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Christmas not far off. And time Christmas - means, vacation - rest from intense labour activity where - nibud in Paris, London or Miami.
the decision on rest should be accepted in advance, differently problems you will not be gathered. A question as with the least expenses of time, money and nerves to reach the corner of a planet chosen for rest, - completely not idle. It is possible to address, of course, in one of numerous travel agencies and then on you to fall down “ a complex set “ services, not all from which you will satisfy - that the hotel is not pleasant, the cultural program does not arrange. You will fly Besides, not “ when I want “ and together with amicable collective having a rest. And it is not always convenient. Besides, at all the fact that a group discount given by tourist agency more than the individual.
process of acquisition of air tickets is connected, frequently, with the greatest expenditure of nervous cages which, what there spoke if are restored extremely slowly. Besides, not out of place as it seems to us, would be to save bank notes. And if you have decided not to resort to any services, and to solve a question with tickets by own strength, to save you from unreasonable expenditure, and your nervous cages from burdensome process of restoration, we will dare to give some advice.

If you are not too puzzled by a problem of reception during the flight of a hot napkin separately printed by the menu in three languages and unlimited quantity of alcohol more than it is reasonable to use for flight expensive to heart of each Russian “ Aeroflot “. Benefit in this case is obvious: tickets “ Aeroflot “ where is cheaper, than at foreign airlines. Has put here not that “... Fly by planes “ Aeroflot “ and that you will manage to save money, kakovye then it will be possible to spend for survey of Paris from Tour d`Eiffel or walk to Niagara Falls.
in the company “ Aeroflot “ as well as in any another respecting and the clients of airline, extensive enough system of discounts and tariffs operates. We will make a reservation from the very beginning: as above-named “ Aeroflot “ - the company domestic anything domestic is not alien to this company. In particular - insuperable bent for to reforms. This draught in almost weekly change of discounts and tariffs is shown. In a greater degree this circumstance mentions tariffs.
that they raise and that it is connected with proceeding slipping of rouble clearly and to the baby. In this situation an exit one: each time, going to get the ticket for flight “ Aeroflot, “ it is necessary to receive all information concerning tariffs operating at present and discounts. These tariffs and discounts are in direct dependence on the chosen direction, a season of year and many other factors, to one “ to Aeroflot “ the known. Such information to you are obliged to give, and not in the oral form (to remember it in this case it will not be possible), and in written. It is clear that superfluous work is necessary to nobody, and you will try to get off. Nevertheless, having shown due persistence, to receive the information it is possible. That we to you also urgently recommend to make.
we Will admit that you managed to break resistance aeroflotovskih employees and to receive treasured leaflets with instructions of tariffs, discounts and the prices. But if you poorly represent, than the first class from business - a class differs that such PEX or APEX, you hardly will manage to derive from the received information the big benefit. That is why we result the short description of tariffs and the discounts which are in use and system “ Aeroflot “. The discount percent pays off particularly for each flight. The tariff less, the it is more than restrictions for the passenger concerning date of a trip, conditions of booking of the ticket, possibility of its delivery or an exchange and etc.
we Will begin with the first class - the most prestigious that is why the most expensive tariff, taking place to be on lines “ Aeroflot “. Under this tariff you can get the ticket in salon of the first class. These tickets can be returned or exchanged at any moment, thus almost completely having returned all cost. “ First-graders “ is basically well-founded businessmen. The question of money, as a rule, is not necessary: your firm pays for the ticket or (in case of an office trip), or if the purse allows, you. Having got the first class ticket, you receive weight of any advantages. Registration of the ticket and luggage registration occur separately from the general turn that saves a lot of time and nerves. In expectation of landing owners “ first class “ tickets while away time in a special hall of rest behind a coffee cup. In the plane they pass the first and the first leave salon after the arrival in airport of destination.
we fly ` with... The first class, however. The salon of the first class differs from others the big open space, than in business - or in economy class (see more low). During flight can glance in the menu brought to you. Cold dishes, hot dishes and other food - on a choice. However, if you want to take pleasure, say, in two hot dishes successively (“ Here, I want a chicken, and then to me still small fishes bring... “) That to you is polite, but will very convincingly refuse. Something one: as they say, make your choice. But alcohol can enjoy in any quantities, kakovye will consider pertinent. And the choice of the last is great enough. Agree, on travel by the first class there are delights and it is a lot of those. However, as it is known, free dinners does not happen: cost more expensive of first class tickets of all of the others.
tickets under the so-called tariff business - a class will more cheaply manage. Tickets business - a class the same as also the first, are subject to return or an exchange. This class, owing to those or other circumstances not had time to get tickets the well-founded businessmen mentioned above the Lord are in the habit to travel to the first class. A role “ those or other circumstances “ usually plays the limited number “ first class “ tickets. Except businessmen going on state need business - a class all same businessmen, but any more on business and so - on a week to have a rest where - nibud fly. Service is easier: turns the general, in salon though it is not felt a space lack, but any more so it is free, as in the first class. That to gastronomic interests aeroflotovsky business - the class does not provide a choice of dishes - that will give, and it is necessary to eat. With alcohol of problems is not present.
But there are problems of following character. As we have already mentioned, “ Aeroflot “ from time to time pulls on something not ordinary. For example, on combination business - a class with an economic (cheapest) class. Differently, on some directions business - the class simply is not present.

