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we Want to please you at once: last week bad news almost were not, ch
  Check Point

we Want to please you at once: last week bad news almost were not that in itself almost sensation. Has strongly jerked upwards a course - is not present, not dollar - actions Gazprom . Admirers of Bahusa can keep development domestic likero - the vodka industry, having taken joint-stock company shares Rosalko - by the way, a monopolist in this area. And commercial banks continue increase in interest rates, Promstrojbank has entered even superluxury service of the clients.

Lately our attention nezasluzhenno had been deprived actions of the largest gas enterprise Gazprom . However, for some time they have really lost traditional appeal: almost two weeks their course smoothly decreased. And here last week stock quotes Gazprom have risen exactly in 2 times and have made 600 roubles. Thus the income of those who has bought Gazprom slice has face value made 59 thousand on each enclosed one thousand roubles. And lucky beggars have earned half of this sum last week.
by the way, time falling of a share price Gazprom spoke completely not unexpected crash of one of the largest Russian monopolists, and change of face value of its actions. The dealers, not having the information on an exchange order old actions on new Have naturally enough decided to refrain for some time from their purchase, as it was reflected in course cost.
however, today all papers Gazprom are led to uniform face value - 10 roubles. Shareholders instead of old 1000 - rouble actions have received 100 new. Interest to these actions has increased again, and growth of quotations has renewed.
those who has traditionally trusted in the Savings Bank have not lost also. For a week the course stock value of the Savings Bank has raised with 75 to 83,5 at face value of 50 thousand roubles. And the income of the shareholders who have bought securities face value, for a week has increased by 85 roubles on each enclosed one thousand.
dividends and shareholders of the company " reaped; Nizhnevartovskneft . Last days last week their course has raised with 44,3 to 62 thousand at face value in 1 thousand. The matter is that one of the largest broker firms the Three - Dialogue Has begun active increase of quotations of these papers (not from - whether for petrol hunger in Moscow?) . And those who has managed to take shares face value by today have received 61 thousand on each enclosed one thousand (from them 17,7 - only last week).
And here to shareholders of telecommunications agencies and the thermal power station was a little not on itself - papers Rostelecom have fallen in price with 16,5 to 14,6 thousand. However, face value of actions is equal only to 12 roubles. Those who managed to take shares at such price today on - former in a prize: for all time of the reference of actions they have earned more than 14 thousand on each enclosed one thousand roubles.
and falling of these actions last week, probably, is connected with course speculation for the fall by large brokers before an exit of its actions on the western market. Meanwhile there are some reasons which can induce foreign investors to purchase of actions of this company. In - the first, Rostelecom is a monopolist in the area, owning 80 % of channels of a long-distance communication in Russia. Besides, according to agency Skejt - a press market price of actions Rostelecom makes only 1/ 10 from having on it shares of actives of this company. Therefore fall of course cost of papers Rostelecom most likely, the time.
have fallen in price with 285 to 250 thousand roubles and the action of Inkombanka. Thus, if you had misfortune to buy them one week ago your loss would make about 33 thousand on each enclosed one million. Falling of a share price of Inkombanka has been in many respects connected with change of a policy of the official dealer - the broker company Irtan . Two weeks ago Irtan to provoke interest to actions, almost on 50 % has lifted a course of their sale. At the same time the purchase course has been left at former level, and large prizes were bought up only. Last week the sale course has returned on old level, as a result of the quotation, calculated as average between a buying up and sale course, have decreased.
Share the market has brought to us one more exciting news. So, in the near future in 45 big cities of Russia sale of actions of the leader of the domestic alcoholic industry - joint-stock company " will begin; Rosalko into which structure enter 158 likero - vodka distilleries. And though terms of subscription are not known yet, actions of a monopolist, undoubtedly, are worthy. Today is known only that realisation vodka actions for the sum of 10 billion roubles will allow to finish the capital Rosalko by the end of 1996 to 500 billion roubles and to modernise Russian likero - the vodka industry. On a number of factories - in Novgorod, Ryazan, Kostroma, Vologda - import lines of pouring known Russian vodok are already established and installed: Majestic Valiant CHarki .
