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On road of disappointments again, fascinated, I will pass...
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On road of disappointments again, fascinated, I will pass...

Last weeks our correspondents were possible manage the investment portfolio from crash. Inevitable losses, truth, all of us - taki have incurred. Masha Bezvinnoj`s experiences from - for purchases of actions “ MMM “ and “ unworthy “ behaviour of mister Mavrodi us have not rescued. However Masha`s partners in game have appeared the present gentlemen - reproach words. And MICHAEL KORABLEV disposing of a package this week, is full of determination of the Car flaws to correct, and our incomes to increase greatly. He considers that it will be possible to it.

ΒΫΝΞΡ1: That Michael Korablev from Masha Bezvinnoj
has received Actions
GUM of 11 actions on 16,2 thousand rbl.
Khoper - the Classic of 300 actions on 562 rbl.
OLBI - the Diplomat of 4 actions on 10,5 thousand rbl.
the Automobile standard of 4 actions on 15 thousand rbl.
MMM 10 actions on 1 thousand rbl.
the Deposit in OLBI - the Diplomat of $200
the Rouble reserve of 224,68 thousand rbl.
Total: 1303,48 thousand rbl.

so seems To me that our Masha for a month rather has grown wiser. Therefore streams of reproaches which she from us waited, at all will not be. Well, has lost once again a few money for a ballyhoo round elections. It doesn`t matter - we will earn still. Many, to tell the truth, have counted upon return of means from “ MMM “ at least and as an advertising gimmick. For trust do not reproach, without belief it is impossible. But all - taki if you deal with the Russian stock market, it is necessary to approach to statements of heads of firms is more critical.
what to do now with it “ MMM “ I, as well as millions investors, too do not know - to sell for one thousand sense was not present any, better simply to throw out, though, on the other hand, probably, Masha has any reasons in this respect, here start up she next time with them and understands. As a last resort we will leave them for memory of Great Piramide Mavrodi though for this purpose it would be more preferable to buy tickets - from them registration more colourfully...
to buy three hundred actions “ Khoper - the Classic “ on - to mine, was rather risky: he is engaged in what trade? Something of any shop “ Hopra “ It is not visible. The sensation that the basic line of activity of all " is created; Hoprov “ - trade in tea (and mainly Krasnodar). They However grow not bad, therefore to sell them I will not begin. Anyway too frequent shake-ups of a portfolio do not go to it on advantage: we lose money for a difference between purchase and sale.
and here actions “ OLBI - the Diplomat “ me it is definitive “ have finished “ - not only that do not grow, they have fallen already below face value. It is necessary to hasten, while though something to receive for them it is possible.
I go since morning before on RTSB. The stock exchange is opened, but it is few people. Brokers yet have not started to perform operation and are occupied by that tablets with the prices place. While I search for the buyer on my four actions OLBI, to me some times try vsuchit old tickets “ MMM “. Thanks, are not necessary. By the way, the certificates of actions bought by Masha “ MMM “ all - taki have risen in price already for hundred roubles (!) And now there are one thousand hundred. Certainly, special value to give to it it is not necessary - “ the Telemarket “ some months in the same way is in agony: that will rise roubles on hundred again will crash downwards.
By the way I notice that for bought by me it is personal “ the Automobile standard “ anybody at a stock exchange does not give more face value. Purchase of these actions, I repent, was my error. I have incorrectly estimated conditions in stock market, having decided that two - three weeks for end “ promotions “ the actions it will be too little. Despite autumn decrease in temperature, processes of a birth and  destruction of the financial companies have gone much faster. However “ the Automobile standard “ at below cost price to sell I consider premature as there is a chance that will soon renew buying up.
in general, having surveyed all stock exchange, I find at last the broker buying OLBI. On the tablet at it the following information: “ Purchase - 8. Sale - 10 “ . He asks about quantity of actions. “ four “ “ Four thousand? “ - yours faithfully in a voice asks again. “ yes is not present, four actions “. Here it stops the auction and declares that eight - last word. What to do, it is necessary to agree.
the situation with actions OLBI is twice unpleasant to me, as I have put in due time two hundred dollars on the electronic card with the same name, and this week just term of payment with percent - as though there were no delays. After all the company which does not worry about the shareholders, quite can manage also with the investors. Therefore, when I approach to office OLBI on Majakovke, on a shower at me is restless. About doors behind which give out money, there is long enough turn. Having waited for minutes forty and having re-read all fair brochures, I get inside and after filling of several pieces of paper I receive - taki the money - two hundred dollars and two more and a half dollar of percent. What there Danilin spoke, it is absolutely quite good: on these dollars, considering growth of currency quotations for a month, we have earned 104 % annual.
in general, in view of full uncertainty in the market of all of these “ national “ the companies, I have decided to find any other directions for investments. The first that comes to mind - to put up money in the action of the privatised enterprises. Only also you hear about unknown launch of actions of KamAZa, “ Gazprom “ “ Rostelecom “ and others. But it has appeared that with two hundred dollars in this market there is simply nothing to do: cost of the minimum share holdings of these companies offered by broker firms, as a rule, exceeds ten millions roubles. The same few actions which are accessible to us, are on sale with such difference between the buying up and sale price (sometimes six times) that, buy I them, we should wait very long while we can return the enclosed sum, especially considering that euphoria in this market has already taken place also some papers already have gone downwards.