the USA. A direction to Miami.
the First class ticket - 4 million 654 thousand 920 rbl. * till 11 years are given to Children a discount at a rate of 50 % from ticket cost. If flight is carried out on Boeing - 767 the ticket business - a class costs to 2 million 872 thousand 220 rbl., and economic - 2 million 450 thousand 720 rbl. In case of work on flight SILT - 62 price for the ticket in both classes - 3 million 386 thousand 720 rbl. the Reduced rate (stay no more than three months) - 2 million 243 thousand 20 rbl. Tariff APEX - 2 million 71 thousand 420 rbl. to Redeem the ticket is necessary not later than 14 days to a departure. The youth tariff (for passengers till 25 years) - 1 million 527 thousand 820 rbl.

the Direction to Montreal
the First class ticket - 4 million 689 thousand 760 rbl. If flight on Boeing - 767: business - a class - 2 million 776 thousand 760 rbl. And economic - 2 million 477 thousand 360 rbl. If SILT - 62 business - the class is equated to economic and ticket cost makes 3 million 520 thousand 660 rbl. the Excursion tariff - 1 million 764 thousand 960 rbl. Tariff APEX (only for economy class) - 1 million 721 thousand 960 rbl.

the Direction to Frankfurt
the First class - 2 million 158 thousand 40πσα. A family discount (at a joint trip one of spouses pays for the same route only half of cost of the ticket) - 1 million 87 thousand 240 rbl. Economy class is equal to business - to a class. Cost - 1 million 556 thousand 440 rbl. the Family discount - 786 thousand 440 rbl. Tariff PEX - 1 million 71 thousand 340 rbl. Tariff APEX (the ticket is redeemed not later than 7 days to a departure) - 712 thousand 740 rbl. the Group tariff - 645. 640 (in group not less than 6 persons). Preferential (stay no more than 1 month) - 1 million 447 thousand 340 rbl. the Youth tariff (age of the passenger till 25 years) - 660 thousand 540 rbl.

As already it has been told above, the cheapest tariff - economic. In application to the usages established on lines “ Aeroflot “ it means the following: the general procedure for registration of tickets, luggage and departure registrations and service not applying completely not for something. Concerning open space in salon it is possible to tell a little as also open space - that - is not dense. From alcohol unlike the first and business - a class it is necessary to be content with 200 grammes of inexpensive dry wine. To put it briefly - unpretentiousness top. It and clearly is all - taki cheapest of all classes. However if you think that more cheaply there is no place, and will go to buy the ticket in ekonomklass will make a fatal mistake which subsequently to you will painfully remember. For is cheaper “ is where “. The matter is that according to the practice which has developed in the world, economy class is subdivided into two subclasses. The role of dividers is played by tariffs PEX and APEX.
Both these of the tariff provide some restrictions, namely the fixed date of a departure and an arrival for the owner of the ticket. To get the ticket under tariff APEX it is possible (depending on a direction) not later than 7 - 14 days before departure date, thus booking, acknowledgement and ticket purchase should be made within the same days. Last rule, again - taki, is used not on all directions, and in each specific case it is necessary, showing due persistence, to receive these data in cash desk. Use of tariff PEX does not provide fixed “ Deadline “ (deadline) for ticket purchase to issue it it is possible even some hours prior to flight. If to you will take in head to hand over the ticket keep in mind that thus from you will keep (depending on a direction) about 25 % of cost. And after a departure it is impossible to return the return ticket in general.
Benefits at use of reduced rates “ Aeroflot “ it is possible to consider on an example of a route Moscow - Paris - Moscow. The full tariff economy class costs to 2 million 73 thousand 360 rbl. the Ticket taken under tariff APEX, will manage to the client in 1 million 315 thousand 960πσα. Thus to reserve and redeem the ticket it is necessary in the same day, but not later than 14 days to a departure. Except the fixed dates of flying away and returning back, an indispensable condition for application of tariff APEX on this route stay in Paris in the night from Saturday to Sunday (a rule of Sunday) is. At planning of the trip it is necessary to consider and that action of tariff APEX - 2 months. Time has begun about Paris it makes sense to result the full list of tariffs operating on this direction and discounts. The first class ticket costs to 2 million 897 thousand 360 rbl. the Ticket with “ matrimonial “ a discount in this class - 1 million 455 thousand 360 rbl. the Ticket in business - a class costs to 2 million 330 thousand 660 rbl. the Matrimonial discount - 1 million 171 thousand 960 rbl. For the ticket in zkonom - a class it will be necessary to pay 2 million 073 thousand 360 rbl. the Matrimonial discount - 1 million 43 thousand 360 rbl. the Reduced rate (stay no more than 6 months) - 1 million 740 thousand 560 rbl. the Youth tariff (till 25 years) - 850 thousand 860 rbl. to Redeem the ticket under this tariff it is necessary not earlier than three days prior to a departure. Tariff PEX (the ticket it is impossible to change) - 1 million 557 thousand 960πσα. In this case your stay in Paris is limited by term in 3 months. A group discount (group on less than 10 persons) - 944 thousand 460 rbl.
Owing to many not conducted to anybody (except “ Aeroflot “) the reasons on some airlines the domestic air carrier does not provide those or other tariffs. Do not allow to this circumstance to take itself unawares! For this purpose we result the description of tariffs and discounts on two directions (Rome and Tokyo) where there is no tariff APEX, and two on which does not operate PEX - London and Los - Andzheles.