From CHarki to CHare . The Central Bank Central administrative board has denied the information on arrest of all corresponding account Charms . With a view of protection of interests of investors it is recommended to bank to return on a corresponding account in the Central Banks of means placed in other commercial banks. By the way, the Central Bank estimates them in 66 mlrd rbl. And about arrest of concrete money resources of the instruction of judicial bodies have arrived only in Chkalovsky RKTS. These means will provide claims for the sum a little more than 7 mlrd rbl. Thus, bank CHara quite could pay off with investors still money remaining at its order. GU the Central Bank has accused bank CHara that that prefers to avoid under far-fetched pretexts the beginning of payments .
And for those who has burnt on actions MMM - again unfavourable news. The Ministry of Finance has stated the official opinion concerning joint-stock company activity MMM . In the statement it is told that, despite number of rough infringements of the legislation repeatedly specified by the Ministry of Finance from outside MMM (Their number includes sale of not registered actions, release of so-called tickets MMM, infringement of rules of conducting the register of shareholders and the organisation of primary placing of actions MMM ) Any of legal requirements has not been executed. The Ministry of Finance officially informs that total number of shareholders MMM according to two registered prospectuses of issue, does not exceed 991 thousand persons, and only those from them who is registered in the register of shareholders of joint-stock company MMM have the right to income reception on these papers (completely not not guaranteed - our note) and the right of participation in meeting of shareholders.
joint-stock company activity MMM on release tickets MMM the Ministry of Finance classifies as deliberate deception of a great number citizens (swindle) . Therefore the state cannot bear responsibility under these obligations and has recommended to shareholders MMM to demand from company management of granting of the report about financially - economic activities and joint-stock company actives.
in the meantime in the footsteps of MMM one more company - " has gone; Lycee . Without burdening itself justifications (short of those of the reference to the Decree of the president on the stock market regulation, forbidding, in particular, work of the companies without the corresponding licence for attraction of private contributions), it has stopped payments and stock quotes. However, as investors speak, problems with a cash at this company were still two weeks ago.
Banks changed in the meantime rates under private contributions to roubles. It and is clear - some increase in the sizes of charges against dollar exchange rate growth has allowed banks to increase volume of the involved rouble means.
Inkombank has raised interest rates under urgent rouble contributions from 24,9 % to 28,7 % for three months. The minimum payment in bank makes now 3 million roubles, and terms of placing of deposits - from 3 months about one year. Thus investors of bank had an opportunity in three months to earn in addition 114 thousand on everyone enclosed 3 million.
Promstrojbank of Russia since November, 15th has started reception of contributions under the name Superlux . Under the new contribution the investor can remove the added percent for any previous period (but only once during contribution term). Under contributions Superlux the minimum contribution makes 3 million roubles, the minimum term - 6 months. 8 % a month are charged. Thus, having decided to withdraw suddenly in couple of months percent on the contribution for the sum of 3 million, the investor can receive 480 thousand.
the analysis of operations with investments of means on any to depositary contracts in commercial banks and the financial companies has allowed to draw a conclusion that rouble investors can celebrate a victory over the currency colleagues. For the past month the cash dollar lying in a stocking has brought in to the owners purely symbolical income - only 2,2 % or 26,53 % annual. That is, having bought dollars one month ago, on each one hundred thousand roubles enclosed in them you would receive only 2,2 thousand. Currency contributions to banks have better appeared the little also. So, those from us who converted one month ago 100 thousand roubles in dollars and has placed them on the currency contribution of Alpha bank, has received a net profit (in rouble calculation) 2,7 thousand. And to investors rokabanka everyone one hundred thousand roubles has brought 3 thousand.
