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Closing of accounts

the Central Bank: Russians, Go Home
  Closing of accounts

the Central Bank: Russians, Go Home

So happens that storage of money abroad consider in Russia as a sign bon ton. There`s nothing to be done - the client of reliable western bank to be extremely solid. Therefore it is no wonder that the statement of the chairman of the party of economic freedom of Konstantin Borovogo for closing in banks of Belgium and Luxembourg several tens thousand Russian accounts has sounded a thunder among the clear foreign sky over a head of carefree Russian investors.
And though experts consider that g - n Borovoj rather has exaggerated, the occasion to anxiety, seemingly, has really appeared.

the voice scandalous
In circulation g - on Borovogo to the Central Bank of Russia and Association of the Russian banks is noticed that a number of the Belgian and Luxembourg banks (Generale de Banque, ASLK - CGE and BBL, Banque UCL and Credit Europeen) within last six months was unilaterally closed by some tens thousand accounts Russian private and legal bodies. Simultaneously accounts of the firms having in an authorised capital stock of means of the Russian legal bodies and citizens, and even accounts of the companies from 100 % - m by the foreign capital, but operated Russians have been ostensibly blocked also.
G - n Borovoj believes that forbidden blow thus has been struck to interests and reputation of small and average investors and the companies. And actions of foreign banks, naturally, have caused an economic damage of all Russia.
meanwhile as an occasion to anxiety of the chairman of the party of economic freedom the next reference of the deputy director Luxembourg Banque Universelle et Commerciale du Luxembourq (UCL) g - on Jacque Bone (Jacques Bonnier) to one of the Russian clients has served.
here its text:
We consider necessary to inform you that in connection with strategic reorientation of our bank activity, we more are not authorised to hold at ourselves the accounts opened by persons - beneficiaries or the companies of the countries which are not entering into the European union.
we ask you to close your accounts and to inform us how the rest under the account should you be returned.

On a question of our correspondent to whom exactly from the Russian investors this letter has been directed, in Party of economic freedom to us have advised to address directly to g - well Borovomu. However how it has appeared, has urgently left to Luxembourg on private affairs.

all is good, the fine marchioness?
Trying to understand with the reasons of perfidy of the western bankers, our correspondent has addressed to the director for economy at representation of the European commissions in Moscow g - well to Andreas Papadopulosu (Andreas Papadopoulos). He as it was found out, has learnt about closing of accounts just from magazine Money . As he said, in this respect EU did not accept any official documents and is not going to accept. Similar actions of banks can be only their own initiative caused by fears to soil itself not absolutely earnest money.
the Similar point of view the commercial embassy secretary of Belgium in Moscow g - n adheres also to Andre Derejka. Having called the main offices Generale de Banque in Bruxelles and Credit Europeen in Luxembourg, g - n Derejka has denied data on closing of the Russian accounts. However, porassuzhdav, has made the assumption that if such incidents and happen, for the reason that the management of concrete bank had doubts in reliability of the certain client.
and here the reviewer of the head of representation Generale de Bank in Moscow Irina Sergeeva has simply chopped off that many positions in Konstantin Borovogo`s letter do not represent the facts. In its opinion, the number of the closed accounts (10 thousand) in general was formed of air. Such quantity of the Russian investors is not present in all Benelux countries. Thus procedure of closing of the account in the Belgian bank looks much more difficult, than it seems. The account is automatically closed only in the event that on it within a year was not spent any operations. G - zha Sergeeva has noticed that avuary the Russian businessmen did not move a little even after those did not return credits of local banks.

there is no smoke without...
Diplomacy - the ability to tell someone to go to hell so that he`ll look forward to making the trip (Diplomacy - ability to send someone to hell so that he has felt that send it in travel).
From the English textbook on diplomacy

And nevertheless the occasion to anxiety is. About it eloquently tell recent statements of many high-ranking officials of the West European states which are afraid of penetration on safe territories dirty money from the East. So, about one month back the Minister of Internal Affairs of Austria Frants Leshnak has publicly declared that Russian which live in grand style and spend it is not known as the earned money, will be exposed henceforth to interrogations in police for finding-out of sources of reception of means .
actions of some western states (in particular, Great Britain, Switzerland and Holland) which even have expressed readiness to pay the expenses connected with working out and introduction of restrictions for leak " Even more seriously look; dirty money for limits of Russia. Fortunately, the Central Bank of Russia has exposed such big estimate of expenses that has frightened off it legislative foreigners. And nevertheless chance that supervising bodies all - taki will agree, remains.
At last, many big banks, for example France or Great Britain, for a long time already it is silent - peacefully have limited access on the territory of Russians. The Russian citizens even more often tell that foreign banks under different pretexts refuse to open accounts. Refusal procedure quite often turns to uniform mockery. For example, at first the employee of bank asks, how many money you would like to put into the account, and then informs that the minimum sum necessary for opening of the account, considerably exceeds the specified.
you say that have the demanded sum then to you make an appointment with the manager, say, next week. In vain you hope that on it all will end. When you will come on a meeting, you will send in consulate or police behind the inquiry certifying yours nerezidentstvo. Hardly you will present all demanded documents as you will ask to fill the detailed questionnaire with instructions of prospective receipts, the sums and sources of incomes. After that your become to already enough chubby files will leave to the lawyer of bank, and to you will suggest to wait for the answer, which to you will send (or will not send) by mail.
it is necessary to notice that this tactics of Frenchmen, possibly, very much to liking to the Central bank of Russia which own forces and could not stop currency outflow abroad. It was found out what to check movement to it simply not under force: for all history of its existence in bank has addressed only two legislative citizens, decided to legalise the relations with foreign banks. All the others hundred thousand investors have preferred to open accounts bypassing the Central Bank. As for the time being banks showed the uttermost indifference to problems of the Central Bank of Russia demanding the permission to export of currency.
however, seemingly, the love of the western banks to grown rich new russians gradually dies away. And it means that once the Central Bank it becomes simple enough to find the gone treasures in a kind departured currency savings. Thereupon strange enough looks the reference g - on Borovogo to the Central Bank of Russia to make impossible functioning such (foreign - D ) Banks in territory of Russia . The Central Bank, possibly, will be glad to that the Belgian banks will make impossible functioning of the Russian investors abroad.
however while both in the Central Bank, and in Association of the Russian banks keep silence. Any comments of the letter g - on Borovogo there have not wanted to make. Having underlined that the found out facts need detailed check.

from the statement of the chairman of the party of economic freedom of Konstantin Borovogo

To us the great number of the data about actions of the Belgian banks has arrived...
Operation cleanings concerned accounts of the average and small companies, and also accounts of the citizens openly declaring the foreign extraction.
These actions of the Belgian banks could not infringe on interests of criminal structures in any way, but have put a huge material damage to private interests of citizens...
the analysis of the data which has arrived in our order does not leave any doubts that against the Russian residents actively getting on the western market the organised measures are applied, called to lower competitiveness of the Russian business in the markets of the European community.
we address to Association of the Russian banks with the offer to consider possibility of adequate actions in relation to residents of Belgium, and also in relation to the banks openly spending a discrimination in relation to citizens of Russia.
we address to the Central bank of Russia with the offer to make impossible functioning of such banks in territory of Russia.
We address to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia with the offer not to disregard the discrimination facts, inadmissible concerning civilised countries.