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the season Has come to search for conveniences. In the country

the season Has come to search for conveniences. In the country

Apartment - apartment, and the house in the nearest Moscow suburbs anyway will not prevent. But whether it is necessary to reflect on it today, when till the summer as to the Moon, and in itself process of building and is not obviously possible at all - cold. Costs: right now the market of building of country habitation is in a condition of some hibernation before the next spring rise in price. After all on the average the building cost price in January, 1993 Made $120 for 1 sq. m., and in a year, in January 1994 has risen to $350. In couple of months this situation can repeat, therefore and it makes sense to be engaged on the eve of the next building season in search of contractors or a choice of a country cottage.

Kottedzh, system kottedzhej (from English cottage - manor, the house ) . - Taknazyvaetsja system of supply from the manufacturer of workers a premise for habitation, at chemnaemnaja the payment is subtracted izzarabotka. Contrary to a barracks way of life, kottedzhoboznachaet life of separate families in domah - osobnjakah. Each family, at this system, has the whenever possible supplied with a garden domik, at chemimeetsja in view of that in due course it will get it in the property. As conveniences of life vk, however, are not great., this thought can be carried out only in village, but not in a city where the prices of the ground areas are too high. Ktomu - only most favourably put workers mogutpitat hope priobrest in due course K vsobstvennost... . Brokgauzi Efron

a part the first. poseljane and poseljanki
the Cold in the street such what even to think of summer as - that is strange - to heat still half a year, at least. It now associates with apartment, a hot bathroom yes a cosy armchair more. In the country here - here snowdrifts nametet, and any thoughts on Moscow suburbs cause only an internal shiver. And in vain. After all only imagine, what miracle, when behind a window a such winter landscape with the frozen trees under snow caps, and in the house warmly and all near at hand. Izbavi God, anybody is going to poison to nobody soul, is not present - simply all this picture is quite entered in concept of the country house, named a cottage. And now it is a high time to try to save on this cottage $10, 20, and even 50 thousand (depending on that you are going to buy or construct): the spring will come also the present prices can remain only pleasant memoirs.
it is unconditional, least hlopotnym and the most tempting variant purchase or house building in cottage settlement is represented. After all that there is a cottage settlement - the civilisation islet which part is in your property. Really, except self-evident conveniences in the form of hot water, the water drain at all in a court yard, gas and even phone, you receive protection and a various infrastructure (shops, bars, sport centres and any other blessings of a civilisation). And the earth for firm settlements try to choose in places not too removed from Moscow, traditionally chosen by the Moscow elite, with convenient access roads, near to reservoirs. As a rule, the house is under construction on a site to 15 hundred parts. We will notice that cost of the earth at firms usually is included into total area price in 1 sq. m. Sometimes, but it is rare, the earth can be bought in addition.
there is in this variant of a solution of a problem with country habitation one more obvious plus - you will live among similar and feeling of social justice of compatriots if will appear, will lap where - that behind a settlement fence. However, you should pay for all these delights, it is expensive and even very much.
firm a site of settlement the price $/ 1 sq. m of a total area
the Alpha - settlement Rozhdestveno Estejt, 3 km from MKAD on Pjatnitsky highway, Moscow 2000 - 2500
Vega - About 48 km from MKAD on the Leningrad highway 350
Inteks of 15 km from MKAD on the Old Kaluga highway 800 - 1000
Menatep - RI 14 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway 1000
Rosinter of 15 km from MKAD on the Old Kaluga highway 300 - 400
Sapsan 40 - 50 km from MKAD, the Istrinsky water basin 400 - 800
settlement Opaliha Sapsan, 10 km from MKAD 1800 - 2000
SKM Zvenigorod 600
settlement Iksha SKM 750
settlement Krekshino Sojuzinterneshnl, 18 km from MKAD on the Kiev highway 800
settlement Kuntsevo Sojuzinterneshnl - 3, 1,5 km from MKAD 2500 - 3000
the System - Sigma - settlement Nahabino Service, 20 km from MKAD from 1000
Help - Rielti of 23 km from MKAD on the Ryazan highway or 28 km on Kashirsky highway 600

