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Purchase of the stolen cars

Have bought the car? It does not mean yet that it yours
  Purchase of the stolen cars

Have bought the car? It does not mean yet that it yours

to Buy a foreign car today it is not simple. And it is very simple. You go to the nearest motor show or in the same Southern port, - if have at yourself enough money leave back on Mercedes or BMW. However, as Michael Zhvanetsky, actually used to say all not how actually. Your pleasure of the owner of prestigious automodel easily can be replaced by sad meditations suspected of participation to to vehicle plunder . Therefore it is not out of place to know some nuances of a problem not to lose purchase and not to pay the large penalty.

Climb down, have arrived!
Past summer Sergey Ivanovich N (a surname it is not named for the clear reasons) has bought privately newcomer Mercedes - 190, and remained without wheels in the autumn. This day it has gone on a summer residence to close a season. On departure from a ring road it was stopped by the inspector of GAI. Has attentively studied documents, has rummaged in the motor then has dictated number of the engine and the case of a foreign car to someone on a portable radio set. In half an hour to a post there have arrived field investigators who have declared to Sergey Ivanovichu that it Mercedes is registered in search. In this connection militiamen declared a foreign car arrested, and Sergey Ivanovicha the arrested person before finding-out of circumstances.

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you can detain on suspicion in stealing
to Suspect you of using the stolen motor vehicle (on official terminology of militia - stolen ) Can on several parametres.
the first. The car with specified in units of your car numbers can be registered for a long time stolen both in our native federal search, and in Interpol lists. The Russian data contains not only in big the computers located on posts of a state traffic inspectorate, but also in onboard computers of cars of GAI (such computers ostensibly the next two years will already equip all cars of car inspection). Interpol data contain in the basis for the data to which has access any division of GAI.
the second. Numbers of units can appear interrupted. Not the fact that the employee of GAI can is approximately correct define a fake, but suspect you of it it is capable quite.
the Third. Documents on the car appear counterfeit.
in all cases result one: As car abduction - business criminal, you and your car necessarily deliver in the nearest police station, will transfer to local criminal investigation department and can detain for the term up to three days.
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Mercedes together with the owner has been delivered in the nearest branch. There Sergey Ivanovicha have in detail interrogated (whence the car where has bought at whom and other) and, having established that it quite legislative citizen, have released under a subscription about nevyezde. Upon detection of the stolen car militiamen have filed criminal charges, Mercedes have selected.

and the car where will put?
Now Sergey Ivanovich goes by a taxi. Recently it has visited in the well-known Mountain ash street. There the sediment bowl of the cars which were not pleasant to GAI is located. Sergey Ivanovich even saw behind a fence, among other withdrawn cars, the Mercedes which as it was informed by security guards, waits sendings to the initiator of search.
in general - that, with the arrested car police officers can arrive on - to a miscellaneous. If it is stolen in territory of Russia, it return to the owner. When the car is stolen from the country from which we are united by the corresponding contract through the Interpol it again - taki will find the former owner. The destiny of the car stolen in territory of the former USSR (and with the majority of republics Russia it is not connected by extradition treaties of stolen cars), depends on among themselves the Ministries of Internal Affairs of republics how much get on. For example, the Russian militiamen some times managed to agree with Kazakh about an exchange of the found motor vehicles, and with Chechen - never. Anyhow from - for a fence on new, but the purchase selected by militia you can have a look at parting in a sediment bowl in the street Mountain ash where drive not only parked not by car rules, but also selected, as registered in stealing.

