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Tsss... Do not awake dollar!
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Tsss... Do not awake dollar!

Having located on Friday, on November, 4th, on a mark 3102 rub/ $, the dollar exchange rate in relation to rouble remained all next week invariable. Against relative stability the difference between courses of buying up and sale of cash dollar became even less. It means, as to buy, and it became more favourable to sell dollars.

Far away you will go - you will take
As a whole cash courses for the past week practically have not changed more: dollar sold from 3130 to 3280 roubles, bought from 2700 to 3115. At the same time separate banks - for example, the Native land ATIS, the Credit - Moscow have lowered dollar exchange rates accordingly on 10, 10 and 20 points. On the contrary, purchase courses in banks ATIS, Avtobank and Menatep have increased accordingly by 40, 10 and 20 points.
unlike the Moscow currency market, which possibility in sense of game on courses recently are rather limited, inter-regional gamble on - former made profit. Last week most cheaply cash dollar cost in Moscow and in the western regions of Russia. For example, having bought one thousand American dollars in Moscow Tehnobanke (at the rate of 3130 rbl./ $) and having sold it in Tomsk bank Tom` at the rate of 3180 rbl./ $, you would get profit in 50 thousand
More interesting, from the point of view of income reception, there was a scheme with DM participation. Buying 1000 DM at the rate of 2045 rbl./ DM in Ryazan Prio - Vneshtorgbanke, and then selling it in Kubanbanke on 2140 rbl./ DM, dirty (without fare) the income made 95 thousand roubles. If the owner all the same DM1000, bought in Ryazan, has dared to reach to Tomsk or to it was on the way, in local bank Tom` them accepted on 2160 rbl./ DM. Thus the income (again - taki dirty ) Increased to 115 thousand roubles.
on - former interesting there was for currency players a route Moscow - Petersburg . In banks of these cities game possibility was given, say, by pound English courses. For example, 44 thousand roubles could be received on each one million, having gone in S - Petersburg and having bought there English pounds in Northern trading bank at the rate of 4720 rbl./ pound. The bought pounds could be exchanged back for roubles at the rate of 4930 in the Moscow bank the Russian credit .
the Capital market soft currencies for a week has not changed almost. In particular, the scheme with Ukrainian karbovantsami, offered by us in the previous number " continued to operate; Money : operating with the sum of one million roubles, it was possible to buy karbovantsy on 3,5 roubles in bank Capital and to sell at the rate of 3,7 in the Russian credit . The profit in this case will make 57 thousand roubles on the enclosed one million. If you were going to visit one of the former union republics we will remind that on - former in Moscow more favourable rates of sale Latvian latov, the Lithuanian lits, Estonian crones and the Kazakh tenges. For example, if you manage to buy in Moscow the Latvian armour at the rate of 5769 roubles for an armour (bank Capital ), you will save on each one million to 300 thousand roubles, since in the Latvia you buy an armour at the rate of 1020 rub/ an armour (see the table Cash exchange rates soft currencies... ) .

the Western courses: have caught up and have overtaken
In the international currency markets of a position of dollar have become stronger a little, and though last Tuesday, on November, 8th, the dollar has fallen in relation to DM and Japanese yen to 1,5095 and 97,02 accordingly on Thursday again has won left was positions and has risen to level 1,5265 DM/ $ and 97,67 yens/ $. Accordingly cash mark and yen in the western banks has even more fallen in price in comparison with the last week. By the way, last week clients of bank the Farmstead had an opportunity to use changes cross-country - courses of foreign currencies at management of the multiple currency account (the material about bank " see; the Farmstead in this issue of the magazine).
In Moscow cash cross-country - courses remained practically without change. In this connection some kinds of currencies, for example, for the first time for last three months became more favourable for buying DM and the Swiss francs not in Moscow, and in Germany and in Switzerland.
by November, 10th in Moscow the Japanese yen and the French franc have appeared cheaper. For example, the yen in Tehnobanke could be bought at the rate of 97,03 yens for dollar and to save to 25 dollars on each one thousand, rather than buying yens in Japan at the rate of Bank of Tokyo 94,08 (see the table Exchange rates of 1 US dollar... ) .
the Same who remained in Russia and with predilection watched change cross-country - courses in the Moscow commercial banks, possibly, have noted a rise in price of English pound sterling. If two weeks ago you have guessed to exchange one thousand American dollars for English pounds sterling in Tehnobanke at the rate of 0,71, that, having made return operation last week in Mytishchinsky commercial bank (at the rate of 0,62), instead of one thousand dollars the player received $1145 (i.e. $145 of net profit).
the Income of game on a difference firm currencies it was possible to receive and within one day. For this purpose it was necessary to buy on one thousand dollars of 640 English pounds sterling in Tehnobanke. And then not to be too lazy and go to Mytischi situated near Moscow where return operation (transfer of this sum of pounds in dollars at the rate of 0,62 pound/ $) in Mytishchinsky commercial bank would make profit in $32.

Seven in one, or News from IBS
That from us to whom operations on exchange were remembered by tiresome expectation and a crowd in exchange offices, and can be, fastidiousness of cashiers, news from firm IBS is necessary obviously to liking. IBS together with the Moscow city bank last week in building TSUMa has established the new automatic exchange office intended for exchange. Till now in territory of Moscow worked only three similar automatic machines. The first has been established by bank Capital in GUMe, the second and the third - the Savings Bank in shops Office Club and Union (is more detailed how to use automatic machines, we will tell in the following number Money ).