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Unsuccessful tourists

  Unsuccessful tourists


you gather for Christmas on Europe and already compare fair brochures of different firms? Here it is vain. Troubles which threaten you, are not drawn not so on a glossy paper. Instead of entrance documents you can receive empty passports without visas, instead of the promised hotel - absolutely another, instead of a holiday - disgusting mood. And instead of the spent money - and at all anything. How it happens? Yes it is very simple.

Already absolutely having gone crazy for weariness half-and-half with nespanymi at the nights, from dairy kitchen, from toddlers, from this damnation of motherhood - vegetable mashed potatoes, I sat on bed and sharpened tear, having tightened knees under a chin. My six-month-old son giggled in a bed, examining on night lamp light the handle. At half past three a.m. my husband has opened eyes and has told: And why to us not to celebrate your birthday in Cyprus?
among the green waves kissing Taurida, at a morning dawn I observed Kipridu . It seems, observed. And though before birthday still time a great lot - I have revived. We have spent the rest of night in dreams and projects. More precisely, I dreamt, and the husband estimated, how many all it will cost. If not strongly to luxuriate, days on ten we quite could sweep in the country where the climate is unlike better than ours. Or you want in any other country? - the husband, otvlekshis from the calculator has unexpectedly asked. on the sea, on the sea, - I have answered, almost as one of three sisters. To think only, in Moscow in October there will be a slush and muck, and I will bathe, shchuritsja from the sun and to be smeared with a cream for sunburn.
next day the husband has come from work with the newspaper in hands. Otcherknutoe it the announcement said that travel company JUniturs will organise yours (that is ours) a trip to Cyprus for 800 dollars (from them 300 - for the ticket). We did not begin to search for other announcements though knew that there are firms which send to Cyprus slightly more cheaply. More cheaply - means, service more low, matter of course.
at firm office on Nikolsky, respectable and serenely solid where we have come together, us have met kindly and hospitably. Having learnt about our plans, the gentleman with whom we carried on negotiations, was delighted: we have just that is necessary for you! - also poured out before me lots of prospectuses. The three-stars hotel in the city of Limassol, represented in the most different foreshortenings, was, seemingly, a heavenly spot - with that difference distinguishing limasolsky hotel from paradise to the best that there were besides restaurants, bars and pool. There and then, on Nikolsky, the European design and vyshkolennost clerks unambiguously promised the European service.
solve! - the husband carelessly and majestic, with that intonation from which merchants in jeweller benches spoke " has told; Choose! also displayed brilliant necklaces before ladies of the heart.
what here to solve? I was ready to go in limasolsky paradise though tomorrow, but the husband with its superfluous care has intercepted the initiative. we will think - he has told, ignoring my puzzled look. Houses, having imposed with telephone books, it has rung round acquaintances - those who was in Cyprus. Almost at once it was found out: Our closest friends had a rest in Limassol and in this hotel in this summer. children, poezzhajte! - interrupting each other, they cried out in phone.
we have in good time handed over our international passports in firm: my, old on which I last year went to Spain, and recently received passport of the husband, questionnaires have filled, have paid money and have started to prepare for departure.

since morning in day of flying away: has brought the son and huge bags with pampers, baby food, toddlers and toys to the grandmother. Has once again checked up things under the list. Has watered flowers, has disconnected the refrigerator, a key and a cat - to the neigbour. All documents and passports will give to us at the airport before a departure. Money at the husband. We go.
Fromm, apparently, wrote that the person differs from animals that at it the worst prisposobljaemost to life. It compensates absence of intuition the developed intelligence. Here - that the person also is trapped by traps subconscious which, actually, manipulates intelligence as wants. To me it was not necessary to check up the second part of this statement. But the first intuitions concerning absence, it was possible to illustrate my happy and serene person with whom I went on a city. With the same silly serenity (on a forehead of my spouse intense mental work has been designated - he still thought of, whether all is perfectly in order, whether he has forgotten that) I have bypassed stalls in the Sheremetyevo - 2 . The customs has not become interested in our suitcases. There was only a boundary control. I have stretched the passport and a boarding pass to the frontier guard - and not at once have thought that its phrase: And you, grazhdanochka, I will ask to remain - concerns me. To me and to anybody to another. For anybody another nearby it was not simple. As was not - that was found out only on boundary control - and the exit visa on my passport. For a long time to remain? - I not at once have thought accident scales. - for ever.
Has knocked down me a word for ever . In it there was also an iron relentlessness of an order, and despair weak beings. I have broken into tears is direct there and then at a frontier control rack.
easy, Masha, I Dubrovsky, - my husband has joked and, having dragged me with a bag aside, has run to find out, in what business. I sat on a bag, having leant a back against a wall, and sobbed. So it was a pity itself to me only in the ninth class when mum promised to bring to me from Italy velveteen trousers to a small scar, and has brought to the wide. Minutes through ten there was a husband and has cleared accident details. It appears, firm, making out a trip, has not checked up, whether there are at us exit visas. At it on the new passport this visa was, and at me - is not present. JUniturs it was limited to that has made to us the Cyprian entry visas. Frontier guards suggested the husband to fly and wait for me in Limassol. I should manage for some days to make to myself the exit visa. for what, - I has told blagovernyj, - we remain both . for what, - I have told, - I will arrive in two days - just at date of the birth. Besides you two years without holiday . Uncertain, I have pushed him to a transparent boundary fence, and it has appeared outside of our state.