profitableness of state credit obligations, and an investment in the state promissory notes unreliable Lately has considerably grown will not name. Certainly, I could not buy them directly at auction, therefore have decided to address in the banks selling state credit obligations to private persons. I find out that bank “ Jugorsky “ works under the following scheme: the monetary pool from means of private investors which is invested in state credit obligations gathers. On the involved means the guaranteed income is paid, and in case of successful game on bonds the additional profit shares in a certain parity between bank and the investor. Reasonable enough compromise between profitableness and risk. But, unfortunately, I could not use this possibility, as the minimum sum necessary for the conclusion trastovogo of the contract, - 5 million roubles.
after all these failures I stayed in gloomy enough mood - similar, small investor has no place to put up more money, except as in joint-stock company tickets “ MMM “?
Perhaps, from MMM to us to pass to two M? The company “ Media of Mehaniks the Capital “ (in MM common people) has begun placing of the actions. Yes, certainly, actions of the venture company is to you not state credit obligations, risk to lose all here it is rather great, but the profit promised by firm, 50 % annual in currency, much more above, than the income under state credit obligations. CD manufacture - ROMξβ, than also is engaged “ Mehaniks “ business perspective also should be profitable enough.
the Russian national commercial bank which sells them under the contract with the company in the Arbat branch is engaged in distribution of shares of company. It is well, wise - bank known and in swindles any not begins to participate. By the way, on the way to RNKB I have come into the book House on New Arbate. As which - that in software I understand, I can tell that the programs made “ Media of Mehaniks “ are interesting enough and, the main thing, are quite real. Except the software products, CDs - ROMϋ other manufacturers (games especially were pleasant to me, but it only in secret) there are on sale.
In share shop RNKB all as is necessary - import furniture, office equipment, on walls the information about " weighs; Media of Mehaniks “ (any other actions here are not engaged). The price of sale of actions is specified In a board - 39240 roubles or $12. 65, and for owners varrantov they are on sale at a discount for $11. That for varranty such not clear, I ask. It appears, that who gets a compact - disks in shops “ Media of Mehaniks “ The right to a discount is given at purchase of actions in the form of this most varranta. But while CD purchase - ROM the disk drive is not for me the first necessity so discounts will not give to me. The most interesting that the system of discounts operates and in the opposite direction - shareholders can buy multimedia in shops more cheaply, having shown actions. One is not clear - at what price the share shop accepts these actions. Operatsionistka to me has explained that RNKB is engaged only in placing, instead of stock quote “ Media of Mehaniks “ to quote actions it is supposed only at a stock exchange. On the one hand, I think, the risk of a collapse of actions at a stock exchange is high, but on the other hand, taking shares of the self-quoted company risk even more. In general, I have decided to take four shares of this company on 157 420 roubles. However, actions to me on hands do not give out, and write out the certificate on possession of actions (by the way, bank “ Capital “ Quoting actions GUMa applies the same scheme) which will be obmenen on paper actions after November, 20th. On - visible, a management “ Media of Mehaniks “ has decided not to admit occurrence of the secondary market of the actions before auction on RTSB on November, 21st which should define a course of these papers. I think that it is quite reasonable step giving the grounds to hope that small speculators will not bring down the price before auction.
two hundred dollars start up while will lie down, I will not put anywhere them - they and in itself make profit, and here a part of roubles, yet late, has translated in dollars, having bought $20 - who knows, instead of whether will solve in Lobov`s commission to deprive Maxim Danilin of the right to go to exchange offices that it has made profit of gamble by currency in day of crisis on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange.
as a result, despite all troubles with actions OLBI and “ the Automobile standard “ thanks to growth of actions GUMa and “ Khoper - the Classic “ and also to payments under the contribution in “ OLBI - the Diplomat “ rouble cost of a portfolio has increased by 0,95 %, currency growth from - for almost invariable quotations of dollar in exchange offices this week almost coincides with rouble - 0,85 %. More shortly, we mark time. But here there`s nothing to be done - a conjuncture. I should recognise, this time we are obliged by all profit to Masha Bezvinnoj who has taken the most fast-growing shares GUMa and “ Hopra “. Severity for the sake of I will notice that, as actions “ Media of Mehaniks “ yet have not started to be quoted actively in the secondary market, at calculation of cost of these actions I considered their selling, instead of liquidating cost, but I do not think that it will give too big computing error.
I consider that have not bad worked over portfolio stabilisation, truth, to me was not possible to find application of the liberated two hundred dollars, but, at least, now at Maxim hands are completely untied.
ΒΫΝΞΡ2: That Michael Korablev Maxim Danilin
transfers Actions
GUM of 11 actions on 17,5 thousand rbl.
Khoper - the Classic of 300 actions on 593 rbl.
to Media Mehaniks 4 actions on 39240 rbl.
the Automobile standard of 4 actions on 10 thousand rbl.
MMM 10 actions on 1,1 thousand rbl.
the Dollar reserve of $222,5
the Rouble reserve 36720 rbl.
Total: 1315955 rbl.