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All is closer hour H, appointed the decree of the president of Russia About protection of interests inve
  Check Point

All is closer hour H, appointed the decree of the president of Russia About protection of interests of investors . For the uninitiated we will remind that by January, 1st, 1995 all companies involving means of the population, are obliged or to obtain the corresponding licence of the Central Bank, or completely to stop the activity in this field. Thereupon many of the companies have seriously reflected today on how to legalise the cooperation with investors.
Banks are meanwhile occupied by the decision of more prosaic problems and from time to time declare increase of rates under contributions, and also about rendering of new rather original services. the Russian credit in particular, was engaged in sale of coins from precious metals. And Tveruniversalbank has made the decision on distribution of multiple currency check-books.

While, under the certificate of employees of the Central Bank, for licences have addressed only concern Tibet and the Russian house Selenga (it - from several tens companies, whose activity has been limited by the Decree). All other, apparently, have decided or to ignore absolutely this document, or to find other lawful mode of work with private persons.
so, joint-stock company Optbank (which actually bank never was) declared the termination of reception of contributions from the population on deposits and the beginning of issue of own actions. For distribution of actions the investment company with the same name (joint-stock company " is specially created; Optbank ) . Thereupon some variants of the further relations are offered to investors. In - the first, it is possible to exchange the depositary contribution and percent due on it for actions of new joint-stock company. And the management guarantees their bilateral quotation and full liquidity. If by the present moment period of validity of your contract has expired, you can free receive the money together with the added percent. At last, to the investors inclined to risk, it is offered to leave payments for a transition period in old joint-stock company Optbank on the terms of payment of eight percent monthly (that makes the average rate under bank contributions).
If to trust heads of concern Sviridov this international organisation prepares for release of own actions also. According to its representatives, in connection with the inventory spent before registration of the prospectus of issue, since November, 4th payments under earlier made contributions (the concern has notified the investors on this event for 10 days) are temporarily suspended. To receive the contribution with dividends (and even with charge of 1 percent for a delay of payments) ostensibly it will be possible after November, 17th. And new contributions are offered to be placed already under the lowered interest rates. So, instead of the former 55 % on the contribution for a period of three months it will be possible to receive 50 %, and on the contribution for a period of one year - 480 % instead of 552 %.
Other example of transition to the new form of the conclusion of contracts with private persons shows joint-stock company Business - trust stopped last week reception of contributions from the population. All old contracts will hold good, and payments on them are made while regularly. At the same time to old " address; Business - trust (street Pokrovka, d. 16) it is offered to citizens to conclude depositary contracts with Direkt - bank. The matter is that in May of this year of joint-stock company Business - trust together with the joint venture the Constant internejshnl joint-stock company Trust N 7 and joint-stock company the Constant klab has acted as its founder.
unlike the financial companies commercial banks last week raised interest rates under contributions. It declared last week AKB Capital and MKAB the Renaissance . To investors of bank Capital will be charged now under the urgent irrevocable contribution for a period of 1 month instead of 60 85 % annual, and after three months - 105 % instead of former 88. Under the urgent revocable contribution for a period of three months interest rates have risen on 17 points (with 63 to 80 %). Investors of bank the Renaissance henceforth can place the means for the three-monthly deposit under 95 % instead of 75 % annual.
Increase of rates under contributions - not the unique pleasant news which has come last week from bank circles. The diversified operations even more often get to a spectrum of bank services recently. So, bank the Russian credit has suggested all wishing to buy at its intermediary of a coin from precious metals. For the organisation of trade coins bank sign the general agreement from the joint venture Internumismatics . Coins can be got both for cash, and for the clearing settlement. For attraction bolshego numbers of clients the bank stakes on silver coins - their advantage is expressed in rather low price.
in the meantime Tveruniversalbank has declared the intention to begin distribution of multiple currency check-books for private persons. As Svetlana Bakulina has informed the chief of department of operations with checks, checks can be used not only as an instrument of payment for the goods and services more than in 80 shops of Moscow (and in further and in other Russian cities), but also for calculations between physical persons. The check-book of Tveruniversalbanka (as well as all other Russian banks) will be debetnoj, that is in calculations the holder of the book can spend only that sum which is available for it on the account. Owners of check-books can carry out calculations not only in roubles, but also in DM and US dollars.
among victims last week there were clients of the company the Planet - plus the stopped payment to the investors without any explanation of the reasons. And after all the Central Bank warned. In the end of August it even has included the Planet - plus in black lists of the companies, for which activity does not bear any responsibility . Now investors try to involve g - on Alexander Kutuzov - the owner of the company - in administrative responsibility. However, the respondent does not lose optimism and together with one of the partners - the insurance company Adriatik plans to create the new bank affiliated firms " will be which founders; Planets - plus and Adriatic Sea .