If you at all do not confuse these figures everything is all right - buy and live. Though before to carry out this the transaction of a century costs which - than to take an interest at firms - builders. For example how the cottage will look outside and inside. Often project of settlement provides one or several types of cottages, however internal re-planning can change according to your desire. A sauna, pool, a winter garden, the import kitchen and sanitary equipment, a parquet, fireplaces and much - many other things to you can make under the individual order or will specially write out from - for borders. There is one more moment to which should take an interest on the eve of purchase - gas and phone: there are settlements kept away from Moscow where the last are absent even in the long term.
At a settlement choice where you should buy the house, it is necessary to be guided by several criteria. First of all, of course, presence of experience of firm - the builder in this sphere. The most reliable firms conduct building putting the means or involving large investors, and not just means of clients. Important and at what stage of building is settlement. After all if you appear the first settler round-the-clock protection, and cafe and simply elementary conveniences it is necessary to wait for shops. However, firms usually already have any quantity of customers before begin building.
to pay to you it is necessary for all pleasures not at once, and gradually, but, we will notice, all financial calculations should be finished to house warming. The first payment to you will manage from 30 to 80 % from a total cost of a cottage though some firms are ready on entering of monthly stage-by-stage payment. If the advance payment is 100 - percentage the cottage as a result can manage to you on $20 - 25 more cheaply as its final price will be not not affected any more by a rise in price of building materials.
all it is infinitely tempting and as - that is too simple. Possibly, that is expensive. But after all we do not search for easy ways.

a part the second, fundamental
Cottage settlements all are good, but the prices... And in case you intend to save on house building you better independently to be engaged in all - since land buying and finishing building. That is, of course, to build to you most it is not necessary, and here to choose contractor and project better is independent. After all now in the market enough of firms and building brigades which can construct to you time country house in ones and a half works, and even two are cheaper, than if you buy a ready cottage in settlement.
firm the price, $/ sq. m the note
the New Russian House 400 - 600 from 100 sq. m, not further 60 km from Moscow, a bar, a brick
Kanopos 450 brick
the Trio 230 from 100 sq. m, furnish and communications for an additional payment, a brick
Sikeg Matirielz 250 - 300 without furnish and communications a brick, a tree
Engineering - building company HH1 of eyelids 400 without communications
the Tushinsky association

Such firms can be found 450 brick, a bar under numerous announcements, but, having gone on this way, it is better to be reinsured - after all a difference not only in the prices, but also in quality, experience of the contractor and volume of its services. Whether well it will want to connect to you the life (even on an insignificant interval of time) with firm which with pleasure will put the base and a box, and the rest will shift on your shoulders. The matter is that, already stipulating conditions of the forthcoming transaction, you should find out, whether the concrete contractor, for example, can bring communications. After all the majority of contractors with creation of communications prefer not to communicate, as has put it hlopotnoe and expensive (creation of communications can increase project cost in one and a half time).
Therefore it is primary, selecting a ground, try to choose something not so removed from settlements. In this case to bring water, gas and the water drain will be easier, closer, so, and is cheaper. But even in the event that the ground already is also it does not allow to solve a problem of leading of communications simply and quickly, be not afflicted. It is possible to address to services of firms which will put you in the house import independent systems. In this case the heating copper will manage in the sum nearby $8 thousand, and the independent water drain in limits $10 - 15 thousand
the Separate problem will appear internal and external furnish. Addressing in small civil engineering firms, you cannot count on riches of furnish and internal surroundings. Basically they will suggest to be limited vagonkoj as external furnish and a bar or a brick as the basic material. Terms of building at such contractors make from 2 till 6 months.
as to the ground area under the future cottage it is necessary to search for the earth through newspaper announcements. In this case it will be offered by private sellers - owners or intermediaries. It will appear more cheaply on 25 - 30 %, than to buy the land through firms. However in that case you risk to face swindle, therefore is better with the owner of land or with the intermediary to address in the realtor firm trading in the earth, with the request to issue the transaction in ground committee. It will manage to you in 300 - 700 dollars depending on site cost. If the big site - 20 - 40 hundred parts through announcements you it not to find is necessary to you: At private owners sites do not exceed 6 - 12 hundred parts more often. And firms buy up on some next sites for those who wants a magnificent garden with pool and other delights.
but after all actually there is also less thorny, truth, and more expensive way of creation of country residence - prefabricated houses. Remember sets of toy cubes from the childhood? If do not remember, your children for certain know that such a modular design. And so with prefabricated houses the same technology - ready parts of the house gather in a single whole, and the cottage is ready. It is necessary for time for its assemblage less, than at building time a brick, two brick - from 2 weeks till 3 months. And it is a lot of variants of such houses and on architectural style, and on a material of which blocks, and on " are made; to a stuffing . And the choice can be stopped as on houses of own, Russian manufacture, and on the modular designs brought from the USA, Europe and Canada. In last variant the house complete set assumes also all necessary additions in a kind sanitary technicians, the equipment and other.
firm metric area of houses in sq. m the price $/ sq. m of a total area
the American house 110 - 350 850 - 1400
Balchug Development 250 - 350 700 - 3000
Sapsan 300 - 450 900 - 1800
Thus the cost of internal and external furnish entering at total cost of the complete set, nearby $300 - 500 depending on breeds of a tree, the kitchen and sanitary equipment.
the Russian firms are offered also by various variants of prefabricated houses, truth, their level below western, but and the price corresponding. If the most simple small house is necessary, it is possible to buy easier complete set and to collect most. To you the firm - the supplier at home will be more difficult and more convenient to collect.
firm a building material metric area of houses, sq. m the price
August keramzitobetonnye plates 120 - 150 20 million rbl. (without delivery and installation)
Zelaks keramzitobetonnye the plates finished with a tree and a brick 203 - $216 32790 - 72400
Peak karkasno - bar-shaped modules 120 - 170 75 - 255 million rbl.
Region - 2 keramzitobetonnye plates 135 - 237 13 - 29 million rbl. (without delivery and installation)
the Center socially - housing programmes from a concrete monolith 50 - $300 300 for sq. m
In all cases, except the last, house cost does not include leading of communications

