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Again tampliery

Tampliery: soldiers, mystics, bankers
  Again tampliery

Tampliery: soldiers, mystics, bankers

the Thunder-storm of pagans, owners of esoteric secrets, legendary founders of a freemasonry. Simultaneously - the knightly award which has concentrated in the hands unknown riches. They named themselves battling poor men of a temple of Solomona but have managed to become one of the first transnational financial corporations. Tampliery have invented a banker`s check and have left after itself one of the most intriguing in the history of riddles: where they have put the treasures.

In a palace of the king of Jerusalem of profit nine French knights led by Gugo de Pejnom and Godfrua de Sent - Omerom. Details of their visit are shrouded in mystery. It is known only that they have obtained the permit of the king, and later and blessing of the Jerusalem patriarch on monastic order creation new type - a knightly award poor men of Jesus Christ Battling together .
It happens in 1118, and it is considered to be this date date of the basis of an award tamplierov.
the Emperor has taken away to battling poor men the house of the canon located on a place of destroyed Jerusalem Hrama Solomona. Confirm, as if in such place it is impossible to appear casually. The temple of Solomona was considered at all times hardly probable not as the main occult centre of the world. In its honour of knights of a new award began to name hramovnikami, knights of the Temple.
Bernard Klervossky subsequently canonised by church, has made for tamplierov the charter. Henceforth the behaviour of knights should be defined by seventy two rules. They have not the right to have any property - it passes in exclusive possession of an award. Tampliery are obliged to carry a simple cassock and not to shave a beard. Without undressing, to sleep on a straw mattress, covering a body with only one blanket. The meal should pass in silence, one bowl for two, meat - not more often three times a week was resolved only. And, certainly, any women.
they are covered by a dust, their armour and a helmet are dark, - sacred Bernard wrote, - neither silver, nor gold does not decorate their modest arms .
the Unique joy tamplierov there was a war. The charter forbade soldiers to surrender in a captivity, and allowed to recede only in case the opponent surpassed them three times. The belief and the knightly code of honour created that contempt for death for which crusades have become famous. When at a siege Mansura Louis IX has asked about the brother, the column d`artua, the officer standing nearby has answered:
- your Majesty, at me for you a good news. The count for certain already in Paradise.
the European monarchs began to give willingly to an award the boundary earths which could be protected from moors, only using military art hramovnikov. In 1139 the Father has given to an award exclusive economic privileges, including clearing from church desjatiny and monopoly for swimming across Mediterranean sea.
it has put riches and power basis tamplierov. The riches which have been saved up by them for two centuries of existence, were enormous: tampliery minted own silver coin, financed construction about hundred Gothic cathedrals, in one only to Europe have erected about ten thousand residences - komandorstv. The award completely supervised economy of Portugal and Spain and actively influenced financial life of continental Europe. They owned France undividedly: the royal treasurer was a member of an award and submitted to its Master. The state treasury was stored in Parisian komandorstve.
Legends repeated: tampliery have opened a philosophers` stone, tampliery have found out in Palestin treasures of tsar Solomona, tampliery have seized ancient Arabian magic and used it for enrichment, tampliery have found a sea way to America where developed silver deposits in territory of empires of Aztecs and inkov.
Hardly we when - nibud learn all truth about what mysterious ways filled award treasuries. One is authentically known only: hramovnikam it was possible to become the largest bankers of the Middle Ages.
the Knight, going to a crusade, or the pilgrim, wishing to visit the Sacred Earth, feeling need in available funds and not wishing to subject to their falsities of main roads, addressed to them. On the security of the property - the earths, locks, gold - they received the manuscript. On it the sum which its holder could receive in any of komandorstv awards, a dense network covered Europe and the Near East was designated. With the press in the form of well-known tamplierskogo a web-footed cross it is considered to be this paper the first banker`s check in the history of a finance.
full of belief and courage knights and pilgrims went to the Sacred Earth on fight with the incorrect. Certainly, they could and not return. Or to return in many years during which their money was multiplied, given on credit to kings, aristocrats, clergy, jewellers and trading people. Percent, and considerable the award, certainly, received.
the Skilful credit policy supported with armed power, was combined with a number of others services which the award rendered to the clients. So, the considerable profit was brought to an award by the protection rendered to dealers and handicraftsmen, located on its earths.
