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In your pocket will climb through the computer, but you will not notice it

In your pocket will climb through the computer, but you will not notice it

the unknown kind of larceny gets Into Russia from the West - computer hitherto. Through networks of commercial and state structures malefactors extract the secret information and use it for removal of money from bank accounts. Possessing technical possibility to remove the large sums from accounts of commercial and state banks, these people can put small or even average bank in very difficult situation. However, many of them prefer not to steal great sums at one stroke, and to put business so that, for example, from a great number of accounts, including from yours, dripped small and even the scanty sums, but it is regular and so that you and will not notice it. A name to new swindlers - hackers.

the Hacker (Hacker) - 1. The programmer, capable to make the program without preliminary working out and operatively to make corrections to the programs which do not have the documentation. 2. The computer swindler, the hunter behind the classified information.

Hackers pull on themselves Central Bank networks
the First sensational computer swindle in Russia there was a fraud of the Petersburg programmers. Some inhabitants of St.-Petersburg from the computer standing in apartment of one of them, have got into a database known kanadsko - the American information computer network Sprint Net. Petersburg umeltsy have deciphered codes of access to a data transmission network, and till now and it was not possible to establish, they pursued what specific goals as to use the valuable commercial information programmers were not in time. Employees of security service and protection of the information of company Sprint only could establish that someone from outside has interfered with their computer network.
however any responsibility for similar actions hackers have not incurred, as its Russian legislation, unlike American, does not provide. In the USA responsibility (including criminal) for plunder of intellectual property which can result not only in enormous penalties, but also (in especially serious cases) to imprisonment is provided. As to Petersburg hackers payment of network time which they used for opening of computer system became unique punishment for them.
it is necessary to notice that the Russian hackers in this case operated on davnym - for a long time nakatannomu in the West ways. Having learnt phone of a transatlantic information network, they have written the original program of effective selection of passwords and with its help have learnt input codes in Sprint Net. Through it they, again - taki having picked up passwords, have got access to confidential databases of the American and Canadian clients.
more recently ours, already enough competent hackers, have understood, how on computer games It is possible to be enriched fairly, and as at the expense of commercial structures (including banks), and at the expense of separate investors of these banks. In September of this year a little the Moscow hackers on a modem network have directed to the OPERA of the Savings Bank of Moscow false avizo for a total sum of 62 billion rbl. bank Security service has intercepted forgeries and has addressed in militia. While for swindlers searched, some more forgeries have come to the Savings Bank on 53 billion rbl. After that employees of bank and militiamen managed to establish the apartment address in which there was a computer with the built in modem. In November militiamen have appeared suddenly in apartment and have detained the woman sending electronic avizo, and two men helping to it.
according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, with 1992 - 1994 from bank structures criminals on false kreditovym avizo and to counterfeit memorial warrants it has been stolen more than 7 bln. rbl. In connection with growth of similar plunders in the end of 1993 in the Central Bank of Russia and regional RKTS computer systems of protection against false payment documents have been established. According to police officers, recently plunder of money by means of counterfeit payment documents left bank structures on essentially new level. Making use of experience of the western colleagues, criminals have learnt to overcome protection and to take root into telecommunication systems of banks. In one of cases through a new computer network of the Central Bank unknown malefactors tried to steal 68 billion rbl. But police officers managed to reveal in time plunder and to return all means in the Central Bank. According to the Central bank of Russia, quarterly comes to light fictitious payments on ten billions the roubles, which criminals introduce in a network of divisions of bank.
it is natural that the computer robbery of banks directly concerns their investors. Clearly that the bank which has lost the large sum of money from - for activity of hackers, cannot pay off in time with the clients. Till now anything similar has not occurred only because plunders with use of computer technics were made in big banks and from accounts of solid commercial structures. Besides similar plunders cannot be revealed at once. The qualified hacker is quite capable to draw out money not only from bank accounts of firms, but also from personal accounts of investors of bank. In Moscow some cases (their investigation still proceeds) when the hacker, having got access to computer system of bank are known, transferred money from accounts of several clients to the account.
however hackers are completely not Moscow sight: as we know, only for last month in several not Moscow branches of large commercial banks bank security services have fixed attempts of unapproved transfer of the large sums. In all cases employees of banks were accomplices of hackers.