the Direction to Rome
the Ticket in the first class costs to 2 million 902 thousand 630 rbl. the Discount to spouses - 1 million 466 thousand 930 rbl. Business - the class is equal to economic (2 million 148 thousand 930 rbl.) . The discount to spouses - 1 million 90 thousand 130 rbl. the Ticket at reduced rate (stay no more half a year) costs to 1 million 489 thousand 430 rbl. Tariff PEX (no more than three months of stay) - 1 million 73 thousand 630 rbl. the Youth tariff - 805 thousand 630 rbl. the Group tariff (not less than 6 persons) - 887. 530.
the Direction to Tokyo
the First class - 4 million 912 thousand 110 rbl. Business - a class - 3 million 350 thousand 810 rbl. Economy class - 3 million 45 thousand 110 rbl. Tariff PEX - 2 million 459 thousand 710 rbl. For children till 11 years of 50 % - I a discount. The youth tariff - 1 million 706 thousand 10 rbl.
the Direction to London
the First class - 3 million 137 thousand 440 rbl. (a discount to spouses of 1 million 595 thousand 340 rbl.) . Business - a class is equal to economic and the ticket costs to 2 million 485 thousand 840 rbl. (a discount to spouses of 1 million 269 thousand 540 rbl.). The Reduced rate (stay no more than 3 months) - 1 million 660 thousand 240 rbl. APEX (to redeem for 14 days) - 1 million 39 thousand 740 rbl. the Youth tariff (no more than three months of stay) - 1 million 162 thousand 640 rbl. the Group tariff (not less than 6 persons) - 931 thousand 480 rbl.

the Direction on Los - Andzheles
the First class - 5 million 492 thousand 920 rbl. Business - a class - 3 million 493 thousand 220 rbl. Economy class - 2 million 921 thousand 820 rbl. the Reduced rate (no more than three months of stay) - 2 million 618 thousand 920 rbl. APEX - 2 million 529 thousand 720 rbl. Children till 11 years fly at half price. Molodezhnyj the tariff - 1 million 963 thousand 420 rbl.
the Youth tariff is given, as a rule, to the students trained abroad. The reduced rate limits term of stay in the country from 3 till 6 months.
except various tariffs for some directions “ Aeroflot “ not less various discounts operate. The matrimonial discount assumes depreciation of the ticket for one of spouses on 50 % in the event that both spouses fly on the same route. It is necessary to mention one circumstance. Unlike “ Aeroflot “ almost all foreign companies do not guarantee to you that, having bought for itself and the wife tickets for the same flight, in salon you will appear nearby and if you so it would like - to pay in addition some sum all right. In “ Aeroflot “ all on the contrary: as stood in a queue nearby, and in salon have appeared too nearby. There are discounts for children: If your child while does not have 11 years, buy the ticket for it you can from 50 % - j a discount.

we will assume that you suddenly will want to spend rest in Tel - Avive or Dubai. In this case, except “ Aeroflot “ it is possible to address in firm “ transaero “. The prices for tickets about same, as at “ Aeroflot “. As to discounts: if you buy the ticket not only “ there “ but also “ back “ can count on 10 - 15 % - e tariff decrease. And if you become the regular customer “ transaero “ everyone 11 - j flight on the same route will be free.

those who, despite of obvious economy of means, all - taki regards as of paramount importance comfort and uses on the international directions services of foreign airlines, can read about tariffs and discounts of the largest foreign air carriers in sledushchem number.

* - the Prices there and back without commission gathering are resulted on 18. 11. 1994.