in the end of the thirteenth century crusaders have left Palestin: war with Arabs has come to the end with defeat. Created for a gain of the Sacred Earth, tampliery have for a short while endured its loss.
first nothing foretold accidents. In 1291 Great Master Jacque de Mole and an award management have located in Cyprus presented by it by the Father. And king Phillip Beautiful has undertaken IV persevering, but for the time being delicate, attempt to enter an award. Having scented desire to establish control over their activity, tampliery have refused. Phillip has not forgiven. Besides having run into debt tamplieram the fair sum, apparently, it has not been too adjusted it to return. And still it conducted dragged-out war with England, suppressed revolt in Flanders, it really painfully needed money.
at first, having used the rights of royal stamping, it has secretly let out coins with the lowered maintenance of gold and silver. Has then plundered lombardskih bankers, taking huge loans, and then having refused to pay under bills. Has expelled from the country of Jews, preliminary having confiscated property. The following had appeared tampliery.
King Phillip has played a trump card, using adverse hearings for an award, for a long time already going in Europe. Confirmed, as if among tamplierov has widely extended muzhelozhstvo as if they have entered secret relations with sects izmailitov and gashishinov, having changed Christian belief, became heretics. Said even as if gashishiny consisted on secret service at tamplierov and paid them a tribute.
Father Kliment V, the Frenchman who has received papacy not without means of the French king, has ordered to Jacque de to Mole to transfer residence from Cyprus to Avignon, is ostensibly closer to the Holy See, then were in Avignon. There de Mole also has been arrested in 1307, and the king has given the order on mass arrests of members of an award.
the riddles giving open space for various interpretation Here begin. Warned in advance about reprisals tampliery did not try to disappear; fine soldiers, they did not render resistance at arrest, and after arrest have confessed in all that to them has been incriminated.
from reports of interrogations - unique materials which historians have - it is known about several covered vehicles which have been taken secretly out from Paris on the eve of arrest tamplierov under escort of forty two knights. That hastened to rescue hramovniki: sacred relics? Award archive? Results of esoteric researches? Money?
the Point of destination is shrouded not by smaller secret: whether there was it one of locks in Portugal where tampliery continued still some time to hold positions, or a secret refuge in France, or - who knows? - Legendary colonies hramovnikov in Mexico or Peru?
there are certificates, authentic is faster more, rather than less according to which vehicles saw in La - Rosheli where their contents have been shipped on galleys. According to one of versions, the part tamplierov managed to run to Scotland where they have appeared forerunners of a freemasonry. Pamjatuja about a commercial grasp which is shown by masons, at least last two hundred years, quite probably what exactly they have appeared worthy successors of an award.
in inquisition hands tampliery have confessed not only in drunkenness and muzhelozhstve which attributed it hearings, but also that worshipped to the Devil, in shape of a black cat . Kliment V has dismissed an award, the king of France triumphed a victory.
the Great master de Mole however has publicly declared that tampliery are guilty exclusively that from cowardice have betrayed the Temple - admitted sins in which were not guilty. It and unique Dzhefri which have followed to its example de Sharne on a decline of the same day have been burnt. Before death the Master has damned the Father who has condemned it to death and king Phillip. As if confirming to innocence tamplierov both that, and another within a year have suddenly died.
seven centuries since this fire scientists, swindlers and the adventurers simply eager for adventures and to money people aspire to find award treasures. Excavation in Scotland and Portugal was undertaken. The small village Rennes - le - Shato in foothills of the Pyrenees on the earths of ancient Languedoc became object of pilgrimage. In it ruins komandorstva - one of last bases of an award have remained.
to Rennes - le - Shato on a twentieth century boundary as - that has absolutely suddenly grown rich the poor parish priest. During church repair, assorting an altar, it has found documents of an award which have suddenly opened to it doors in the higher political light in a hiding place.
to Rennes - le - Shato, was for the present live its successor - the servant, nazi archeologists were. Their works proceeded four years and have come to the end only in the end of the Second World War. The management of the Third Reich authorised a number of secret researches among which as it became known today, there were also searches of treasures tamplierov.
the Inheritance of knights of the Temple so also is not revealed. Till today, according to the German poet, it will equally chafe both the most raised, and the most low souls .