I went home by the trip bus and reflected: now to the neigbour behind a key and a cat, then to include the refrigerator, then to mum for the child. No! On Nikolsky! And immediately!
My dear, - the deputy director of firm when I who have swelled up from tears, have flown to him in an office has softly told to me, - the exit visa is your problem, yours oversight. If want, we take these efforts on ourselves - pay three hundred dollars more. three hundred?! I have choked with their impudence (yes such prices for visas do not happen!) And own furiousness: Yes it that you have been obliged to make. Automatically! If to you was laziness to do the exit visa - so have at least warned me . I Repeat, - with a kind of infinite weariness and condescension to the confused and fussing woman, which itself in all it is guilty, prorokotal the deputy director, - the exit visa is not our business .
Certainly, two days have not given anything to me. My birthday. Morning. Phone call from Limassol. well how are you doing?! - the first question. in any way - I have inertly answered. I congratulate you - the husband has told. I have artfully asked it, whether he bathes in pool. It was ashamed at once - I have understood it on a voice - and have told that bathes, only for this purpose it is necessary to go to other case. It appears, when it has arrived to the hotel serving, accepting newcomers, very much was surprised: And unless the firm has not warned you, what at this time year numbers in the first case (where the bar, restaurant and pool are located) are occupied from all of us? I can lodge you only in next . What did it need to do? He has agreed.

there has imperceptibly passed week. Behind a window something drizzled an average between a rain and snow. But in Cyprus as transferred hydrometeorological centre, was plus 28.
... The husband has returned had a rest and suntanned. Assorting a suitcase with gifts to me and to the son, he argued on already rather to me the bothered theme. behind them all should be checked - he explained to me as though one and a half weeks ago to us it have not shown in the most evident image. - by the way, soon visas to Cyprus at all will cancel . Actually, especially for me. it is necessary to receive at firm money for broken trip - I have told.
but how to receive at firm money if it is not going to give them at all? By phone to me have politely explained that money can be returned only in the event that the tourist refuses the paid trip beforehand. Beforehand is a minimum for three days.
as this answer has not satisfied me, I continued to insist on a meeting with the director of firm. It, naturally, all time appeared is urgently occupied. But, as it is sung in a national song, it is necessary to be quiet and obstinate . In intervals between laying of the child and zapolaskivaniem toddlers I - taki have phoned to it, and at an o`clock appointed we with the husband of profit on the promised audience.
us with the husband it is precautionary three kind good fellows meet - instead of one director who has again appeared is madly occupied. Good fellows were not presented, but have in detail started to explain: we cannot return money in any way - for a trip to which I have not gone, for the ticket on which I have not departed. It appears, JUniturs However, as well as any other firm, bought air tickets under reduced rate APEX. And tariff APEX not only the cheapest, but also that differs from other what to return the ticket back it is impossible (see a heading the Current account ) . It appears that in spite of the fact that I have paid for the ticket of 300 dollars, it cost actually only 225 dollars. 75 dollars service which the firm has rendered me, thus, cost.
service which to me was rendered by firm, cost much more, I have told to kind good fellows. Namely almost 800 dollars. And service could be carried to purely trainer`s on a class you have got to a stopper - your actions . But here this training on ingenuity did not concern tourism in any way. children, - one of our interlocutors has quite benevolently told and has shown why - that certificate of Moscow criminal investigation department, - hardly you here will manage something to return. Reconcile .
Humility - mother of domestic service. Scandalous clients pass under the category annoying, but harmless distant relatives (it is impossible in the sense that to indulge and to get to from them there is no place). When I once again am was two weeks ago - have phoned to the director, it, heavy having sighed, have promised: It is necessary to consider your case at general meeting, and, maybe, we will return you money - from our personal means .
Since then also we wait - with.