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Life and a purse for one card

Life and a purse for one card

to Protect money simply. The most important thing - for this purpose at all is unessential to reserve windows and doors or to wind the dwelling with alarm system wires. It is possible to place simply, for example, the condition in a small slice of plastic - a credit card. And by that to secure itself against thieves, biassed customs officers or, say, own absent-mindedness.
but whether you know that this slice of plastic can render advantage to your health. Such ability was received last week by cards STB emitted by bank Capital . While one client of the bank who has received by a card insurance compensation from accident was convinced of it only. However, today everyone can be insured. Such service just opened branch of bank in the street will render you, in particular, Chekhov.

the insurance by cards manages more cheaply
the Measured current of an exhibition Bank and office - 94 passing last week in Expocentre, it has been broken on November, 15th by unusual presentation. At the big congestion of the people to the owner of card STB (emitted, as it is known, bank Capital ) To Alexander Vanichevu a society the Ally has handed over $655 - the insurance from accident. About one month back g - n Vanichev has got to the accident, however the day before one of the first has bought for two dollars card the insurance policy.

insurance Joint-Stock Company the Ally it is registered in October, 1990. By the present moment its authorised capital stock makes 250 million roubles. Shareholders of a society are bank Capital joint-stock company STB - card the American insurance society American Fidelity International Holding, Open Company Firm Lizingservis Open Company megael .

As representatives of bank have explained, henceforth such service any buyer of card STB can use. For this purpose it is necessary for it to pay mentioned $2, to be exact - a rouble equivalent of this sum. Its surname will automatically get to database SAO the Ally - Since this moment he will be insured on $1000 (an equivalent in roubles).
all sum of the insurance will be paid only in a case, upasi God, a lethal outcome. And at loss, for example, a hand thumb the insurance society will pay to the victim of $200 (20 % from the insurance sum), at at least time loss of sense of smell - $100 (10 %), hearing - $300 (30 %), eyes - $600 (60 % from the sum).
the Named sums, certainly, do not apply for compensating expenses for recovery of health. And nevertheless, cost of similar policies of the insurance companies 10 times more. For example, in ASKO - Moscow the price of the similar insurance makes 1 % from the sum (in our case it would make $10). If the risk is reinsured, the price can reach to 10 - 15 %.

However, insurance policies and every possible privileges became already habitual attribute of those banks which care of a great demand on own cards. In particular, bank the Credit - Moscow offers in quality pleasant loading to owners Eurocard/ MasterCard world famous card ETN (European Travel Network) which includes the insurance policy from accidents, but also, gives every possible discounts for payment of hotels, the international negotiations and so forth (is more detailed - see Money N 4). Not less popular telephone Foncard, giving discounts for payment of telephone negotiations, offer now owners VISA of Inkombank and Kredobank.

Gold STB cheaply costs
If you have bought card STB - Card Gold which costs $260, in bank to you will give at once two insurance policies SAO the Ally : life insurance and health from accidents (the insurance sum - $30 thousand) And the policy of annual insurance of medical expenses at trips abroad (the insurance sum - $30 thousand) .
By the way, cards STB - Card Gold pleasantly differ, for example, from what are let out by world famous emitters. After all in most cases gold cards are presumed to itself(himself) far not by everyone. So, cost of reception VISA GOLD which are served by Inkombank, will make $250. However thus not reduced rest on the account for neklientov is established by Inkombanka at a rate of $10 000 (for clients of bank of such restrictions is not present). And the initial payment for card reception will make for clients and neklientov bank of $5000 and $10 000 accordingly.
gold Capital any deposit does not demand. However, STB - the cards intended only for circulation in Russia. Therefore their small price is quite clear. Conditions of insurance upon accidents by card Gold are similar to what are established for owners STB - card Classic.
At insurance of medical expenses abroad the company incurs the obligation to compensate cost of rendering of emergency medical aid. In hospitals the client will receive any medical services for the sum to $30 thousand. However if at it heavy chronic disease, how the president of the company " has explained has become aggravated; the Ally Victor Epstein, the patient, most likely, after rendering of the first medical aid and crisis overcoming will be transported home at the expense of the partner the Ally - French firm Group Hospitalization branch and Medical Services International (GHMSI). The Basic course of treatment it will pass all - taki in the homeland and, certainly, at own expense.
compensation of hospital expenses is made by the same GHMSI on the basis of the exposed accounts. GHMSI, belonging to the French financial insurance group Apri Inserance S. A. Has the right to place patients in hundreds the medical institutions located worldwide (including in the countries of Caribbean sea, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Near East, Australia and Ocenia).
For rendering of any medical aid the owner of a card needs to contact only the information centres located in Munich and Washington. There it is possible to find out, in what medical institution of a city you receive medical aid. Thus negotiations with information centres are paid by firm GHMSI.
to get on an appointment, it is necessary to show it an identification card which stands out together with insurance policies directly in bank.
the system of discounts by card Gold allows to insure on medical aid rendering abroad one child. For the second it is necessary to pay $85.
At last, owners STB - card Gold can not worry on the medical insurance, vital in case of a private trip (if the trip office, as a rule, incurs these expenses the organisation accepting you). At exit visa registration in embassy you will need to show only the policy of assurance of medical expenses at trips abroad.

tax inspection learns nothing
To be insured by cards Capital it is possible, in particular, in one of its new branches - the nineteenth under the account. Its magnificent opening has taken place not later than last week, to the address: Chekhov`s street, 24/ 2. In a building of this office found and modern, bank at once presented the Analytical centre on studying of the market of services to private persons. However, as it was found out, free consultations of analytics of bank will render only concerning services most Capital . Inquisitive clients of bank can find out, for example, an order of reception of credits for purchase of apartments, rent of safes, in particular, for the conclusion of transactions with real estate, checks of denominations on authenticity and so forth Consultations, in general, traditional for any bank working with private persons.
the recognition of experts of bank became pleasant unexpectedness on this background that they are ready to answer such formidable question: whether it is possible to avoid taxes?. However on a similar question of the correspondent Money advisers Capital again - taki have advised to store deposit money (naturally, in bank Capital ) - Percent on it - de are not assessed with the tax.
Certainly, the branch will give to the clients and a standard set of bank services, including any opening rouble and currency accounts, life insurance and property and even carrying out of utility bills. An important detail: at opening of currency accounts the bank from tax inspections does not demand any inquiries. At the same time Money already repeatedly wrote that many commercial banks, alas, have listened today to council of tax inspection and, before to open the currency account, order to bring the inquiry.
though the Central Bank, which one also regulates activity of banks, from them anything similar did not ask. Being guided by a principle that categorically is not forbidden " is not forbidden; Capital has decided not to burden itself with storage of the excessive documentation. But keep in mind: The bank will not forget to inform in interested bodies on receipt into your account of the sums exceeding 10 thousand dollars