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Optimistic tragedy LLD - bank
  LLD - bank

Optimistic tragedy LLD - bank

That for sad is time - this autumn! One for another the financial companies and banks or silently wither, stopping payments to the population, or are bared with sad noise, stopping them at all. In October their sad list has filled up and LLD - bank ( Larin, Larin and friends ) Created by Association industrial and business concerns LLD. It is recommended to investors to wait for two months (before the termination of a season of rains) then payments ostensibly will renew.

I am not hold you; But where you
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A.S.Pushkin, Evgenie Onegin

Commercial LLD - bank it is registered in September, 1992 with an authorised capital stock of 100 million roubles. Trading house LLD, but also, Open Company " became its basic founder; Vasmo ARS, Audit ltd and Rosmetallkontrakt . By the present moment the paid authorised capital stock of bank makes almost 14 billion roubles. The bank is included into Association is industrial - business concerns LLD in which consist check fund, the insurance company, the trading house, depozitary, the building company and other firms.

a year later: money has departed, the boomerang has returned
Money resources of the population bank has started to involve since April, 1993. It has been declared that trading operations, a number of industrial projects, and also development of a gold-bearing deposit in Buryatiya will be the basic directions of an investment of the collected means. On September, 1st, 1993 even has been let out so-called the Gold bill . Since July, first of this year, having obtained the corresponding licence of the Central Bank, the bank began to involve also currency.
all went more - less safely to the middle of October of this year. Crisis with return of the collected means has begun where - that 17 - on October, 20th, when after crash Tibet Charms MMM and, the main thing, conformable under the name Trust ALD . To satisfy all wishing to receive the money back to bank it has appeared not under force.
however officially the bank and did not declare a suspension of payments. However, in it there is nothing surprising - it was made still by any company which has limited payments under contributions. Officially money can be received in 8 of 18 Moscow branches and at the central office. However, so was and before crisis: contributions gathered all branches of bank, and payments made only 8. However today in bank daily address about thousand persons. And happy investors who manage - taki to return the blood according to the vice-president of bank of Elena Migunovoj, it is typed about hundred a day. The rests are recommended to come next day and to wait for a cash supply. Active workers make lists and vigilantly watch sequence observance.
the official version of bank apropos braking payments it is ambiguous. The reasons here, by words g - zhi Migunovoj, set. The first is a delay of expected incomes of the means enclosed in investment projects. The second - in October - November have expired terms of annual contributions, and mass flow of clients (at which term of withdrawal of savings has approached) has overflowed bank possibilities in due time to pay off with all interested persons. Has expired refund term under the scheme of the wholesale and retail trade which has received the name " in the autumn; a boomerang .
According to this scheme, the buyer could get the goods (for the sum of not less 1 million roubles) and in a year completely to receive the means spent for purchase at the expense of the percent charged LLD . The price for the goods was formed of its cost price, the minimum trading extra charge (15 - 18 %) and the so-called depositary extra charge (20 - 30 % of cost of the goods). Last also was made out as the depositary contribution in LLD - bank . Percent on it should pay back completely after a year expenses on purchase.
at last LLD - bank declares that the Central Bank does not give out in full available funds. However, here as its opponent the Central Bank which asserts (already again) acts that it did not refuse to any bank a cash also any restrictions did not enter.