owners of rouble accounts could receive for the same time interval where the big profit. In absolute expression it has made from 7 to 7,5 thousand on everyone one hundred thousand roubles in the First Russian bank and bank the Optimum accordingly.
however both rouble, and one can reconcile currency investors only - all of them were the loser if to compare their income to the losses connected with inflation. For last month it has made in annual calculation of 179 %. Thus, everyone enclosed by them of one hundred thousand roubles actually was reduced on 7,45 - 7,95 thousand. Currency investors as you have guessed, had in loss still the big. Their losses made about 12 thousand on everyone enclosed one hundred thousand.
as a unique consolation that they do not turn the currency into roubles served, and use production of exclusively currency shops, there the currency prices remained invariable.
as to three-monthly contributions the strengthened growth of a dollar exchange rate continues to affect them from the middle of August to the middle of October. Currency contributions for a period of three months still dohodnee rouble though with each week rupture between them is reduced. So, for last three months currency contributions have brought in to owners the income in 200 - 210 % annual in rouble calculation. In other words, everyone conditional one hundred thousand roubles (really investments occurred in dollars) has given to the owner, say, 52200 roubles in bank The national credit or 53700, for example, in the company the Zodiac . Thus investors of bank the Renaissance the placed money in roubles, has received on everyone enclosed one hundred thousand only 30 thousand roubles. Thus inflation otgryzla both at those and at other 31,5 thousand.
meanwhile experts agree in opinion that the dollar exchange rate will slowly rise. The brokers trading in currency futures at the Moscow commodity exchange, estimate dollar by December, 15th in 3404 rbl./ $.
If to consider from the point of view of profitableness other financial tools in advantageous position there were owners of the actions of the oil company bought three months ago Nizhnevartovskneft . Lifting on Tuesday of quotations of these papers more than on 19 thousand roubles, has justified these investments: sale of actions Nizhnevartovskneft has brought to owners almost 26,1 thousand roubles on everyone enclosed hundred thousand.
Successful there were also the investors who have counted three months ago on growth of a share price of KamAZa. The appeared data that the large share holding of KamAZa has got one of foreign investment funds, have warmed up interest of the Russian investors to the autobuilding giant. And it has led to the further growth of a course of its actions (see Money N 4). Their owners have almost trebled today each enclosed one thousand. Thus even those from them which have taken shares of factory after sensational increase of their course by the official dealer the Russian broker house have received from realisation this week almost 16,3 thousand on everyone hundred thousand roubles.
except actions of KamAZa have risen papers of other machine-building enterprise - the Autovase . On a weekend their course has reached 27,9 thousand roubles - and has made bought them three months ago profit in 99 thousand on 100 enclosed.
As a whole in the share market of the oil enterprises the further decrease in courses was observed. Among holders of these actions has not carried to shareholders " most; Nojabrskneftegaza and Surgutneftegaz . Purchase of these papers one month ago and their sale this week have yielded losses at a rate of 4,2 and 9,9 thousand roubles accordingly on everyone enclosed 100 thousand.

for a week:
Have escaped forward
the Share price Gazprom has risen twice - to 600 roubles.
from speculative game on Savings Bank actions for a week it was possible to receive 8,5 thousand roubles on the action.
among leaders of increase - actions Nizhnevartovsknefti . Inkombank, Promstrojbank and bank the Industry - service have raised interest rates under contributions.
currency contributions for three months were more favourable than the rouble.
owners of actions of KamAZa and the Autovase Have won.

Have lagged behind
Most strongly have fallen Russian Open Society actions UES of Russia Rostelecom Inkombanka.
Among owners of actions of the oil enterprises has not carried to shareholders " most; Nojabrskneftegaza and Surgutneftegaz
For a month the cash dollar has brought in to the owners purely symbolical income.

Brokers predict dollar growth by December, 15th to 3404 rbl./ $.
the Central Bank Central administrative board has denied the information on arrest of all corresponding account Charms .
the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has again listed joint-stock company sins MMM .
sale of actions of the leader of the domestic alcoholic industry of joint-stock company " In the near future will begin; Rosalko .

the List left

has stopped payments under contributions and the repayment of own actions