Cuba - my love
Now to buy the car from hands dangerously, but sometimes it seems favourable. Especially if the car to you is offered by the good acquaintance. And if not so good? Then it is necessary to take an interest, whence the car. If to you offer from hands the car from the North Caucasus, Ukraine, the countries of Baltic and Kazakhstan it is better to refrain from purchase. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to 90 percent of the cars arriving on sale from these regions, stolen. As to Belarus - business is even more difficult. Any car costs there almost twice more cheaply, than in Moscow.
the big secret in it is not present. From the moment of falling of the Berlin wall Russian mafia began to steal actively cars from Europe to Russia. In the West soil for successful conducting this business representatives of criminal structures prepared Russia emigrated from the country and connected with contraband of antiques. A part of the capitals, and also communications with customs and local law enforcement bodies they have enclosed in stealings. The lion`s share of cars of girlfriend in the Western Germany, and began to steal from Poland and Czechoslovakia, recently from Italy, Switzerland, Yugoslavia later. Conducting operations in Yugoslavia promoted that in many cities of an autocard file has been almost destroyed, and to overtake a car under counterfeit documents therefrom it became simple, especially in a wave of refugees.
scales of it business in 1990 representatives of the Interpol have estimated: almost 80 % of the foreign cars which are going for a drive on the Union, are stolen in Europe. Since then the situation has a little changed. No, the quantity of the stolen cars from Europe was not reduced, and even has increased. But now level of interaction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the Interpol has sharply increased, and Interpol data contain in the basis for the data to which has access any division of GAI.
by the way, it car thieves have felt also. Here what history could be heard from the person who was called as Boris who overtook from Czechoslovakia to Russia the stolen foreign cars:
My route began in Slovakia where I reached at the expense of Slovak criminal structures. They met me, gave the car and documents on it, I paid in it dollars under the preliminary arrangement. For example, for BMW of the fifth series of 1989 of release with run about 20 thousand kilometres - $4 - 5 thousand Slovaks answered also for painless crossing of border - provided control passage. If suddenly the car selected, as stolen, duties of Slovak partners included my clearing from hands of local law enforcement bodies and returning of money. But I do not know cases that somebody detained. And travel on domestic territory is already my problems. Cars basically drove to the Caucasian republics where on them great demand, and the militia there winks on stolen wheelbarrows . Recently I have left this business because on borders began to check cars on interpolovskim to catalogues of stolen cars. It became more dangerous to work .
From here the conclusion - is more safe for buying wheelbarrows stolen in the countries which are not included into the Interpol. For example, from Cuba or the North Korea. Or from the countries of the Near East, for example Lebanon, at last, all the same Yugoslavia. Anyhow, we will remind: if buy the car from hands, chances of compensation of a damage at you are not present. Another matter if have bought the stolen car in any motor show.

criminality nurseries became better, than were
Now militia consoles citizens in that recently motor shows have ceased to be those nurseries of criminality what were still couple of years back. If this year the Moscow criminal investigation department has revealed only 100 stolen cars which were then are realised through motor shows in 1991 this quantity was estimated in several hundreds. The matter is that earlier trade in cars any firm which is engaged " could; trading - purchasing activity . Now on sale of cars the licence is necessary. The salon having such licence is responsible for the goods sold by it that is why businessmen to sell stolen cars simply not favourably.

the BEGINNING of CARRYING out Motor shows, parking and the enterprises of car-care centre of Moscow, the come into the view militias for last 2 months
on September, 8th from territory of car-care centre of joint-stock company Balashikha - the Harmony (Balashikha Moscow Region) militiamen have withdrawn two stolen VAZ - 21011.
This very day in Moscow on parking place Yasenevo - 15 (the Jasenevsky parkway, 3) is found a wanted car VAZ - 2106.
on September, 20th field investigators have withdrawn from a motor show the Sir (the Paveletsky area, 1) a wanted minibus of Volkswagen, two more minibuses with interrupted numbers, BMW car - 318 with the digested panel with numbers of units, Audi - 80 without state numbers, and also two cars Mercedes - 230, 300, Volkswagen Passat and BMW - 320 (at them numbers of units have been changed).
on September, 28th on private parking place at house N 23 on Berezhkovsky quay BMW car - 316 with interrupted numbers has been found.
on September, 22nd on parking place in the street Vvedensky, 21, militiamen have found three cars of BMW - 735, 525 and 520 at which doors have been broken and numbers of units are changed.
on October, 7th the militia has performed operation on a spontaneous car market in settlement Kotelniki of Ljuberetsky area of Moscow Region. As a result four cars are confiscated from dealers (VAZ - 2104, Mercedes - 250D, BMW - 318 and ZAZ - 1102) which have been stolen in capital.
on October, 14th at motor show check Sargon (Vernadsky`s prospectus, 135) employees of Moscow criminal investigation department have found out and have withdrawn two cars Mercedes - 300 and 260, and also BMW - 525. At cars numbers of units have been changed and there were no accompanying documents.
on October, 22nd militiamen have withdrawn from car-care centre (the Leningrad highway, 16) four motor vehicles of BMW, Mercedes - 230 and Jeep with interrupted numbers. The CARRYING out END