the Buryat, they and in Africa the Buryat
All these versions confirms balance of bank for October, 31st of current year (see the diagramme). LLD - bank really was fond of long-term crediting. Almost 20 billion roubles it has given out for term more than a year. Besides, high credit activity of bank in the market of short-term loans (about 7 million dollars and 83,6 billion roubles it has given out to business concerns) has naturally affected its liquidity. At the moment it is difficult enough to assume, whether all this portfolio will return to bank in the appointed term. Officially the bank recognises that borrowers have already detained 1 billion roubles (this sum and is reflected in the account of the delayed credits).
Among unfair borrowers of bank - the gold mining company ZHargal - one of association partners LLD which, under the certificate of heads of bank, conducts gold mining in Buryatiya. As affairs with this project and when the means obtained from the Buryat gold will start to arrive are, in bank to our correspondent have not explained. Besides, LLD has put up money in release of jeeps (mark UAZ - LLD ) At factory LLD - Car industry and also in repair of engines, release of spare parts and tools. By words g - zhi Migunovoj, here all is safely - jeeps, engines and tools are issued. However money for not clear reasons was returned also by these borrowers.
one more the investment project LLD - bank - release of building materials (in particular, bordjurnogo a stone). Civil engineering firm LLD should start to function in August, but on technical and absolutely unforeseen to circumstances (them too in bank could not explain) till today work and has not begun. However, by words g - zhi Migunovoj, line start on release of building materials is planned for the near future - this month.
However if date of repayment of credits yet has not approached, and term of withdrawal of contributions and repayment of bills has already expired, this certificate or inept, or enough risky management of the money entrusted by investors to bank. Banks, as a rule, it is good remember about approach of terms of return of contributions also should to it prepares.
as to statements that the Central Bank does not give out cash enough LLD - to bank here it is possible to tell only that in the absence of money on a corresponding account of bank of the Central Bank of it to do and should not. And the rest on this corresponding account makes all 165 million roubles. It is quite clear that at the expense of this money to extinguish bank debts it is impossible.

Invalids are served out of turn
Concerning high-grade renewal of payments heads of bank do not tell anything concrete. A corresponding account LLD (As we have already told) is almost empty. And clients (to be exact - money for their accounts) at LLD - bank almost does not remain. The rests of client accounts make all about 2 billion roubles.
when speech comes about renewal of payments, the bank management assigns the basic hopes to return of the given out credits. First of all what are enclosed in the investment programs listed above. From them most live it is considered UAZ. Gold-bearing ZHargal fast return of the enclosed means does not promise. Affairs and with building materials similarly are. Even if their manufacture will be already started this month, money can return only after their sale. And this moment too it is necessary to wait.
however, heads of bank have optimistically declared that all property of structures LLD costs so many that with investors it is possible to pay off 5 times. At the same time it is clear that it is an extreme measure, and hardly for maintenance of bank association LLD will dare at such cardinal step.
meanwhile to investors recommend to wait for two months then payments ostensibly will renew. While together with clients the bank plans to organise initiative group and to continue to serve exempts - invalids, participants of war, Afghans, pensioners. And for repayment of debts against this category of investors the bank intends to involve means and from again arrived contributions. (And it is already natural a pyramid which for the present for the majority of investors anything good did not turn around.)
to the rests the bank advises to All not to address yet in the Central Bank or in court as in case the Central Bank will appoint the liquidating commission, money, by words g - zhi Migunovoj, can be paid only from reserve fund (13,3 billion roubles). They will suffice to serve only the fifth part of investors, and that without the run percent. After all the bank has collected all 45,6 billion in the form of contributions and on 31,1 billion has sold bills.
in addition to all the liquidating commission will not only distribute reserves in the Central Bank, but also to return credits of the bank. Meanwhile to the colleagues from other banks LLD has run into debt almost 40 billion. And practice shows, what exactly such debts banks return first of all (with citizens always it is possible to pull - at them after all not those forces and possibilities).
At the same time the fact of liquidation of bank (a recognition its bankrupt) means that the certain category of investors can use the partner insurance policy LLD - bank - the companies Lajkov . Under treaty provisions insured event comes only at bankruptcy of bank. For today contributions in LLD - bank has insured nearby 500 persons. According to the assistant to the managing director of the company Lajkov Andrey Brundukova, it is enough reserve fund of its firm, that to these investors money to return wholly.

the Insurance company Lajkov it was formed in September, 1992. The licence of Rosstrahnadzora has received in June, 1993. A company authorised capital stock - 2 million roubles. The founder - Versatile association Lajkov .

Payments LLD - bank are made to following addresses:
the Central office: Clara Tsetkin`s street, d. 2/ 3 (m. Vojkovsky );
- 1 - j Road journey, d. 8 (m. Southern Warsaw );
- street Nametkina, d. 10, 2 - j a floor (m. New Cheremushki );
- street Jauzsky, d. 1/ 15, p. 1 (m. China - a city );
- B.Ochakovsky`s street, d. 47 - and - a motor car park building (m. JUgo - Western )