the Part the third, final. Happy end under a roof
As the advertising appeals of various firms much nevertheless are tempting prefer to address to private traders - they do not rent offices, taxes do not pay that is reflected and in the price. It is a lot of building brigades, including from the CIS countries. For today there are two groups potboilers are our compatriots and visiting workers from the countries of the former Union, basically from Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine in which you can safely pay for work in ones and a half - two times less, than to Russians.
in attraction of such labour there are pluses and minuses. In - the first, builders will perform works in the shortest terms and on the prices lower, than various private or state-owned firms. By the way, to make any official papers in this case it is unessential that means one: there is no contract - there are no also taxes. Besides conveniently and that you can supervise purchase of building materials, as at such scheme of work who pays, that and music orders .
the Prices here, frankly speaking, acceptable, and erection for 2,5 weeks of a box (about 100 sq. From a bar with a roof, windows, dvermi and elektrikoj can cost 8 - 10 million (without cost of building materials). At the same time the two-storeyed brick house nearby 150 - 200 sq. m with a cellar, furnish, the water drain, elektrikoj and heating can manage to you in $50 - 100 thousand In this case will be included in building cost also building materials.
however this way of selection of a brigade of builders is simple only at first sight. Before to start search free builders the burden of drawing up of the project, the estimate and all other necessary documents will fall down your shoulders to start building.
is in a situation with the building brigades which have been not burdened with obligations to the state, and the considerable minuses - guarantees on terms of building and its quality will not be. Therefore the general supervision of building should you personally or by your authorised representative to be carried out constantly. In this sense it is necessary not to address, perhaps, to the first brigade found through the announcements in newspapers. For certain among your acquaintances or their familiar acquaintances there will be somebody having experience in country building and a brigade of builders on a sign. Last variant is more successful in the respect that it is not necessary to buy a pig in a poke . But to walk on objects which are constructed by hands of your future contractors, nevertheless follows. In case acquaintances will introduce not private builders, and any firm, you are waited by the unique unpleasant moment - contract signing, and consequently, and all tax delights which will increase quotations for performed work, at least, in one and a half time.
more often building idet from a material of the customer (a brick or a bar), however some contractors can offer and the building materials. The fixed prices here are not present - all on a contract basis. And definitive cost of your house will depend on the project on which it will be under construction, thickness of walls, quantities of floors and overlappings, presence or absence of a ground floor and much - many other things. Certainly, the price is influenced also by appetites of the brigade. Some want, that you have solved a question of their placing and feeding, what even it is difficult to express in any sum as in this case, probably, nerves will appear more expensively money.
Agree, more it is pleasant to feel all in all this history that all depends on you and only from you (well and, certainly, from means available at your order). But still in a greater degree heats soul consciousness of that already by a following season it is possible to buy a lawn-mower. And new, 1996 - j to meet at that fluffy fur-tree from which, slightly having stiffened, it is possible to rush to a warm fireplace or an oven near which ice champagne will sparkle.