolutely convinced that it will be yours. Well and definitively ruin the reputation if during trade or draw begin to examine steadfastly other player or, God forbid, to you will occur to glance in another`s cards. In similar cases, except quite developed image the impudent person you are threatened with rigid system of penalties.
the great value in a bridge has mutual understanding of partners. But all information between them is transferred only by rules. The latent contracts of partners of type of unexpected acceleration of rate of game, perebiranija cards in a hand, peremigivanija in a bridge are absolutely excluded.
the sharper in a bridge as it is strange, - rather dear people. After all they, first of all, connoisseurs of cards. But the skill they have reached at all on bridzhevyh tournaments, and in other gamblings for a bridge game not hazardous, but intellectual, and to swindle in it simply it be no point.
attempt to transform a sports bridge in hazardous entertainment has been in the sixties undertaken, but it has quickly enough come to grief. The large sums of rates at the international competitions and the big prize funds (from 20 to 40 thousand dollars) have led to that bridzhisty began to suspect each other of fraud. Those years grandiose scandal round English pair of Terens of Copes - Boris Shapiro, numerous world champions has burst. Of their game observed by means of the latent videocameras. When the judicial commission summarised all involuntary gestures the Cope and Shapiro, accepting them for shulerskie receptions, and tried to decode them, it turned out that party Englishmen should... To lose. After a series of judicial proceedings of their wine and has not been proved. However only they suspected of dishonest game on - dzhentlmenski have left the international career. The queen of England Elizabeth, as though expressing the disagreement with such leaving on - anglijski has welcomed Terensu the Cope a title of the lord. When - that the best bridzhist England, Copes seriously was fond bridzhevoj of the literature and in this field has achieved a world recognition. Its books about a bridge are considered as genre classics.
this scandal has caused some changes in rules of the international competitions. Game tables began to be partitioned off on a diagonal by a wooden board so that each player could observe only one opponent, without seeing thus the second and partners. And the board named the screen, divides a table through to the floor, and fraud by means of feet is excluded.
the largest competitions in a bridge - the Olympic Games, the Bermudas cup and the World championship ( the Cup of Rozenbljuma ) Which passes time in four years. Last has taken place in September in the American city of Albuquerque and was full of passion and dramatic nature. The intrigue consisted that owners - the obvious favourites conducted by the well-known Sejmonom Deitch, have stopped short having acted extremely unsuccessfully in selection round, also have appeared practically in a hopeless situation. At poor Deitch (if, certainly, such definition approaches for the multimillionaire) have handed over nerves, and, having thrown the command for two rounds before the termination of competitions, it has departed home to Texas. At night in its apartment the call was distributed: on other end of a wire victorious shouts about an exit of its command in the ending were heard! Deitch has urgently returned, and here Americans was not to stop: in the ending they have changed very much a strong team of Poland.
in Russia the destiny of a bridge underwent the diversified metamorphoses. Some pedants in the word a bridge see direct communication with a word birich Designating the name of ancient Russian gambling. Anyhow, this assumption and remains a subject of fierce disputes.
in the history of the Russian fans of a bridge 1973 was critical. Then still Soviet, bridzhevuju the owner of a world chess crown Boris Spassky, but, " intended to head association; having handed over the champion title to Fisher, it, probably, not unaided from above has refused an invention. Without having found the worthy patron, the Russian bridge for a long time causing irritation at officials of Sport committee, has been outlawed. Certainly, it was possible to close at one stroke all bridzhevye clubs but how to forbid to play? Underground competitions bridzhistov constantly were exposed to militian touches, and only in 1987 - m the bridge in Russia has been legalised, and, clear business, for seven years is included into world elite was not in time.
Though the bridge left for a long time already an underground, appointments bridzhistov in one of the Moscow clubs give till now atmosphere the Last Supper . The big hall of a departmental dining room is filled without vanity and a special emotionality. - former physics and mehmatovtsy, reminding the small beards raznochintsev, but among players it is possible to notice the basic contingent and quite respectable couples in cashmere and gold frames.
rustling of cards, vocal murmurs, a cigarette smoke and the concentrated persons, apparently, do perceived intellectual aura of this of the most stylish, prudish and ceremonial of all gamblings.

Yury Uspensky, Ilya Nagibin

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Where play a bridge

to Play in a sports bridge in Moscow - pleasure not too burdensome for your purse. You can go to a bridge - club which is in a premise of scientific research institute of geology to the address: the Warsaw highway, d. 39. The beginning of tournaments on Wednesdays and Fridays in 19. 00, on Sundays in 12. 00. A game payment of this club - 1000 roubles.
one more bridge - the club of Moscow is to the address: Kravchenko`s street, d. 37, a Moscow State University hostel. Here for you wait on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 19. 00 and on Saturdays in 12. 00. A game payment - 1500 roubles. Both in that, and in other club at your service buffets. They are popular in the environment a bridge - intellectuals, and if you wish to join or simply to hang out in this environment, can make it behind a cognac wine-glass.
From time to time, to be exact each first Saturday of month, you have quite real possibility to meet for bridzhevym a table with the second secretary of the American embassy Polom Holsuordom, the great admirer of a bridge. Tournaments for the foreigners working in Moscow, diplomats and all interested persons are spent in hotel aerostar (the Leningrad prospectus, 37, a building 9). A game payment - 5 dollars. The tournament beginning in 14. 00. As the main prize on these tournaments, as a rule, acts... One of Russian national souvenirs. Hotel phone: 213 - 90 - 00 (to ask to connect to internal phone: 20 - 42).
In a case if your dream - to attach to a sports bridge of children, you can place the offsprings in New humanitarian school. Here from the first on the fifth class game in a bridge is taught on a level with other general educational subjects. Phone: 241 - 81 - 52.
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As play a bridge

the Bridge - game in which four persons simultaneously participate. The players, sitting the friend opposite to the friend, form pair. Before the beginning of competitions the judge divides a pack from 52 cards (an as - the senior card, the two - younger) into four piles which are located in pockets of a special box.
each party consists of two phases - trade and draw. Trade is opened by the player, whose place is in advance marked by the judge on a box pocket. Demands do in strict sequence clockwise. There are four kinds of demands: meaning, a pass, kontra, rekontra.
We take so much - that of bribes over six at the declared trump - such is sense of the meaning demand. For example, the demand Two tambourines means intention to take at a trump tambourines two bribes over six. That is only eight.
a pass means refusal to continue trade. kontra - the obligation to break performance by the contender of the demand. Rekontra - acknowledgement of the meaning demand. Trade comes to an end after three passes successively, last meaning demand is called as the contract, pair which has made it becomes playing, and their opponents in the whisting pair.
playing pair in turn breaks on playing and the blockhead . The blockhead actually does not participate in game, it opens the cards and goes exclusively under instructions of the playing the partner. The first course does whisting to the left of playing - it simply opens a card and puts it before itself. The others go strictly by turns, clockwise. A bribe takes the player who has put the senior card on colour or a trump.
When the party is played also bribes are counted up, each card batch keeps within back the branch of a box. Results of delivery are brought in the judicial report, and the box is transferred to the following table of participants of tournament. In the end of competition the results received on all tables are compared. That pair which has typed the greatest quantity of bribes under the identical entry conditions set by a deal wins. For this reason the sports bridge essentially differs from traditional gamblings - an element of luck, accidents is excluded, all are in identical conditions.