the BEGINNING of CARRYING out Experience of foreign hackers - trailblazers
In the developed countries of an expert of hackers for a long time already has got scales of national disaster. And computer malefactors have reached such level of skill that two months ago have managed to get into computer systems of such serious companies, as world famous Boeing and national space agency of the USA - NASA. Till now experts of firm Boeing cannot precisely establish, whether there was it simple computer hooliganism or industrial espionage. As to NASA its main computer has been put out of action for the whole days by efforts of the hacker from Australia which has used for this purpose house a mackintosh .
In a role of hackers can act not only computer swindlers, but also programmers - employees. One of the known American banks several weeks ago has faced such case, employed the programmer for creation of system of protection of the information from hackers. The programmer has honesty executed the bank order, however has made to the program one small change: all residual means under transactions began to be listed into its personal account. Vigilant employees of tax police, however, have paid attention that in a short space of time the account of the ordinary programmer has grown on some tens millions dollars.
in the USA one more curious case has been fixed. the computer pirate Petersen which the American law enforcement bodies have lost track in October of last year, has put to computer systems various state and private concerns a damage estimated in several millions of dollars.
judging by an English press, recently and foggy Albion has faced revelry of computer criminality. In the last two days victims of hackers of a steel of thousand companies and private persons. Only one penetration into a computer network can manage to it in 28 thousand pounds sterling.
as to domestic hackers introduction in foreign systems for them - some kind of a hobby, after all in the West the tax police accurately traces unforeseen incomes on accounts of citizens. That is why it is clear that the hacker in the same America long will not hold on. At us, at present mullions-strong dollar movement in bank system to steal through the computer superfluous hundred - two hundred thousand dollars - it is much easier. The CARRYING out END

Protect the system, without departing from the computer
According to experts in the field of computer programming, the hacker can get into any system of protection of the information. More often the special program, which by a method of search of variants " is for this purpose created; calculates codes and with their help gets into the program, but there are kinds of protection of the computer information which can complicate to hackers life.
now there are two kinds of protection of computers from extraneous penetration. The first - protection of the closed systems, that is the information containing on the personal computer, not connected in a computer network. The second - protection of open systems. Can be thus protected as the whole network of computers (for example, established in bank), and the individual computer having an exit in any information network.
the first. Protection of the closed systems which basically physical persons have. Illegal copying of the information from similar system can cause to its owner very serious financial damage (in the event that you have brought the important commercial information or expensive program which can be sold with the big benefit in memory of the computer). However in this case is more or less effective ways of protection of your closed programs. First of all, by means of skilled experts you should enter the special program which will provide privacy of your password (that is a set of a code word or a set of figures), giving access to system into the computer. The first and most widespread way of protection of the program is installation of a special key (written down on usual a diskette).
the Second way of protection - key installation not on a diskette, and it is direct in the computer. In this case you cannot use your protection on different computers, but only on one concrete (the diskette is some kind of portable Key).
the Third way - the most difficult. And in this case the program is rigidly set to your personal computer. But that is extremely important, the program considers unique characteristics of your computer.
for a choice of system of protection and its installation it is necessary to address to experts. However all above-stated ways of protection as we already saw, unfortunately, do not give 100 - a percentage guarantee of reliability.

the BEGINNING of CARRYING out the Programs protecting from illegal copying:
Guard and Guard super
Stas - 3

the Open system too should be closed
As to open computer systems (that is connected to any information network or combined with other computers) essentially other kinds of protection here are used. As you have already understood, having the closed system, first of all it is necessary to secure yourself against illegal copying of programs. In open systems the probability of penetration of extraneous persons in your classified documents is high. To avoid this trouble, the whole complex of protective measures is required.
in - the first, it is necessary to limit access to the information for what it is required to create the program consisting of two keys - in the form of a surname and the password. To enter into this program it will be possible only after the owner of the computer will type established by it in the program a surname and the password. In - the second, it is necessary to establish the separate computer, which program will be exclusively focused on watching preservation of privacy of your information.
experts underline one circumstance. The probability of loss of the classified information is higher at those who is connected to e-mail and to global information network Internet. In these cases the hacker by means of these networks can get into your computer system. Unique circumstance which can serve for you as a consolation, poor quality of our telephone system is. Even if the hacker managed to get into your confidential files, it hardly can them to pump over in the computer through the modem connected to a telephone line.