has not managed last week and without infamous Charms . Under the Central Bank instruction the account of this commercial bank has been arrested. Its activity is suspended for uncertain time before finding-out of all circumstances of its bankruptcy.
for stock market occurrence among leaders of increase of those securities who long enough remained in the shadow became characteristic feature of the last week. So, this time the production association " became the unconditional leader of increase following the results of a week; the Perm motors - Course cost of its actions only within three days have raised more than twice and has reached 5800 rbl.
the market of bank actions Has quickened also. So, last days actions of Vitabanka and Unicommercial bank actively enough raised, reflecting optimistic expectations of conservative-minded investors. The Unicommercial bank share price has risen with 2,7 to 4,5 thousand roubles - most likely, the role in it the information which has appeared in the market that the bank has started formation of the market of the papers - to carrying out of bilateral quotations of these papers by the largest Russian dealers has played.
among leaders of fall on a securities market this week the first position has occupied on - former the oil company Surgutneftegaz . The course of papers of this emitter has decreased for 38 percent and has reached a point of 520 roubles. We will add that in number of leaders of fall, except one more oil company Nojabrskneftegaz have got Holding - the Center and bank The Renaissance .
Unlike share the currency market did not test any essential changes. Past week the Russian rouble, more than ever, showed the hardness in relation to the American dollar. Its course at the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange auctions remained invariable within all week (3102 roubles/ $). Stability of rouble has affected and profitableness of one-monthly currency contributions. For the first time for last three months rouble contributions for a period of 1 month became comparable on profitableness with currency, and (and the more so at the financial companies) growth of profit of rouble contributions advanced the currency in some banks. So, the rouble means proconverted in dollars one month ago and lying on hands, have brought for the last month on each one thousand hardly more than 58 roubles. The same dollars, but enclosed already in banks, gave the chance to earn on each one thousand 74 roubles (for example, in Jalosbanke). The rouble contribution for the same time allowed to earn 70 or 80 roubles (accordingly in the Moscow Savings Bank or Promstrojbanke of Russia).
For the past three months the dollar has risen in price for 46,7 % (in other words already in itself dollars have brought on each one thousand roubles of 467 roubles of the income). At the same time, having placed money for the currency contribution, say, Russian food bank, it was possible to earn on each one thousand 555 roubles, and in joint-stock company Quantum - invest - 566 roubles.
at the same time forecasts of experts testify today in favour of rouble contributions. The brokers trading in futures for purchase of dollars on Russian commodity - a raw stock exchange, estimate a dollar exchange rate to the middle of December around 3281 rbl./ $ (thus, its growth within the next month will make 70 % annual). To the middle of February, according to brokers, the course will rise to 3784 rbl./ $ (88 % annual) that can bring on each enclosed one thousand roubles in currency of 220 roubles. The same one thousand roubles placed on the rouble deposit, for example Avtobank, will bring to the owner already 271 rouble.
in the market of not state securities conditions were enough unstable. Thus appreciable deterioration of a conjuncture has once again occurred in the market of oil papers and actions of the separate metallurgical enterprises. Foreign investors continued to dump these actions which, in their opinion, have appeared considerably overestimated. In particular, unpleasant memoirs remained with shareholders Surgutneftegaz - their owners have lost for a month of 100 roubles from each thousand enclosed.
at the same time securities of the separate companies on - former are popular. So, representatives of the company the Russian broker house Have taken part in a series of negotiations with large western investment banks concerning the organisation of their investments, in particular, in the Russian Open Society action UES of Russia Norilsk nickel Transneft. Thus, in the near future growth of their course cost is not excluded.
investments in the action of the largest machine-building enterprises and commercial banks have appeared the most profitable for the term of 1 and 3 months. The greatest profitableness on - former was brought by actions of KamAZa - in the event that their purchase has taken place one month ago, at sale of these papers this week shareholders of KamAZa could receive 111 roubles on each enclosed one thousand roubles. Still bolshy a prize owners of actions have received KamAZa which have made investments for a period of 3 months: in case of their realisation last week profitableness of these investments has made 7604 % of annual or 634 roubles on enclosed one thousand. The profit on transactions with these actions has appeared highest of all financial tools. Thus developed conjuncture allows to predict the further growth of these papers.
rather profitable, from the point of view of investments, for one and three months there were also papers of the privatised enterprise the Perm motors long time remaining out of attention of investors. Their course cost steadily raised recently that has allowed shareholders to profit in 83 roubles on each enclosed one thousand in case of purchase of a share holding of this enterprise one month ago and sales last week. Profitableness of actions the Perm motors on three months has exceeded the highest rates under currency and rouble contributions: investors could receive in addition 500 roubles on each enclosed one thousand.
marvellously, there has successfully passed last week and for shareholders of Vitabanka: The profit on sale of these papers in the middle of the week could make 233 roubles (that is high enough indicator for bank actions) at term of investments for one month.