What to do, if you have appeared in a similar situation
If you have bought the stolen car from a private trader and militias have got, can calm one. Without your own recognition in participation in stealing any article Criminally - the remedial code (kasaemaja stealing of cars) will not work. After all even last formulation of the amendment to UPK (article 212 tonics ) Says that stealing of transport unit can be carried out not for the purpose of plunder - has borrowed another`s car urgently to bring the wife to maternity home, for example. You will release, but the car will confiscate. And, as it is sad, will necessarily fine you for 50 minimum salaries (now it more than one million roubles). To return the money spent for purchase of the car, it will not be possible. Another matter if the stolen car is got at the legal person, for example, a motor show. The victim can bring an action against this establishment so-called regressnyj the claim.
it is impossible to forget, of course, that from - for trade in stolen cars, maybe, will close a motor show, and its accounts will arrest. It occurs, if the consequence proves that employees of salon knew in advance that get stolen a wheelbarrow . Or police officers caught salon on such trade repeatedly. Then it is necessary for you to put in the statement in the Department of Internal Affairs which is engaged in investigation, or in Office of Public Prosecutor. When the court recognises that the motor show was engaged in activity illegal, and the sentence will pronounce, the arrested accounts will be defrozen and from them will start to return money to the deceived clients. For you it is better, if any suspicions concerning an origin of your car arise at you before official registration of papers on its acquisition, instead of later.

One has thought up a wheel, - as it to remove another
More recently employees of Management on economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region have faced essentially new kind of autoswindle. It looks as follows. The citizen of any West European state (more often Germany) comes to Russia by the car in advance insured the house. Usually it is cars of marks of BMW, Mercedes and Audi at the age of one - two years. Having arrived to Moscow or Moscow suburbs, the tourist enters arrangement to any local criminal grouping. And further there is a following. The Russian gangsters dramatize foreign car stealing. The owner of the car receives for it from them the commission fee which size can fluctuate from 30 to 40 percent from real cost of the car.
after stealing the owner not always addresses in militia (God forbid, will find), and urgently decreases home. But happens that in law enforcement bodies he nevertheless addresses - in that case when it is assured that have hidden the car reliably. In the homeland it receives the insurance. It is curious that the West European insurance companies practically never check the information on stealing in Russia. In the meantime here on the car change numbers, forge documents on it and expose on sale in Southern port of capital.
As the price for the similar car is established below market it is not necessary to wait for buyers. To everyone wishing to get a foreign car gangsters offer at the same time and to clear it within several days. Legal such operation occupies a lot of time and costs expensively enough - 5 EKU for one cubic centimetre of volume of the engine that on the average will manage to the owner in some thousand US dollars. Similar service criminals suggest to issue all for $2 - 3 thousand Sometimes to give solidity to the offer, they show to the client of the certificate of customs officers which, however, anybody and never checks. Naturally, all customs documents counterfeit, no less than that swindlers give out to buyers on the car. The same illegal services are given and on militian channels: There were cases when cars were made out through GAI branches, without payment of duties, and subsequently internal checks revealed these infringements.
the destiny of the owner of such foreign car, if its car police officers nevertheless " is sad; will calculate . For using not cleared car it select (in favour of the state) and impose on the owner the penalty at a rate of several millions roubles (the penalty sum will establish in GAI, depending on car mark). Only this year in Moscow suburbs in this situation have appeared more than 30 motorists. Everything, according to militia, about 50 % of all foreign cars available in Moscow Region have got in withtranu bypassing customs rules. And any minute each of their owners can remain without wheels .
Till now completely police officers have not caught any of similar criminal groupings. Detained basically intermediaries. Therefore militiamen recommend to get cars not at private persons, and in motor shows as there trade in already cleared cars. If money for car purchase in a motor show does not suffice (there they more expensively, than in the market), it is necessary to remember the data of certificates of customs officers which offer you the help. In that case there is a small chance of criminals to catch.

In a word, now to remain on wheels you should put not less brains, than to the one who has invented a wheel.